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How do you decide the best way to deal with your junk car? You’re faced with three very distinct ways to part with your once-beloved car. You can trade it in when you buy a different car. You can decide “I’ll sell my car for cash”. Or you can figure out if parting out a car is the better way to go.

Each has its benefits. People have had success to sell a junk car, parting out a car, and trading one in. But which is the best way to free up YOUR parking spot?

Here are a few points for each of the three methods. Maybe they will help you choose the best route to get rid of your junk car.

Did You Know

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Pros and Cons of Parting Out a Car

One way to deal with you junk car is to part it out. That means disassembling your vehicle and selling it piece by piece. It’s particularly popular if you have a common car model as well as the space to do it. There is definitely an upside and a downside to it, but is it worth it to part out a car?

Sell My Car for PartsPros

There are a couple of great things about parting out a car. First, you can get more for your vehicle when you sell a car for parts. Every piece you sell for $20 or $50 or $300 adds up. Secondly, it’s a good thing for the environment. By selling your car’s parts, you’re extending their lifecycle and preventing them from ending up in a landfill.


Parting out a car isn’t for everybody though. If you don’t know how to part out a car, it can be dangerous. There are hazards everywhere from sharp plastic parts to metal edges. It’s unsightly in your yard. It also takes a very long time to get rid of everything useful, which could leave you with a mismatched shell of a car stuck on your property.

Then there are the calls and tire kickers to deal with. No one wants to pay the price you’re asking, so you have to deal with the aggravation of haggling. If you’re deciding which is easier - parting out a car vs selling it - it’s a thousand times easier to sell it whole.

The Benefits of Selling a Car

Have you decided “I want to sell my junk car”? It’s the most common way of getting rid of a vehicle. Selling a car is what you’d call traditional, even if there are non-traditional methods like car selling websites. Essentially, it’s transferring ownership from yourself to another person as a complete car.

Benefits of Selling a CarPros

There are benefits to selling a car instead of parting it out. The number one thing is that it’s just gone. There’s no shell of a car sitting like a ghost in your driveway. If you have money tied up in it like a car loan, you can alleviate the stress of payment by selling it, paying off the loan, and moving onto the next venture.


But it’s not always smooth sailing. If you want to sell a junk car, for example, there are few buyers interested in vehicles in that condition. Car selling websites don’t often benefit owners with cars that are in less-than-perfect condition, and that’s because people prefer new, shiny, and working.

Plus, if you sell a car privately, you’ll have to haggle with prospective buyers, no-shows, and low-ball offers. It can be a pain in the rear.

And then, there’s the challenge of trying to sell a car online. The problem is that you can get tons of offers from no-name inquiries but they don’t show up with cash in hand. If you’ve decided “I want to sell my car for cash”, you always have to consider the possibility of being ripped off.

Determining if Trading In a Car is Worth It

The third popular option for dealing with a car you no longer want to own is to trade it in. That’s when you make a deal for a new or used car at a dealership and give them your car as part of the payment process.


One of the best things about trading in a car is that there’s no haggling with people you don’t know or trust. It’s all done at a dealership with professionals. It seems that the price you get is standardized based on the Kelley Blue Book trade in value of cars. Also, trading in a car is streamlined, takes very little time, and the dealer does most of the paperwork for you.


But trading in a car isn’t always smooth. Getting a fair car trade in value should be easy, but most dealers will try to undercut your car’s value. In most cases, the trade-off for convenience is that you’ll have to accept less than you’d get if you sell your car online or privately.

The Best Way to Sell a Car is CarBrain

Between the three methods of parting with your car, which is best? The answer is clear - sell CarBrain! It’s the best situation you’ll find when you want to sell your car quickly and easily. With CarBrain, you’ll receive a fair offer for your car in as-is condition. Once you accept the offer, your car is picked up within a few days. You’ll have cash in hand before your car is hauled away, and then it’s done. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free to use CarBrain.

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