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Buy More Cars with $0 Marketing Budget


You're an Auto Recycling Company

Growing your business requires steadily increasing your inventory. To do so at low cost, you want to buy more cars from local private sellers.

Getting local inventory without paying auction fees makes a lot of financial sense.

That’s why on the wall of your business and your website (if you have one) you write in bold letters “we buy cars,” “cash for cars,” etc.. 

Unfortunately, your current efforts bring:

  • Low lead volume
  • Poor lead quality

Does it sound about right? If so, read on!

How can I improve my online presence?

Each day thousands of car sellers in your area go to searching for potential buyers.

Everybody knows that.


The challenge, of course, is to have your presence on the top of search engine pages. 

Unless you are a search engine optimization guru this task leaves you up to two choices:

  • Hiring In-House Marketing Team
  • Outsourcing Digital Agency

In-house marketing & Digital Agencies are NOT the answer

Both options come with big monthly overhead cost, and on top of that you need sizeable advertising spend to feed the Google beast.

Paying-Per-Click with Google has one major drawback. You stop paying; you stop playing…  At the end of the day, you could end up spending anywhere between $3k and $10k every month. Those two common choices can’t guarantee new inventory and may leave you bleeding cash for no good reason.

What top Auto Recyclers are doing in 2018?

What if you could buy cars from local private sellers with a $0 marketing budget? 

You can! Using the Pay-Per-Vehicle Approach you don't have to spend thousands on outsourced marketing companies or distract yourself with in-house marketing.

What is Pay-Per-Vehicle?

The pay per vehicle concept is exactly how it sounds; you only pay for a vehicle you pick-up.

You set the offer, we take a small processing fee, and the difference goes to the car seller.

Effectively you get cars at $0 marketing spend!

How Does It Work?

  1. Customer submits vehicle information on for an Offer
  2. When the Customer accepts your offer (minus our fee), you receive an assignment.
  3. You pay the seller and pick-up the car, then pay us when all is done!

In short, you buy more cars from serious car sellers in your area at low cost.

Straightforward, right?

It actually gets better! 

You set the offers for cars you want & how far you want to go to pick up those cars.  There is no overhead cost and membership is FREE.

Do I qualify? 

Our business is built on trust and excellent customer service. We require nothing less from our partners. 

For you to qualify you need to:

  • Have dealer license in your state
  • Have in-house dispatcher/customer service employee
  • Be able to pick up cars in less than 48 business hours
  • Be in business for at least 3 years

How can I enroll in Pay-Per-Vehicle Program?

You can get started by selecting any of those following methods:





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Cash for Junk Cars

We pay $100 - $20,000+ for cars with accident damage, or even major mechanical issues!

FREE Towing Nationwide. Get Paid in 24-48 Hours!

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