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Collision Repairs

Is Car Accident Repair Worth It? 

There is more than meets the eye when it comes down to repairing your car after a collision.

For all of us that at some point were involved in a car accident coming out without any major injury will be considered lucky! What about the car? When you experience collision damage, rather than high cost collision repairs, read more to see if you should sell your car instead.

Many questions may come to your mind:

  • Can I repair my car?

  • How much does body work cost?

  • Will it be safe to drive repaired car?

  • Is it worth fixing?

  • What should I know about body shops to avoid scams or being ripped off?

In this article we will cover all those questions and more…

Your tires might be flattened, the glass could be shattered, and your bumper cover could be sticking out like sore thumb but there's a good chance that less obvious issues have sprouted.

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It's important to inform yourself about these hidden damages as they could have serious consequences later on. You will have to think about what to do with a damaged car.

Did you know?

Repairing a damaged car may cost you more than what it's worth. Most repair shops will not give you an estimate unless the car is present with them. Potentially you will end up spending hundreds of dollars in towing just to get a few estimates.

The exact cost of repair will be unknown until your repairs have started and by then it could be too late, and you'll end up spending $5,000 for a repair that was estimated at just $1,500. In this case selling your car may be better.

Can I repair my car?

Can I repair my car?The first step in deciding whether or not a repair is the best option for you is to evaluate the visible damage. Are the wheels bent out of place? Are the airbags deployed? Does the car look like it's been smashed by an angry Hulk? If so, repairing the vehicle might not be your smartest financial decision.

Taking your damaged car's value into consideration is essential. You want to make sure that the cost of repairs does NOT exceed what the vehicle is worth.

Now if the vehicle sustained minimal damage like a bent fender, a damaged door or a broken headlight, then yes repairing your car would be a way to go (headlight repair costs are $15 to $20 for halogen bulbs, but over $100 for HID bulbs). Analysis of whether you should fix your car or sell it as-is comes next.

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How much are collision repair costs?

No car accident is the same, and neither is the cost to fix a car afterward. What it comes down to is how bad the damage is and what type of car do you have. Most of the repair shops can give you a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to fix your vehicle, but the actual cost will remain unknown until you begin the repairs.

How much will it cost to fix my car?That’s when surprises start to appear...

In a scenario where the vehicle was involved in a small accident, and the frame and other core components of the car came out untouched there is a good chance the repairs will be cost effective.

Car Collision Repair Cost Examples

To determine if you should repair your car, you'd likely need collision repair estimates. Some real world repair cost examples might help. Let’s say you had 2007 Toyota Camry rear end collision car accident and it only sustained light damage. Picture the car with a bent fender, a broken door, and a cracked headlight. Your estimated cost of repair could range anywhere from $1500 to $2500 depending on where you decide to fix it.

Now in another scenario where the same vehicle sustained a severe crash, and the unibody frame of the car got wrecked alongside other core components. Then the cost of repair can skyrocket dramatically! In this case is it really worth it to fix your car after an accident?

What if it's a front end accident? Can front end collision cause engine damage? Well, picture the same 2007 Toyota Camry but now with deployed airbags, engine fluids leaking all over the place, and a mangled up frame. At this point, your cost of repair would be almost impossible to gauge. You can ask how much to fix body damage on a car. Well, that depends on many factors, and repair cost estimates may be much less than the cost you end up paying.

Depending on how bad the damage was to the engine and frame, the repair bill could run over $10,000 to get that car back into roadworthy condition.

Will it be safe to drive a collision repaired car?

Will it be safe to drive repaired car?Well that depends. There are many factors that you must take into consideration to determine if a repaired car is safe to drive. If just one of these is not right then the car shouldn’t be driven until issue is rectified.

When is my repaired car safe to drive?

  • When airbags were properly installed and working (Cannot have SRS light on)

  • When the vehicle did not sustain any frame damage

  • When vehicle is fully aligned and driving straight

  • When there are no fluid leaks or they’ve been repaired

When is my repaired car NOT safe to drive?

  • When the airbags have deployed and the airbags weren't replaced

  • When the vehicle has sustained frame damage

  • When the vehicle is not aligned properly and swerves while driving

  • When the vehicle has leaking fluids

What should I know about body shops to avoid scams or being ripped off?

Storage Fees

Get this: Body shop and tow yard facilities can charge you a daily storage fee plus the initial tow fee! That means your wreck could be tagging on $10-50 a day or even more! Potentially it means a balance of a few hundred dollars. Failure to pay these fees can result in you losing the ownership rights to the car or they can open a lien on the car and you will have to pay that back at some point.

Repair shops

It's important that you verify whether they're using original or aftermarket parts as some shops will install aftermarket parts and charge you for originally manufactured. Also, bear in mind that aftermarket parts will not always line up perfectly with your car. In most cases they can leave noticeable gaps in between body panels that you can spot from a mile away.


In case your insurance plan covers partial or full auto body repair costs, make sure that the body shop you plan to service your car with is covered under your policy.


Beware of which shops you work with as there's always a possibility that you may be working with an unlicensed shop. Facilities like these are operating illegally and they are not qualified nor insured to work on your car. Make sure you that your repair shop is a certified business to avoid any poor quality repairs.

Is it worth fixing my car?

