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Selling Your Car for Parts

Where Can I Sell A Car for Parts Near Me

Parting out a car is easier said than done. Do you have a spacious garage, professional tools, and the mechanical knowledge required to take your car apart? Good! That’s just the beginning. Selling your car as a whole is another option to consider.

Assuming that you have all of the above you’ll need to find willing buyers near you to purchase all your parts. That’s where the idea of parting your car will sharply lead you down a pretty treacherous and twisted road.

If this is the first time you are parting out a car, then you may have the following questions:

  • How much time does it take to part out?
  • How much money can I get for a parted out car?
  • Where can I sell my parts?
  • Is parting out the car worth it?
  • What are my other options?

These are just a few of the questions relevant to parting out your car!

Did you know?

The engine and transmission are statistically the most demanded parts from any car! In most cases, after you sell the core components of a car, the remaining parts could take an eternity to sell. Most buyers will not be interested in a rolling car chassis.

Selling car parts to a junkyard can be significantly less profitable than you think. Potentially you could get more money for the vehicle as a whole and sell it much faster! Check to see how much your car is worth before you part it out.

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How to Sell Your Car for Parts

How much time does it take to part out my carParting out a car is a full-time job of its own. If you're thinking about doing it, understand ahead of time that the process is long and tedious. Before you start dissecting your car, it is important that you understand exactly what parting out is and how long it's going to take. So if you're trying to get rid of a vehicle that’s not working fast, parting out your car might not be the option for you.

Here's what you should know

Tearing down the car

Is the car taken apart yet? If not then you better get started! Taking apart the vehicle alone (including the engine) could take you weeks or months before it’s fully disassembled. That is, of course, if you have the tools and knowledge on how to take it apart. Otherwise, prepare to dish out some serious cash to have a professional do it.

NOTE: A certified mechanic shop can charge anywhere from $80 to $100+ per hour! According to most mechanic labor rate books it can take 6 to 8+ hours of labor to remove an engine from a car.

Who buys engines and transmissions near me?

Once the car is taken apart you will notice that only a few core parts will sell first like:

These parts, especially the engine and transmission, are typically the first to get snatched up when parting out your vehicle. However, there’s no guarantee to exactly how quickly they get purchased — you could very well be sitting with those car parts for quite some time.

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What about the rest of the parts?

After you sell the core parts, you’re gonna be stuck in a garage stuffed with tons of metal collecting dust. Including parts like:

  • Suspensions parts
  • Vehicle chassis
  • Plastic reservoirs
  • Electrical Wiring

These less important parts have a very limited market and the time it takes to sell is unknown; it could be well over a year before you sell each and every single part.

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With CarBrain - You Can Sell Your Broken Car for Parts

How much money can I get for a parted out carWhy do we refer to money as dough? Because we all knead it! So, can you make money parting out junk cars? Well, parting out a car could ultimately bring in more money than selling as a whole. But there's far more than meets the eye when it comes down to parting out a car.

Let's say you have a common car like a 2007 Honda Civic with a rear-end collision and you’re parting out the car. You have a buyer that wants to buy the engine. If the engine is still in the car, what do you do?

The buyer may have a whopping $600.00 for your engine but unless you have the time and mechanical expertise to remove it, the cost to take it out can easily run $500-$700 in labor. You can let the person take the engine out themselves, but who would want a stranger tampering around in their car and potentially damaging it?

On average, this is how much you can sell these parts for if they are already removed:

  • Engine - $500+ (Mileage dependent)
  • Transmission - $250+ (Mileage dependent)
  • Airbags - $150+ (Depending on which bag)
  • Seats - $80+ (Seat conditions may vary price)

How to Sell An Old Car for Parts

In a perfect world where you had the car disassembled, you could easily get $500-$900 within the first few months from selling those core parts. Now, you have a car that looks like Frankenstein and your garage is full of rusting metal parts.

Whereas selling the same vehicle as a whole unit could bring in $750 or more! And you will instantly have free space in your garage for that sweet new ride.

NOTE: Once the car has been taken apart and there are missing parts, then the vehicle will be extremely difficult to sell. Even scrap and junkyards will offer less than what they already give. In some cases, they might even charge you to take away the remains of the vehicle.

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How to Part Out A Car & Get Cash For Your Car

There are a handful of options available to you. Most of them are online, locally, or through your smartphone, so the question 'where can I sell my car for parts' is easily answered.

Online Options - You can sell parts through these sites. (Fees May Apply)

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Car-part.com
  • Phone applications

Can I Sell My Car for Parts Online?

Where can I sell my partsSelling your parts online opens you up to an enormous market of people but there will be shipping and processing fees. Also, you will have to keep a check on those inquiring about your parts and be available to answer their questions. Selling through car buying websites also requires you to have a return policy; there is no “sold as is.”

  • Local Options - Post your parts locally.
  • Craigslist
  • Junk and scrap yards

Selling My Used Car Parts for Money

You do have the option to sell your car parts for money. Junkyards and scrap yards will technically 'buy cars for cash'. By salvaging any usable parts, and then crushing your vehicle for scrap metal, they can maximize value. Though this probably isn't what you imagined when you thought of 'parting out a car'. Though, this probably isn't what you imagined when you thought of 'parting out a car'. They may only utilize one or two parts from your car (or none of them at all). 

Sell Your Totaled Car for Parts

Selling your parts locally will take much longer than online, but you do save money on fees. You will either have to haggle with strangers or settle for a low-ball offer from the junkyards. Selling car parts online is still a logistical project of researching prices, organizing the parts, listing each one separately, and paying to ship each part.

Many scrap yards use eBay or their own website with inventory control systems, and they've perfected the process. As a casual car part seller, it will likely be more difficult to turn a good profit, especially since you'll be competing with the big yards for salvage value.

