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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buy Cars With Mechanical Problems?

Yes! CarBrain does buy cars with all kinds of problems. The only time we won’t buy a car is if the engine or transmission is completely missing from the vehicle. However, we do buy many cars with other parts that are missing such as bumpers, lights, radios, etc. CarBrain is well known to buy non-running or damaged cars from across the United States. Find out just how much you can get for your car by clicking “Get an Offer”, today!

How Can I Get A Quote For The Trade in Value of My Car With Problems?

CarBrain is a brain built to be efficient and effective. You can get a quote by simply inputting a few details about your car on our website by hitting the “Get an Offer” button found everywhere on our website. The quote is also 100% free! The blue brain designed this feature so that selling your problem car would be no problem. Get your quote with 90 seconds!

Where Can I Sell A Car With Mechanical Issues?

If you live on the continental Unites States then it is more than likely CarBrain serves your area. You can always check by visiting our “Areas Served” page to see if you fall under the CarBrain umbrella.

What Do I Do With A Car With Engine Problems?

Because the brain is all powerful, all knowing. CarBrain takes in numerous factors to decide the offer you receive.

Factors such as the location, the damage, the wholesale value, the number of miles, the model, the make, the current market demand for the car and its parts. The mad scientists at CAS actually did it!

CarBrain was created to provide a fair offer to any customer who had a car with problems starting or was damaged. Your offer is waiting for and is less than 2 minutes away!

How Much Can I Get for My Car With Problems?

CarBrain is a service to all mankind. It costs you absolutely nothing to use our service. Even if you just want a quote and nothing more. You can receive one, free of charge.

If you do want more, then it’s also free. If you accept the offer, the towing is free as well and there are no hidden fees or costs that pop up later. Your problem car shouldn’t be a problem anymore with Carbrain! Get your free offer in less time than it takes to make a bag of popcorn, now!

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