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What is The Trade in Value of My Car After Accident?

It’s a devastating feeling. You’ve been in an accident and even if everyone escapes unharmed, your car doesn’t get away so easily. And that feeling is so much worse if you don’t have the right insurance policy. Or, placing a claim could put you in a tough spot with your insurance provider with increased premiums. Selling an accident damaged car is easy online though, or read on for all your options. 

If you’re the only person and vehicle involved, you have the option to fix your car on your own, all without filing an insurance claim at all. And sometimes, that’s the best option to choose. You can pay out of pocket for your repairs, but is it worth fixing your car after an accident? Your car will have suffered depreciated value, which makes fixing your car less appealing. You can always sell your car online, but first you must find your car value after an accident. Read on to compare your options.

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Did You Know?

The value of a car after an accident is never the same. Even if you repair the damages completely, the value of your vehicle undergoes something called diminished value. Because of this fact, fixing your damaged car doesn't always make sense.

CarBrain specializes in evaluating damaged car value, and making fair market offers for your vehicle. You can find out how much your car is worth in less than 90 seconds, and make an informed decision from there.

How to Value A Car After An Accident

The first steps once you get into a car wreck is figuring out what to do after an accident. If you want to keep your car, it has to pass your safety inspection. In some states, that can be every year. That means you can’t have parts hanging off your car, so you can’t just keep driving it the way it is.

Should I Trade in My Car After An Accident?

You can do the bare minimum to get it roadworthy again. That might mean some suspension work, replacing a few light assemblies, or replacing the bumper with a used one. Even those repairs can be pricey – a used bumper cover could be a couple hundred dollars alone and a headlight assembly is deceivingly expensive. If that’s what you choose to do, you’ll be able to keep it going for personal use, but the car loss of value after an accident might hinder you from selling. And a car not fixed properly after an accident has the risk of falling apart on the road.

How to Sell Crashed Car Within 48 Hours

You love your car, and you can’t bear to see it all banged up. But fixing that accident damage isn’t going to be cheap. Is your car worth fixing? It requires highly-skilled labor and high-quality parts to get it back in order, and those both cost good money. Perhaps it's better to sell an accident damaged car.

Where Can I Sell My Crashed Car? - We Buy Wrecked Cars in All Conditions

Consider these things:

  • A replacement fender costs around $200 for an average model. In addition to that, there are a couple of hours labor to replace the panel – another couple hundred. That’s after painting the fender to match your paint job, which is at least a couple hundred per piece. One basic, straightforward component can easily cost $600 or more, and that’s for the simplest work.
  • If your door is damaged, it can be much more expensive. Between replacing the damaged door, swapping the window glass and electrical parts, painting it to match, and installing and adjusting it, you could easily see a $1,500 to $2,000 repair bill for just one door.
  • It gets worse with more detailed work. A quarter panel or roof that requires work often needs welding. Paintwork needs to be blended from one panel to the next. Every hour of labor tallies up the repair bill higher and higher.
  • When mechanical, suspension, or frame damage comes into the picture, you can add on hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you have deep pockets, you can fix your car the way it was before you had your accident. Most people don’t have that kind of money laying around for a car accident fix though, and the bigger question is whether it’s worth it or not.

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Trade in Damaged Cars for Cash - Sell Your Wrecked Car Today

The value of your car is always reduced after an accident. Based on Kelley Blue Book and the National Association of Automobile Dealer values, your car's price goes down significantly. Your diminished value will be calculated using those KBB and NADA prices for your car, while taking into account the resale value of a damaged car with repair costs. Because these figures vary based on make, model, year, trim, and damage, there is no standard value loss. 

Sell Damaged Car After Accident - Trade in Totaled Car for Fair Cash Value

Like we said the car value after an accident goes down, however, aside from the extremely generalized KBB and NADA, how do you value your car after an accident? You have a unique car, not only because of the make, model, and year, but the damage in every accident is different. Where you were hit, and how much damage the accident caused definitely effect the price an accident car sells for. Fortunately, at CarBrain we have developed an accident car value calculator that accurately evaluates your vehicle with everything in mind. We make it easy to answer the question of "what's the value of my car after an accident"?

Getting estimates after a car accident may shock you at how much your car is worth. Much of the time, the vehicle won't be worth fixing if you want to trade in a car after an accident, or sell a car after an accident. 

What to Do With A Car That Doesn't Run? Trade in Non Working Cars to CarBrain.com

Fixing accident damage will very seldom pay off. If you plan on selling your car down the road, it’s very unlikely that you’ll recoup the money you’ve invested in the repairs, which easily answers the question 'Should I fix my car before selling it?'. And if you owe money on your car and you’ve borrowed even more for the repairs, there’s almost no chance you’ll get enough from the sale to pay it all off.

Fixing accident damage on your car can leave you in a negative equity situation. Even when you love your car to pieces, it might be best for you to look at an alternative.

Here's How You Can Sell Non Running Cars

It's pretty hard to sell a car that's been in an accident, since most private buyers will not be interested, and used car dealers will only give you the lowest value possible. So, where to sell a car that's been in an accident? Your choices usually hove between junkyards or car donations for charity. The ideal option is actually selling your accident damaged car online!

How to Sell a Car That Has Been in an Accident - We Buy Damaged Cars

Instead of paying out-of-pocket to fix your car, why not recoup as much as you can as it is? CarBrain offers an easy way to sell your less-than-perfect car in as-is condition so you don’t have to deal with it.

The process is simple and straightforward:

  • Request an offer from CarBrain for your accident-damaged car.
  • Provide your car’s year, make, and model.
  • Fill in the additional information including the mileage and the extent of the damage.
  • Pictures may be necessary to help give an accurate offer.
  • We’ll give you a guaranteed offer for your car, as-is and where-is.
  • Our car towing is free, and usually picks your car up in 24-48 hours!
  • After you accept our quote, we’ll bring you a check at pick-up..

With CarBrain, you don’t need to ask hard questions like, “is it worth fixing my car after an accident”. It’s easy, it’s convenient, and there’s no fee to use CarBrain. See how much you can get for your car right now.

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