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Engine Locked Up? Is it worth to Fix it? Here’s What You Do


On the day when you least expect it, you start the car and suddenly hear an unusually loud clunking noise. Your car shut off and won’t start, The tank is full and the battery is relatively new. Odds are the engine seized! What do you do now?...


California Smog Check: What Happens If You Fail Your Car Emissions Testing


Owning a car is part of the way of life in California. How else will you commute from Long Beach to Los Angeles? And what fun is living in SoCal without driving to the Pacific Coast Highway once in a while? But keeping your car in good working ord...


What Does It Mean to Hydrolock Your Motor?


Getting water in your engine is never good. This is when hydrolocking occurs in your internal combustion engine. Repair cost can be through the roof, or minimal, depending on many factors. If your repair costs are too high to be worth it you can <...


Cracked Engine Block? Here’s How Much it Will Cost You


On a freezing Monday morning, you head to work in your car. Suddenly, thick steam pours from under the hood. The temperature gauge spikes to the red. A rattle develops and before you can do anything, your engine clunks one last time…and you...


How Much Will Insurance Pay for My Totaled Car?


The feeling of helplessness from the unknown is never fun. You worry about things beyond your control, lose sleep and add to your gray hair. That’s precisely what happens when you total a car and an insurance company is involved.


What is the Cost of Airbag Replacement?


Nobody wants to be involved in an accident but, Unfortunately, we have no control over this. Luckily, all cars today come equipped with Supplemental Restraint System known as airbags. Read more to learn how deployed airbags can affect your vehicl...


My Hybrid Battery Died - Repair vs. Replacement Cost


You’ve purchased a hybrid car because it’s environmentally friendly and a great way to save money on car-related expenses. Cars like the Toyota Prius use electric power to supplement the gas engine. They recoup energy through regenerat...


Oil Leaks and Other Car Leak Diagnosis


When your car is new and covered by warranty, you don’t really pay much attention to the little issues that creep up. You might notice a funny smell or a strange-colored drip on your driveway. But the next time you go for an oil change, they...


Engine Rod Knocking - Everything You Need to Know


Your car is idling and you’re impatiently waiting, listening to engine noise. You have places to be and time is running out. It sounds like someone keeps banging on your oil pan with a hammer, rhythmically rap-rap-rapping. If your car's has ...

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