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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Buys Cars With Body Damage?

CarBrain loves to give offers to cars with body damage. We know it’s a hassle to find a buyer near you who will give you a reasonable amount of money for your car. That’s why CarBrain was created. To become an intricate network of buyers across the nation so if you have a car with body damage you want to sell, chances are we will buy it!

How Much is My Car With Body Damage Worth?

You start by filling out one of our forms online by clicking “Get an Offer”. Submit a few details about your car with body damage and boom! Offer! You can receive a fair market quote from our website in under two minutes! For some people, it takes longer to pull away from their house while driving.

Where Can I Sell A Car With Body Damage?

The areas we serve span a very large portion of the United States and we grow every day! Check our “Areas Served” page. It’s a rare occurrence that we won’t be able to serve your area as long as you live in the mainland USA.

What's The Value of My Damaged Car?

The well-oiled up-and-coming machine that is CarBrain has designed a calculator to give you a fair market offer. CarBrain does this by accounting for many factors including mileage, model, make, the damage your car has received if any and much more!

After the instant offer, there is always a chance you can speak to one of our expert car evaluators and get even better by submitting pictures of your car with body damage via text or email.

The more details we have, the more accurate the quote is going to be. Get your car evaluation quickly and easily, today!

What's The Cost to Sell My Car With Body Damage to

Short answer: It’s all free! Long Answer: You don’t have to worry about any costs. Literally, zero dollars will be charged for our service. From the quote to the towing it’s all free! How is it possible we are business if we don’t charge anything?

That’s because the all-mighty CarBrain only needs the information to sustain itself. Truly, a breakthrough in brain evolution. Find out exactly why, now!

Does CarBrain work with my insurance?

The insurer is required to prepare a thorough estimate of the damages and will be responsible for paying the vehicle’s owner this amount. Whether you repair the vehicle is usually up to you. Once the insurance company determines how much they owe, CarBrain will then pay you the residual value of your damaged car prior to repairs.

The vehicle owner can receive two payments, one from the insurance company for the damage settlement and a second from CarBrain for the full salvage value of the vehicle. These amounts can then be combined to purchase a new vehicle. Or go on a long vacay. Whichever you prefer.

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