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Does Carvana Buy Wrecked Cars?

Carvana can make an offer on wrecked vehicles, but it’s important to do your research before deciding if an offer’s worthwhile. Learn more about Carvana’s offers here.


What To Do If A Dealership Sold You A Damaged Vehicle

Did a dealership sell you a damaged vehicle? You could be in for a legal headache. CarBrain can explain your options and show you an easy solution to your problems here!


Who Provides Vehicle Removal Service Near Me?

Looking for free vehicle removal services near you? You’ve found it — CarBrain can come to you and pay you for your car on the spot in under 48 hours. Learn more here.

What to Do if Car Repairs Exceed Car Value big

Car Repairs Too Costly? Don't Fix It — Sell It!

Is it worth it to fix your car, or will the mechanical bill be too costly for its value? Selling might be the best option when you have car problems too costly to fix.


Cash for Clunkers Program 2021 - Get Money for Your Junker

Get cash for your clunker in 24-48 hours with CarBrain. We provide free towing, on-the-spot payment and fair market rates — always.


Sell My Truck - How to Get Quick Cash for Your Truck Online

You and your truck have been through a lot together. Whether it’s moved its last couch after years on the road and it’s just time for an upgrade or if it didn’t make it through a  recent accident, you deserve a good price wh...


Sell My Car — Need To Get Cash Fast? We're Your Go-To Solution

Tired of hunting for the best place to sell your car? You don't have to anymore. CarBrain will help you get a fair market offer in just 90 seconds, so you can get paid fast.


Sell Your Car Online And Get An Instant Cash Quote For FREE

Online tools have made it easier than ever to sell your old car and get much-needed cash toward your next vehicle. Discover how CarBrain makes the process easier for you.

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