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What is That Engine Knocking Sound?

You’re driving your truck on the freeway when you hear a rattle increasing in pitch and a bad vibration form, then your own wheel rolls past you. Your engine’s constant drone suddenly gives way to a loud roar and the Check Engine light...


Engine Rod Knocking - Everything You Need to Know

If Your Engine is Broken - the cost of Repairs might be too high. Find Out How Much Your Car is Worth in just 90 Seconds! Get a Cash Value Offer for Your Vehicle & See if It's Worth Fixing!


Oil Leaks and Other Car Leak Diagnosis

When your car is new and covered by warranty, you don’t really pay much attention to the little issues that creep up. You might notice a funny smell or a strange-colored drip on your driveway. But the next time you go for an oil change, they...


My Hybrid Battery Died - Should I Repair or Suffer Replacement Costs?

Hybrid Batteries are extremely expensive. Would it Make More Sense to Sell Your Vehicle? Get the Trade in Value of Your Car & Make an Educated Decision!


What is the Cost of Airbag Replacement?

What's the Cost of Airbag Replacement? If Your Car's Repairs Are Too Expensive, Getting rid of it might make more sense. Get a Cash Value Offer for Your Vehicle & See What Your Options Are!

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