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If you’re curious “how much can I get to junk my car”, you’ve already discovered that getting an accurate price isn’t an easy task. It’s because there isn’t a consistent market for scrap car prices – it all depends on what someone is willing to pay for the car you want to sell.

You see, it isn’t like a new car or even the used car market. For both new and used, there is a car value estimator that will give you a range for the fair market value. There’s no car scrap value calculator, as much as it would be an awesome tool to have! So trying to get the best price for a scrap car is tough when you "want to know how much my car is worth".

It’s for that reason that you have to duke it out, trying to find who is the highest paying for junk cars nearby.

But don’t worry. We’ve got some help for you to find the answer to your question of “what is my vehicle worth”.

Did You Know

Junk car values are a different ball game from typical car prices. When a car has been in an accident or has been totaled by insurance, your car’s worth is significantly lowered.

We are experts are evaluating damaged cars, and give you a fair market offer based on your location, make, model, miles, and years. Get an offer online today for your vehicle!

What’s My Car Worth? Car Value Check & Trade in Values

To answer the query ‘what’s my car worth’, you need to figure out a few details. It starts with knowing your car’s information – the basic stuff anyway.

You need to determine your car’s year of manufacture, the make and model (that’s what you describe your car as, like a Ford Focus), the trim level, and the mileage. You’ll also need to know if your car has a clean title, or if it has a branded, junk or salvage title.

From there, you can search for a value on a few different online sites, such as Kelley Blue Book or NADA Guides. Two things to take into consideration: one, a junk car is nowhere near the price you’ll see using the information on those sites, and two, junk cars are a dime a dozen (just look in any junkyard and you'll know what I mean).

Trade in values on a junk car are similarly lower than your standard car, and you may find it much more difficult to convince a used car dealer to give you  close to the real trade in value of your car. You can get an instant car value check specifically tailored for very old cars, damaged cars, or scrap cars, however.

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What Is My Truck Worth? The True Value of My Truck

You need the same information as a car to determine what your junk truck is worth. What’s working in your favor if you have a junk truck is that its value remains higher. It’s because trucks seem to always be in higher demand, so it’s a little easier to sell your truck online. Plus, they weigh more, so their scrap value is higher.

Getting into the nitty-gritty, let’s start to figure out how to get a car price estimate for a junk car. You have two options to get an accurate price for your junk car.

Call around to every junkyard in a 50-mile radius to see who’s going to pay you the most. You will need to know how much your car weighs because it’s based on the current price of scrap steel for the most part.

Use a rough calculation based on industry standards. For a ballpark car value estimator ‘tool’ for junk value, here’s what you do:

How to Get a Car Price Estimate
  • Find your car’s KBB value or NADA value in fair condition. Don’t get any lofty ideas yet – that’s not what you’ll get.

  • Eyeball your car’s condition. Is it decent, rough, really rough, or falling apart?

  • Based on your car’s true condition, assign your car’s value as a percentage of the fair market value from KBB or NADA. If your car is decent, use 40 percent of the fair market value as your basis. If your car is destroyed or the worst condition you’d imagine, assign its value is around 20 percent of fair market value.

It isn’t your official ‘Car Scrap Value Calculator’ because there isn’t such a thing. But it’s as close as you’ll get for a ballpark price.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay for Cars? Find Out How Much My Car is Worth

That’s not saying you’ll get your ballpark price – scrap car prices don’t use that as their calculation. If you want to know ‘how much can I get for my car’, you’ll actually have to call around and get the price per pound to scrap a car. The going rate for scrap steel fluctuates wildly.

Who Is the Highest Paying for Junk Cars? The Best Junk Car Value Calculators

Who Is the Highest Paying for Junk Cars?Your fingers will have to do some walking to find out which local junkyard is the highest paying for junk cars. I know, it’s a pain in the backside to do it. Who has the time for all those calls, and only to make a few extra bucks on junk car prices?

Instead, choose CarBrain to sell your junk car fast, and for a fair price. With CarBrain, you’ll get a guaranteed offer for your junk car, not some pie-in-the-sky car price estimate that you’ll never get in real life.

How Much Can I Get for My Car?

With CarBrain, it’s easy to find out how much you’ll get for your junk car. All it takes is a bit of basic information about your car and its condition. Plug it into the CarBrain system and within 90 seconds you’ll have your guaranteed offer.

If you like the offer, accept it and you’ll have a check in hand within a few days. CarBrain will pick up your car at no cost to you from wherever it sits, and the money is yours to do with what you will! Get an online for your car now!

What is my car worth?


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