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But what happens if you are faced with the choice of either donating your car or selling it for some cash?

There are reasons why someone would choose to donate an old car. But is it worth it? What if you could make some decent amount of money selling an old or damaged car to the right people? Find out how you can make the most out of an old car. 

Benefits of Donating Your Car to Charity

To help people in need

Donating a Car for Tax Credit

You may want to donate your car to charity out of the desire to be generous. Charity causes need money to help people who are in need and they might sell donated cars to meet some financial goals. Being part of a charity by donating your used car is a good way to help make the world a better place.

For tax credit

Another reason is to donate car for tax credit. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) allows you to save tax when you donate your car to charity. However, for you to do so, you must have set up your car donation to qualify for tax credit. You should also check whether the charity cause you want to donate to qualifies for tax deduction.

To get rid of an unwanted car

When you have tried dealerships, junkyards, and buyers, you might be discouraged to continue looking for a way to exchange your car for cash and decide to donate it. If you are in such a situation, you can always check CarBrain's offer quickly.

How to Get Cash for Donating Junk Cars

Despite the fact that donating your car to charity is good in the philanthropic sense, it is not a financially sound idea. Not only that, there are other factors that could make donating your car to charity an unpleasant thing to do. Disadvantages of donating a car to charity include:

Donating Junk Car Paperwork

Donating your car will earn you no money

It is true that money isn’t everything, but you need it to at least make a down payment for a new vehicle. When you choose to donate your car, in other words, you are giving it out for free. This should only be okay if you don’t need money at all. Buyers of old cars like CarBrain, on the other hand, will offer you a free guaranteed quote for any vehicle you don’t need.

It involves a whole lot of paperwork

This is especially so if you are donating a car to charity for tax credit. There are so much documentation and other processes you need to undertake when you are donating a car to charity. This is unlike selling a junk or damaged car to a company like CarBrain, which makes it easy to sell your damaged car for cash.

The threat of scams

Donating your car to unverified charities will deny you the chance to claim tax credit. That is why it is recommended that you verify whether the people you are transacting with are legally licensed to do whatever it is that they do.


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Donate Your Car for Cash Near You

If you are thinking twice about donating your car to charity, there are other options for you to consider. You can trade in your car at a dealership, though you won’t get much money out of it, or you could sell your car to CarBrain at fair market values. So if you are considering selling your car vs donating your car, you can get a good value by junking your car online.

How to Junk Your Car Online With

CarBrain is a leading buyer of damaged cars that have minor accident damage or huge mechanical issues. Advantages of selling your car to CarBrain include:

Guaranteed offer

CarBrain is not in the haggling business. Our quotes are guaranteed, so you can have confidence in the offer you receive.

Junk You Car for Cash

Instant payment

We pay our customers the instant we pick the car from them.

Free nationwide towing

It does not matter where your car is because we will come and get it at absolutely no cost.

Fair market values

All our offers are the best you can get. We value your car based on make, model, location, and condition.

Quick service

We do not keep our clients waiting. It will only take us 24-48 hours to get to where you are.

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