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Under the least hectic and most “normal” circumstances, selling a car can be a headache. Tack on the usual pressures of life and that headache becomes a skull-shattering shattering event.

That said, there are ways to alleviate that pressure and get your car sold quickly!

You’re going to want to get your car in order; conduct an interior and exterior cleaning and take a ton of well-lit pictures.

You’re also going to want to figure out exactly how much your car is worth. You can find your car’s fair market value on a platform like Kelley Blue Book.

Now, let’s break down the different ways you can sell that car fast!


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

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The Dealership

It makes sense right? Who better to buy your car than the place where you would buy a car! Dealerships will absolutely buy your car (under the right conditions).

You’ll want to talk to the used car managers and get an appraisal on your car. Also, it’s in your best interest to take your car to dealerships that specialize in its brand (i.e. Ford to a Ford Dealership).

Keep it in mind that dealerships are typically going to lowball you. If your vehicle is in poor condition or has a high mileage, they may not want it at all. Furthermore, some will only offer trade-in value, so you won’t be getting cash to spend anywhere else.

Sell It Privately

If you’ve got to make a quick buck off of your car, selling it privately is an option. Specifically, to someone you know and trust (since time is of the essence).

A private sale should yield a profit close to the vehicle’s fair market value, even without you cleaning and detailing the vehicle ahead of time.

Anyone you know is still a buyer though; there may be some haggling going on before everyone comes to an agreement.

Also, it’s still in your best interest to not be careless because you know the person. Ask for a deposit to confirm that they are a serious buyer and make sure their payment process is legitimate.

Junk It

The option to sell your car to a junkyard always exists. It’s a quick process that will get your wheels off your hands and cash in them almost immediately.

However, don’t expect to receive a hefty payout from the junkyard.

That's because junkyards make their money by buying low, then parting out the vehicles for their reusable components, all the way down to the very metal your car is made from.

While these options are the most common ones when it comes to selling a car fast, the advent of the internet has created an avenue for online car buying platforms like CarBrain.

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CarBrain Buys Cars Fast!

When it comes to buying less-than-perfect cars fast, CarBrain is the subject matter expert! We take cars as is, so there’s no need to repair or clean them.

Our customer service representatives will shoot you a quote for your vehicle within 90 seconds.

Our local Service Providers can schedule a pick up of your vehicle within 24-48 hours, meaning you don’t have to wait on any back and forth.

The tow is also covered by us, so you don’t have to worry about that cutting into your profit. When your car is hauled away, you’ll have that cash in hand!

Contact CarBrain today and let’s get you some cash fast!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Fastest Way To Sell A Used Car?

In order to sell a used car fast you would want to take it to a used car dealership. Other options include selling it to someone you know who is looking for a car or a junkyard. Online car buying services also exist and are very quick about purchasing cars.

What Is The Best Time To Sell A Car?

Cars depreciate in value rapidly in their first five years. Between five to seven years past the model year, however, the decline in its value reduces and evens out.
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