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How Do I Sell My Car Quickly?

Maybe your car is old, damaged or just plain uncomfortable, but it gets you around so you just live with it. Until something happens one day when you realize you really can't keep going with the charade. That's when you have to figure out how to sell a car fast. 

Maybe it's an accident or a mechanical failure that triggers the thought "I want to sell my car fast", or maybe you just wake up one day knowing that you just can't keep in any longer. If you're wondering what the best moves when getting rid of your car, consider the following tips.

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The best place to sell a car online is one that streamlines the process for a guaranteed hassle-free experience. CarBrain is an online car buying service designed to speed up how long it takes you to sell your car. In under two minutes, you get an offer. In under two business days, you get a free towing that comes straight to your home, office or even repair shop. When the thought of keeping your car for another minute longer makes you feel like you're underwater, it's time to sell your car.

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What does it really take to sell a car or sell a truck if you choose to do it on your own? Well, it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Researching prices, putting out ads, haggling with dealers: is this really how you want to spend your days? Both dealers and local buyers are constantly going to lowball you in an effort to get the car for the lowest possible price. They'll take the time to inspect the car and point out all of its flaws. They'll drag out each meeting with you until you're exhausted enough to sell to the next bidder.

What if I Need to Sell My Car Today?

Unfortunately, by the time you reach this point, you're ready to accept a lower than average offer. CarBrain is a no haggle answer to the question "How to sell my car faster?" How Can I Sell My Car FastWe give the owner a way to evaluate their car online for free, and to get free towing services on regular business days. CarBrain will also be happy to deliver payment at the time of pickup — in just one to two business days. This means that you could potentially be rid of your car just 24 hours after you first contact CarBrain.

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Getting the best offer from CarBrain isn't going to be quite as easy as just making a single phone call, but it's also not going to be labor-intensive either. To get the best offer you'll need to have the following:

  • Car keys

  • Car paperwork

  • Do not remove any parts

See what we mean? This is not exactly going to be back-breaking work to organize. Most people keep their title in the glovebox, along with the rest of their state-required paperwork. But if for some reason you're unsure of where it is, you can always go back to the DMV to get another copy of everything you need. In addition to having the right the keys and the paperwork, you should have the car intact before calling CarBrain. In other words, don't part the car out. We're more than happy to pick up your car from a repair shop, but you'll get the best offer if the car is as whole as possible.

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Should I Fix My CarThe truth is that fixing a car isn't always the best move to make — even if you do happen to have the money. Older cars aren't any cheaper to fix, nor are those repairs likely to be worth the money. Let's say you have a 2000 Honda Civic that's worth $3,000 in perfect mint condition, and you need a part that costs $1,500. You know that your car isn't in mint condition, so you wonder if you should replace the part before selling it. But the fact is that the part is probably worth as much as the whole car is worth if you sell your car fast for a cash-valued offer. Sometimes car owners don't realize that there's plenty of value left in their cars, even those that aren't in the best condition. By selling a vehicle as-is, you get the relief you want without having to make any additional effort.

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Though you may feel nice donating your car to charity, you may also be taking a hit in regards to your payment. Car donation charities can only legally give you a $500 tax credit. Which means no matter how much your car is actually worth, that's the most you can get. And you won't be getting cash or check, but a break at the beginning of the year, so you have to wait to see that benefit.

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  • Blown Engine

    Engine problems have no quick fix, they require tons of hours in labor and can cost you a pretty penny.

  • Frame Damage

    Beneath the surface of your car is a structural frame designed to protect you in case of an accident and to keep your car aligned. When the frame is damaged is the car still safe?

  • Bad Transmission

    When the transmission starts slipping the clock starts ticking. You won't get too far with a bad transmission but, luckily, there are a few obvious signs to look out for that can determine if it's going bad.

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