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What is California’s Vehicle Retirement Program?

Did you know that California tops the American states for worst air quality according to the American Lung Association’s ‘...

Trade in your Car at a Local Scrap Yard

How to Junk your Car at a Scrap Yard & Get Paid Quickly!

There are plenty of reasons to trade in a car. You might’ve had it for a few years and you just want something with the latest tech. Maybe you’re starting to have...

Recycle Your Car & Get Cash for It

Trade in Your Scrap Car for Cash & We'll Take Care of It. We Work w/ Environmentally Friendly Recyclers Nationwide!

If you've got an old car just sitting on your drive-way, it might be to time scrap it for cash. Let's find out how.

Auto Salvage Yards Near You

How to Sell your Car at a Local Auto Salvage Yard

When your car isn’t running properly, won’t shift into gear, or doesn’t drive like it should, it’s often expensive to repair. Instead of trying to fix a car with mechanical issues, is it a better idea to sell it? Depending ...


How Do You Buy Back A Totaled Car?

Get a Cash Offer for Your Vehicle to See if Your Total Loss Car is Worth Keeping. We Buy Totaled Cars Nationwide & Offer FREE Towing with Title Transfer.

How CarBrain Helps Clients Big

How Can Help You Get Cash for Your Damaged Vehicle Online

When you are selling your damaged car, you will want to get the best possible offer. CarBrain has a car evaluation calculator that will give an automatic offer based on details you submit. But, there are a few easy ways to increase the offer you g...


How to Optimize the Value of Your Offer From How We Evaluate Cars.

Selling your junk car can be a complicated task and not everyone knows the details about how it all works. For this piece, we have decided to ask for the help of one of our car evaluation experts, Rudy, to help answer some of the more difficult qu...


I'm Ready to Sell My Car - What Paperwork Do I Need?

Selling your car can be an intimidating task. The process can be a complicated one. Depending on the state, it can be papers galore. Like high school all over again. We are going to highlight what papers or documents you might need below!

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