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Was Your Car Damaged by Hurricane Florence? Here's What You Can Do

Hurricane Florence is unloading 10 trillion gallons of rainfall in North Carolina alone, and wreaking havoc on the surrounding states and cities. With Hurricane Florence' wind speed gusts blowing through, a tree or flying deb...


How to Trade in A Car With Negative Equity

When you get into an accident, you’re likely to have one of two common reactions. The first is an impulse to contact your insurer and file immediately … the second is to groan at the thought of your premiums going up and wonder if you...


How to Sell A Car Privately for Cash

When you own a car, you’ll come to the point when you ask yourself, “How long should I keep my car?” It’s a question that depends on each individual vehicle, and it’s affected by things like whether your car is rustin...


How to Dispose of an Old Car or a Non-Running Vehicle

Get a Cash Quote for Your Junker in 90 Seconds. We Buy Junk Cars within 48 hours & Offer FREE Towing nationwide. Trade in your Old Car with an Instant Offer today!


I Need to Fix My Car but Repairs Are Too Costly

This can be an extremely tough situation. Your car was probably already on its last legs when you might have lost your job or money is very tight with your budget. Then, out of the blue, your old vehicle just gives up … and you’re lef...


Selling a Car Privately for Cash? How to Be Safe and Get the Most Money for Your Car

Most drivers will deal with a certain unpleasant situation every five to seven years: selling a car. It’s never fun to do, but selling a car privately gets you more money for it than trading your car into the dealership. And when you sell yo...


Get Rid of Your Car Quick & Easy Online

Are you ready to get rid of an old car? Rather than posting a 'for sale' sign on the back of your car, there are better ways to get cash for your car. See the ways to get paid and have your old car towed away for FREE in 24-48 hours!

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