How Much Will Insurance Pay for My Totaled Car? Try Our Total Loss Car Value Calculator

Insurance companies use a proprietary formula for how much your non running car is worth. How do you know its accurate or fair, or they are giving you as much as they should?...


Can You Fix a Cracked Engine Block? Here's What You Should Know

A cracked engine block is one of the worst situations a car owner can find themselves in. Can this be fixed? Should you spend the money on such a costly repair?


What Does It Mean to Hydrolock Your Motor?

Getting water in your engine is never good. This is when hydrolocking occurs in your internal combustion engine. Repair cost can be through the roof, or minimal, depending on many factors. If your repair costs are too high to be worth it you can <...


California Smog Check: What Happens If You Fail Your Car Emissions Testing

Owning a car is part of the way of life in California. What fun is living in SoCal without driving to the Pacific Coast Highway once in a while? But keeping your car in good working order is critical. Thanks to California’s car emissions tes...


Engine Locked Up? Is it worth to Fix it? Here’s What You Do

On the day when you least expect it, you start the car and suddenly hear an unusually loud clunking noise. Your car shut off and won’t start, The tank is full and the battery is relatively new. Odds are the engine seized! What do you do now?...

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