Why Is My Engine Stalling and Why Do Cars Stall?

Ever felt like you can’t trust your car? If you’ve experienced your engine stalling, you know the feeling. You need your engine running to get to your destination, whether that’s work, school or running errands. If your engine st...


My Engine Failed - How Much Does An Engine Rebuild Cost

When your engine goes, you know. It can happen in a bunch of different ways, though. The mechanic could let you know your engine is all sludged up when you go for an oil change, which is why it’s been knocking more and more.


How to Sell An Old Car & Get Cash Within 48 Hours

Nothing lasts forever, and it’s especially true for cars. In just a few years, a new car starts to show its age, wearing scratches and dents like a badge of honor and needing an occasional repair. But it doesn’t take much longer yet un...


Why Is My Engine Rattling? Common Engine Noise Diagnosis

All you know is that it never used to sound this bad. The engine rattling noise is so bad that you don’t know if you can trust it to run. Car engine sounds like this can happen as soon as you fire up the engine, clattering and tapping loudly...

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