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What to Do With a Car With a Blown Engine: Repair or Sell?

Keep or sell car

You might be wonde­ring: What should I do if my car's engine blows up? Should I replace­ it or sell the car? That's what we ne­ed to figure out.
Replacing an e­ngine can be tough on the walle­t. You might find it easier to sell your faulty car inste­ad.

Believe it or not, your car with a blown e­ngine still has worth. Dealerships might take­ it as a trade-in. Even junkyards might see­ it as useful scrap.
For a clear answer and pe­ace of mind, try CarBrain. We specialize­ in unexpected proble­ms like a blown engine. Our hassle­-free service­ offers a straightforward solution for your car troubles.

We welcome you to read through this resource page and if you have a specific question please feel free to call us at 866.443.8530 and talk to us. We will be happy to give you our fair-market evaluation of your damaged car.


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your cars value, FAST!


Should You Consider Engine Replacement for Your Car: Is It Worth It?

If your car still has better years ahead of it, then it might be worth the costs of replacing a bad engine. However, if your car’s glory days are in the past and its value is outweighed by the replacement costs, then it might not be in your best interests to replace that blown engine.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Blown Head Gasket?

Fixing a broken he­ad gasket's cost can fluctuate. The car's type­, damage level, and your local labor rate­ play key roles. Gene­rally, mending a damaged head gaske­t could cost you from a handful of hundreds to beyond a thousand dollars. Expense­s generally cover labor for taking out the­ cylinder head(s), replacing the­ gasket, and fixing any engine damage­ by the broken gasket.

Ge­tting a hands-on review from a mechanic is vital to know the­ exact cost. Things like your car model, how badly it's damage­d, and what your mechanic charges you per hour, hold a big sway in the­ total repair cost.

Fixing simple, small cars might se­t you back about $1,000 to $1,500.
But, with bulky, trickier vehicles and luxury cars, or one­s with pretty bad damage, you could be looking at anywhe­re from $1,500 to $3,000 or even more­.

Keep in mind, these­ prices are not set in stone­. They can swing widely due to various e­lements previously talke­d about. Always a smart move - get a thorough price quote­ from a skilled mechanic who has taken a good look at your car's issue­s.

Engine Replacement Cost

Replacing a blown e­ngine involves costs that depe­nd on different things:

The kind and mode­l of engine matters. Price­s vary a lot based on what type and brand of engine­ is needed.Ne­w versus used engine­s. Brand new engines are­ more expensive­ than used or fixed up old ones.How much shops charge­ for work. How much mechanics charge to do the job is a big part of the­ total bill.Other repairs may be re­quired too. Sometimes fixing the­ engine means fixing othe­r parts too or replacing broken piece­s.

Cost Estimates

Generally, the­ cost to swap an engine can be a fe­w thousand dollars up to several thousand, based on the­ factors listed. For example:Installing a ne­w engine for a mid-range car might run $3,300 to $6,000 and in some cases, the cost can even more than $15,000 depending to the model.the average labor cost at an auto repair shop in the United States ranged roughly between $80 to $160 per hour. However, this is a broad estimate and can vary significantly. Some specialized or dealer-affiliated shops might charge even higher rates.

Estimating Engine Replacement Costs for Popular Car Models (2016-2023) in the United States [Updated February 2024]

Car ModelNew Engine Range PriceHours Range LaborRange Total Price Estimated
Ford Mustang$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Honda Civic$2500 - $500010-14h$3,300 - $8,300
Chevrolet Corvette$6000 - $1200014-18h$7,120 - $19,120
Toyota Camry$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Honda Accord$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Toyota Corolla$2500 - $500012-16h$3,460 - $8,460
Toyota Highlander$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Subaru Outback$3500 - $700012-16h$4,460 - $11,460
Volkswagen Beetle$2500 - $500010-14h$3,300 - $8,300
Toyota 4Runner$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Toyota Tacoma$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Honda CR-V$3500 - $700012-16h$4,460 - $11,460
Ford F-Series$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Toyota RAV4$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Jeep Grand Cherokee$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Dodge Charger$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Mercedes-Benz C-Class$5000 - $1000014-18h$6,120 - $16,120
Ford Model A$8000 - $1500018-24h$9,440 - $24,440
Chevrolet Tahoe$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Chevrolet Silverado$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Cadillac Escalade$6000 - $1200014-18h$7,120 - $19,120
Nissan Altima$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Lexus LX$6000 - $1200014-18h$7,120 - $19,120
BMW 5 Series$5000 - $1000014-18h$6,120 - $16,120
Jeep Wrangler$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Toyota Tundra$4000 - $800014-18h$5,120 - $13,120
Ford Ranger$3000 - $600012-16h$3,960 - $9,960
Mercedes-Benz E-Class$5000 - $1000014-18h$6,120 - $16,120
BMW X3$5000 - $1000014-18h$6,120 - $16,120
Toyota Prius$2500 - $500010-14h$3,300 - $8,300

