In observance of Labor Day, our office will be closed Monday Sept. 2nd. We will be back Tuesday Sept. 3rd to give you the upmost service for selling your "Less than perfect Car".



Tips for Saving Money for a New Car

Next to your home, the biggest purchase that you'll make is likely to be your car. Cars are significantly less costly than most homes, however it's worth noting that according to Kelley Blue Book data, the average price for a new car or truck toda...


What's The Scrap Value Of A Car? How to Scrap My Car for Cash & Get The Best Price

Whether you’re in the market for a new car and are looking to part with your current ride or just want to make some money off of a damaged vehicle that you don’t want or need any longer, it makes sense to explore your options before tr...


Bad Transmission Signs & Symptoms - What You Need to Know

On a sunny Friday morning, you prepare to head out for a road trip. Halfway there, your hatchback starts to make a  whining noise so you slow down. The sound goes away and you take off again when suddenly the car revs up and it kicks you back...


My Car Airbag Light is On. Is it safe to drive?

It's a sunny Monday morning and you’re driving your kids to school. While you’re stopped at a light, you notice there's an unfamiliar light flashing in your instrument cluster. It’s a little red symbol of a stick figure wearing a...


What Is Frame Damage on a Car?

Frame damage on a car can be devastating. Your entire vehicle is thrown out of alignment, and since bends in a frame can be expensive to repair, it might not be worth it.


How Much Does A Rebuilt Title Devalue A Car? - Tips for Selling A Rebuilt Title Car

A less-than-perfect car with a rebuilt title is a tough sell. Most car buyers will make a run for it the moment they hear a vehicle is rebuilt, but why? That's a good question. There are many reasons why a buyer could refuse to purchase the car, s...

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