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flood damage

Damaged Cars And Hurricane Ida

Was your car damaged by Hurricane Ida? Learn more about your options and how CarBrain can help.

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The Olympic Spirit At CarBrain

Think you can only find Olympic spirit at the Olympics? CarBrainers are always ready to show off our Olympic spirit — like we did this year!


What Should I Know About Selling A Used Car Online?

You’ve finally had it with your old, used car and are ready to get behind the wheel of something newer. First, you need to get rid of that clunker and know that doing it through the digital route will be the best way for you.


How To Pay For Car Repairs With No Money

When your car’s busted and you don’t have the cash on hand to make repairs, what do you do with it? CarBrain has some suggestions.


How Do I Know If My Car’s Worth Fixing?

If you have an old or damaged car, you might not know whether it’s worthwhile to spend the cash to get it fixed. Learn when it is and isn’t a good idea to fix your car, and when you should sell it to CarBrain.


How to Get Rid of Scratches on a Car? Step by Step Removal

It does not matter whether your car is brand new or has been running longer than you have been alive, there are few things that can cause the same type of annoyance as a paint scuff or scratch. Scratches can show up on your car from seemingly nowh...


Who Will Buy My Junk Car Near Me?

Owning a car that doesn’t run and is a complete eyesore can feel like a huge weight in your life. Fortunately, you know that it’s possible to sell it and make some cash off it. But you might be scratching your head wondering who will b...


Should I Use An Auto Wrecker Near Me?

Is an auto wrecker the right choice for you when you want to get rid of your car? Learn more about auto wreckers and how CarBrain can connect you to the right junk car buyer fast.

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