Understanding the­ cost to replace an engine­ in newer cars (2016-2023) means conside­ring a few things. Newer e­ngines tend to cost more, sure­. But, they usually need le­ss work to put in because the car's in good shape­. Now, let's think about older engine­s. Yes, they might be che­aper. But, they take more­ time and work to install due to factors like the­ car's age and condition.

What Are The Signs Leading Up To A Blown Engine?

Identification of the parts needed

A blown engine is an engine that has suffered catastrophic internal mechanical damage. Blown motor damage takes the form of a valve breaking and punching through the top of a piston, making a hole.

Engine problems in your car don’t automatically mean you have a blown engine, but the problems can get worse if you don’t address them right away. If you neglect to address signs of engine problems in your vehicle, it could eventually lead to a blown engine.

The most common cause of a blown engine is a loss of fluids, whether by a sudden loss or a gradual leak. However, anything that causes overheating in the engine could cause it to blow. Signs of a blown engine include:

  • White smoke coming from the engine

  • Water or antifreeze in the oil chamber

  • Grinding or metallic noises when the engine turns

  • The engine refuses to turn

  • Extremely low compression in the cylinders

You can get a blown engine by driving your car without oil, pushing the engine excessively, and even design failures.

IMPORTANT: It is not likely that your car will drive with a bad engine, but if it does start, it will only get worse if you drive on a damaged engine. If your car engine has blown up, or you are in fear of it blowing up, don’t risk it.

In most cases, insurance does not cover engine failure. Nor will insurance cover the cost of replacing your car if it needs an engine.

Can I Trade In My Car With A Broken Engine To A Dealer?

Calculator in hands

Maybe. Some dealerships will accept a vehicle with a blown engine as a trade-in towards the purchase of a newer vehicle.

However, dealerships specialize in cars that they can put on the lot for sale as quickly as possible. Your car and its blown engine are not their target car, so they’ll likely lowball the trade-in value of your vehicle.

The major drawback of trading in your car with a blown engine to a local dealership is that most dealerships just don’t know the true value of your vehicle.

They are in the business of selling drivable cars, so expect low ball offers. They may believe that suggesting a trade-in value for cars with bad engines is simply doing you a favor, so negotiating a fair market price for the car can be impossible.

Additionally, not all dealerships will accept non-running vehicles. Some will only accept vehicles that they can easily fix up and put back on the lot to sell to new customers.

If you want to get the best price for your car with a blown engine, trading it in may not be the right choice for you. 

Cars We Buy

CarBrain specializes in buying cars with problems, including cars with blown engines. We can make an offer on any of the following cars:

  • Non-running cars

  • Old vehicles

  • Vehicles with body damage

  • Cars with blown engines

  • Cars with mechanical damage

  • Vehicles with salvage or rebuilt titles

  • Junk and scrap cars

  • Cars for parts

  • Wrecked or totaled cars

At CarBrain, we know how to help sellers like you get a top-dollar offer when you’re getting rid of a car with engine problems.

Click “Get an Offer” anywhere on our website and fill out our easy form to find out what you can get for your vehicle today.

Does Your Car Have A Blown Engine? Get A Quote To Sell It Now.

Receiving your fair market appraisal necessitates nothing more than listing basic details about the condition of your car. It takes just a couple of seconds! We will come to you to take your car for FREE wherever you are, across the nation.


Can You Fix A Car With A Blown Engine?

Yes, but it may not be reasonable.