Don't have the patience to wait for all your parts to sell? Then don't part it out. Sell the car to CarBrain as a whole. We make online cash offers on cars in less than perfect condition in just 90 seconds! If you agree to our offer, we will deliver the payment and tow your car for FREE In just 24 to 48 hours. Get an offer today.

Places That Buy Engines & Transmissions Near Me

When you want to 'sell parts of my car' after you've figured out where I can sell car parts near me, you need to choose the car parts to sell. This is vital in the process of how to sell parts of a car. The tricky thing here is there are a few high-value parts that may go quickly, leaving the remaining parts to sit. And if you're selling old car parts or junked car parts, it may take even longer.  After you sell parts off your car, you will have to pay to have whatever is left towed off your property, which detracts from your cash flow.

How to Sell A Wrecked Car for Parts

Is parting out my car worth itThere is a pro and con to everything. To determine whether you should sell a car for parts or scrap, and which is worth it or not, you must look at what resources are at hand. If you know how to take apart the car, have the storage space, and the time and patience to wait it out, then yes, parting out the vehicle is for you.

Now if you’re like the rest of us and do not have access to all the resources that are necessary to make this option profitable, then parting out a vehicle might not be worth your while. In the long run, you could spend more money just to take the car apart than what you’ll get out of it. And you can still sell your damaged car whole.

What are the pros & cons of selling a car for parts?


Cash value
Selling your car for parts (assuming that you were able to sell everything) could bring in the most money in the long run. There is always the possibility that you do not find a buyer for all your parts and you could lose out on some money.


Time consumption
There is no guaranteed time frame to when or if you sell all of the parts. After selling the engine and transmission, it could take years to sell the rest.

Occupy valuable space
Parting out a vehicle means you will have to hold onto tons of parts. Unless you have a personal storage unit, then you will find yourself with a house full of greasy and rusty metal parts.

Constant haggling
The same way a private buyer will try to haggle down your asking price on a car. They will do the same with the parts you're selling. Imagine how much time you'll spend with strangers that will be calling and texting you at all hours of the day just to haggle down your fair asking price.

What are the pros & cons of selling a car to CarBrain?


Instant sale
Selling to CarBrain is quick and hassle-free. You will receive an online offer in 90 seconds and we will pick up your car between 24 to 48 hours. Payment will be delivered at the time of pick up.

Haggle Free
All our offers are haggle free! Simply provide us with a few accurate details about your car and our buyers will give you a confirmed offer! Once the driver shows up to pick up the vehicle, there will be no last minute hidden fees and you will receive the offer in full.

Fair market valued offer
While selling a car for parts could potentially bring in the most money, it could also cost you more than what the car is worth. With CarBrain, you will receive a fair market value for the car. We have a dedicated team of car buyers with over 30 years of experience, so we know a thing or two about cars!


You will never know the struggle of selling a car for parts
Selling to CarBrain will spoil all the fun of parting out a car. Imagine not meeting the strangers that want to play your favorite haggling game. You will never know what it feels like to play hopscotch around all the parts stuffed in your garage. Now you are stuck with tons of free time for yourself. Wait a minute! These all sound like pros! Trading a car for money has never been this easy.

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How Much Is My Car Worth For Parts?

How much you can get will depend on the parts of the car you're trying to sell. Some parts, like the catalytic converter, are in high demand. The engine and transmission tend to also be in high demand.

With those three pieces, you will generally get most of the vehicle's values, and then you can scrap the rest of the car. This will ensure that you get the most money for your car. However, you will also have to spend time taking the car apart.

If you’re rying to sell a car for parts, a quote from CarBrain makes that easy. We’ll produce an offer in 90 seconds for your vehicle in any condition.

Where Can I Sell My Car for Parts Near Me?

Depending on the area you live in will depend on how you can sell your car for parts. The easiest way to figure this out is to Google terms like “how to sell a car for parts in California” or “sell my car parts for cash.” From there, you will have plenty of options that can break down their fees.

An easier way is to get an offer from an online car buyer like CarBrain, where towing is included and quotes are generated within a couple of minutes. This can save you time on the phone, help you avoid negotiations and ensure you don’t get saddled with hefty towing fees for trying to sell your car.

Can You Sell Your Car For Parts?

Of course you can! But will you have to figure out how to take your car apart so you can get to the parts that you are selling. If you have no technical knowledge, this can easily cost you $80-$100 an hour to hire a dismantler! That will easily cut into the profits you are making from your motor and used car parts.

Or you can contact CarBrain to purchase the whole vehicle in one go! We will even purchase your SUV or van. We specialize in less-than-perfect cars, including cars destined to be parted out.

Who Will Buy My Car For Parts?

What is the best place to sell cars for parts? The best place to start looking is to Google terms like “places that buy used car parts near me” or “where can I sell car parts for cash near me?”

From there, you will get plenty of results for pawn shops, online part markets and recycle centers. Of course, you will need to figure out how to take the car apart, which will cut into your valuable time.

Should You Remove Parts From Your Car Before Selling?

If you're trying to figure out what parts to remove before scrapping your car, think twice. Parting out a car can make it harder to get rid of the entire unit quickly and easily.

If you're experienced at working with cars, you might already know that the engine, transmission and catalytic converter are the most valuable parts in your car. If you aren't, however, trying to remove these parts is likely to be troublesome, and you may even cause damage to the parts.

Additionally, a car's value goes down significantly without those parts, making it much harder to sell the whole thing and get free towing.

At CarBrain, we specialize in buying less-than-perfect cars, and we always include free towing. Rather than parting out your car, sell it in one go — get the car off your lawn for free, get your money and move on with your life!