My Car Won't Start - Reasons Why a Car Doesn't Start

It happens at the worst possible time. You run out to your car in the middle of a downpour or blizzard, hop into the driver’s seat and fumble to put the key in the ignition.


How to Check My Car Value if It's Damaged

There’s a crushing moment after you’ve been in a car accident. You count your lucky stars that no one has been injured, and you’re relieved that you have comprehensive insurance. But then, your neck hairs bristle when you come to...


Is Selling a Car for Scrap Different Than Selling a Salvage Car

Do you want to get rid of that lump of metal in your driveway? You might be stuck with a car that’s all bashed up from an accident where you didn’t have car insurance.


When I Sell my Car do I Keep my Plates?

Congratulations on selling that old car! Now what’s next? As a car seller, your responsibilities are going to vary from state to state depending on the local laws. If you’re wondering what to do with license plates when selling a ...

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