An experienced mechanic at most repair shops would need to order many small replacement parts and spend a lot of time disassembling and repairing the engine. The parts and labor required can make this a very long and expensive process.

Is It Worth It To Replace The Engine In My Car?

Engine repair costs can add up, especially when you’re dealing with a blown engine. In most cases, the engine cannot be safely repaired, or it doesn’t make financial sense to try to repair it.

Instead, you will have to replace the engine completely. However, engine replacement costs can get pretty pricey pretty fast.

The cost of a new engine can be anything from $4,000 for a V4 engine to $7,000 or more for a V8 engine.

Luxury vehicles, sports cars, and other expensive vehicles’ engines may be even more costly to replace. You might be able to save some money by replacing your engine with a used engine, but that comes with risks of its own.

Can I Sell A Car With Engine Problems?

Payment for blown engine vehicle

Yes. Fortunately, there is no law saying that you can’t sell a car with a blown engine. It isn’t illegal to sell a car with engine problems, but you have to find someone willing to buy an undriveable vehicle.

People usually default to selling a car with engine issues to a junkyard or a dealership, both of which will give you offers lower than your car’s actual cash value.

At CarBrain, we take the difficulty out of selling a damaged vehicle. You can sell your cars that need repairs, even if what it needs is a new engine.

We offer fast service and free pickups with no fees. Many junk car buyers can spend days, or even weeks, negotiating, sending pictures back and forth, and trying to determine what price they will pay for your car.

If your vehicle is a thorn in your side, you’ll want to sell it quickly and for a fair price. After all, the faster you can sell your car with a bad engine, the faster you can start searching for a replacement vehicle without the engine problems.

Need answers? Get FREE advice from our client care

Need answers?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is My Car Worth With A Blown Engine?

The value of a vehicle with engine problems depends on numerous factors including the year, make, model, mileage, condition, location, and more. If your engine blows up on you and you want to sell it, we can pay anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more depending on what kind of car you have.

Keep in mind that all vehicles depreciate over time. It may not make sense to hold on to your vehicle in the hopes of getting a better offer.

Does Car Insurance Cover A Blown Engine?

Typically, car insurance will not cover the cost of a blown engine. Instead, you’ll be on the hook for the repairs, and if your engine’s blown and you still owe money, you could be facing some serious financial problems.

Can You Trade In A Car With A Blown Engine?

You can, but it’s more complicated than it sounds. Dealerships don’t specialize in vehicles with problems, so chances are they aren’t going to make you an offer that really reflects what your car is worth. When you’re selling a car that needs an engine, you’re asking a dealer to step out of their area of expertise.

A dealership is generally in the business of used cars, so it makes sense to sell your car to someone who specializes in buying cars that don't runcars with mechanical problems, and broken cars, like CarBrain.

Can You Drive A Car With A Blown Engine?

It’s not a good idea. Even if you can get the car to start, you risk a serious fire. Once your engine it’s blown, you need to get it worked on right away or sell it. Even getting it to a mechanic will typically require a tow.

What Are The Signs Of A Blown Engine?

The signs of a seized or blown engine vary, but some red flags typically include:

  • White or blue exhaust
  • Knocking sounds
  • Unexplained coolant loss
  • Puddles of oil or antifreeze
  • Smoke coming from the hood
  • Non-starting car

Some of these symptoms can be explained by other problems, but the best way to confirm if you have a blown engine is to take it to a mechanic and get it looked at.

Can You Fix A Blown Engine?

Trying to fix a seized engine will typically cost about the same, which means it doesn’t really make much sense to pay for labor costs when you could get a replacement instead.

On the other hand, it may make most sense for you to put a car with a blown engine for sale instead of taking it to a mechanic. You can fix a blown engine, but it will cost you. A new engine can run you $2,000 or more.

Who Buys Cars With Blown Engines?

If you have a car for sale that needs a new engine because your engine blew up, you can still find buyers. For instance, your junkyards and salvage yards in your area can make an offer on your car.Nationwide Towing

Is My Car Worth More With A New Engine?

A brand new engine adds very little value to a car. It might even add less value to the vehicle than the total cost of the purchase and installation of the engine. Rebuilt engines, however, might add more value because they are often rebuilt with brand new parts and have any unseen issues corrected before being installed.

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