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But no matter what, you need to decide when to get rid of your car. Here are a few tips to help you decide – “should I keep or sell my car?”

What Is The Best Way to Sell My Car Privately?

When the Cost of Repairs Exceeds New Car Payments

Ask any car owner – eventually, there’s work that needs to be done. Maintenance is expected, and you can budget fairly easily for routine service work. But when unexpected repairs begin to pile up, you begin asking, “Should I keep my car?”

Figure out what the payments would be for a replacement vehicle. Then, compare the payments with your previous year’s repair bills, or what you expect repairs may cost for the coming year. If it’s more expensive to keep your car fixed up and running than to replace it, you’ve just discovered when to get rid of your car – NOW.

If You Don’t Trust Its Reliability

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pesky dead battery, an electrical gremlin that can’t be found, a mystery engine stall, or a transmission that gives out every time you go for a long drive. If you can’t trust your car, it’s time to sell it.Get Rid of My Car

There’s no point keeping a vehicle that you can’t trust. Some makes, though, are more reliable than others. For example, Toyota vehicles are renowned for their dependability, so you needn’t worry too much about the occasional fix-up. But when a Ford starts acting up, you might question keeping it around much longer.

Your Car Isn’t Safe to Drive

Is it just you in the car, or do you pile your friends and family inside as well? The fact is, it doesn’t matter who’s inside the car – if it isn’t safe to drive, it shouldn’t be on the road!

Here’s the thing people think – “It’s just me in the car, so if something goes wrong, I only hurt myself.” But that’s not true. If you’re driving an unsafe car and there’s an accident, you could injure or kill other motorists or pedestrians. Why would you risk anyone’s safety when you’re driving an unsafe car?

Before Its Value Depreciates Too Much

Hey, your car might be just fine. There might not be any major issues and you could still love driving it. But the fact of the matter is that all vehicles depreciate in value. Most depreciation happens in the first few years of ownership like when you drive it off the lot, but there are a couple of other stages when your resale price takes a nosedive.

When your new car warranty runs out, the value takes another big dip. Then, when the powertrain warranty coverage expires, there’s another drop in value. If you’re considering a replacement vehicle, you should think about selling your car online before a major milestone like these.

When You Don’t Want to Be Seen In It

If it’s been in an accident, vandalized, or is so rusty that it’s embarrassing, you might want to sell it. It’s tough to drive with a bag on your head, and it’s expensive to tint your windows dark enough so you aren’t spotted in the driver’s seat. Honestly, be proud of the car you drive. If you can’t, sell it.


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Can I Get Cash for My Car Online?

You might be a car owner who wants to put a number on it. How many years should you keep a car? It often depends on the car itself. For example, Toyota claims that 80 percent of their cars are still on the road after 20 years. Ford trucks are similar in that too. Look around when you drive and you’ll see Honda cars and SUVs of a similar vintage as well.

But just because they last that long doesn’t mean you should keep them the whole time. If you want to know, “Should I keep or sell my car”, here are a couple ideas:

  • Sell your car just before the new car warranty ends. For most makes, that’s at three years of age or 36,000 miles. For some like Hyundai and Mitsubishi, new car warranty is 5 years or 60,000 miles.

  • Sell your car before the powertrain warranty is over. That ranges between 36,000 miles on some brands and 100,000 miles for others.

  • Reliability takes a significant downturn after 10 years of age. Sell your car once it nears a decade in service.

Tips for Selling Your Car Safely

Is It Worth Keeping an Old Car“I drive my cars into the ground.” Ever heard someone say that? They’re the type of people who drive a car until it’s completely worthless and goes to the junkyard instead of being sold. But is it worth keeping an old car like this?

The benefit is that it’s usually paid off, and there are several years of motoring without car payments. But like we said before, car repairs could easily end up being more than car payments annually. Or, you could get lucky and be one of the few that doesn’t have a costly breakdown.

How to Sell Your Vehicle Today

It’s a tough call. Is it worth driving a car until it has no worth? Or is it better to sell it while it still has some value? I’d suggest that most drivers would rather have a newer vehicle that they're proud to be seen in, and that they can trust to take them where they need to go. You can actually find out how much your car is worth now, to see if it's worth it to sell today.

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