Is it worth fixing my car?If the collision costs of repair exceeds your car's value, then it will not be worth the investment unless you have deep pockets and the car has a strong sentimental value to you.

For example a car just like yours is retailing for $20k at a dealership and the wholesale value of your now heavily damaged car is $8k. If the repairs for the car are worth $13k then its not worth it to fix the car since you will be spending much more than what the vehicle will be worth afterwards.

Now same scenario if your car was worth $20k at a dealership and the wholesale value of it damaged was now $12k since the damage wasn't as heavy this time so the cost to repair is $4k then the car is still worth fixing.

What are my options?


If the insurance is not covering your car or you do not have the funds to fix it, then cutting your loss and sell the car at this point. It might be the best option just look at the bright side, with this method you will avoid spending more than what the cars worth.

CarBrain is here to help you. We will buy your less than perfect car for a fair price and pick it up in a timely manner. Most of our offers are made in just 90 seconds! And we’ll tow it for free in just 24 to 48 hours. Get your online offer today just click here

Check Your Wreck’s Value


  • Shop around for estimates - Never settle for the first estimate that you get. Shop around and compare your estimates with others to choose the best option that suits you. Just know though if your car isn't in driving conditions, then you might spend a couple hundred dollars in towing alone to move that vehicle around but at least you will have a fair understanding of what it will cost to get that vehicle back up and running.

  • Contact the insurance company - Whether you were at fault or not it's important to verify with the insurance company as they can be a viable option. If your car gets declared a total loss then you could get compensation for it and move onto another car or they could pay for a professional to take care of your car and get it back into road worthy conditions.

Collision Types, Cost to Repair, and Collision Repair Cost Examples

Front End Collision Repair Cost

Front-end CollisionA front-end collision is when the front of your car has collided with either another car or object. These are potentially the most dangerous types of accidents. Even if you were traveling at low speeds, the damage caused by the crash is devastating. You might face serious front end suspension repair costs, and high front end damage repair costs. How much does it cost to fix the front of a car and for what kinds of damage?

What damages can result from a front-end collision?

  • Engine damage

  • Transmission damage

  • Frame damage

  • Suspension damage

Here's what you should look out for after a front-end collision!

  • Leaking Fluids - Oil, Antifreeze, and Transmission Fluid are the most common and If these leaks go unattended then your engine and transmission could seize up. Imagine a refurbished engine and transmission could cost $2,000 to $4,000 each! And that's just the parts no labor!

  • Front Frame damage - Apron and Core support are most the commonly damaged. Some of these are damages are not fixable and your car could potentially never drive straight again and you will rapidly wear down your tires. Cost for these repairs may vary but they can reach over $10,000

Not paying close attention to your car after an accident will run you the risk of bumping into some pretty bad mechanical issues down the road.

If your vehicle has front end damage you can sell it to us instead of spending on front end repair costs. Whether your vehicle was involved in a severe front-end collision or just a small fender bender then we got you covered! We’ll make offers on most cars in just 90 seconds and tow them for FREE! In just 24 to 48 hours! Click here to get started today!

Rear End Repair Costs

Rear-End CollisionA rear-end collision occurs when your vehicle has been struck in the back by another car or if your vehicle lost control and was damaged in the rear. These type of accidents most commonly occur during the rush hours of the day. They can also lead to a loss of control when driving your car and cause a more severe accident. While most of these accidents are not as severe as a front-end collision they can still cost you tons of money to fix. If you're looking for a rear end collision damage estimate you must analyze the damage as a whole, since rear end collision repair costs include the ripple effect throughout the vehicle. Of course, you'll probably have tail light repair costs, but also some other less obvious damage.

What are the less obvious damages from a rear-end collision?

  • Differential damage

  • Axle damage

  • Frame damage

After a rear-end collision you should look out for!

  • Leaking Fluids - Mainly on rear and all-wheel-drive cars. Any impact in the rear can damage your differential and axle system causing them to leak fluids while driving. If you hear any clanking or whining noises when the car is moving, this could be a bad differential and axle. If left unattended, these mechanical components could lock up while your drive. These repairs can cost over $800.00 in parts alone!

  • Rear frame Damage - The rear bottom floor pan and quarter panels are the most commonly damaged components of a unibody frame. Some cases of this structural damage may not be fixable and you will run the risk of water leaking into your car trunk and interior as well as the vehicle not aligning right. Repair cost may vary but they can reach over $10,000!

Fixing a rear-end collision isn't always the best option and you will always run the risk of spending more money than what the car is worth. If selling the vehicle is the right option for you then look no further.

CarBrain is here with the smart way to sell your car. We’ll buy it even if it's crashed in the back. Our process is quick and easy! Most cars will get an offer in just 90 seconds! Simply Click here and get started today!

Side Impact Collisions Repair Costs

Side CollisionsCommonly referred to as a T-Bone accident. This means that either side of your car was struck by another vehicle or object. You'll very likely be facing car door damage repair costs. Accidents like these typically happen when someone runs a four way stop sign or a red light therefore alway be cautious when crossing one.

What damages can I expect from a side collision?

  • Frame damage

  • Engine damage

  • Drivetrain damage

After a side collision you should look out for

  • Leaking Fluids - If you were hit directly in the center then you most likely you damaged the vehicle's drive shaft. If the vehicle is shaking or making any clanking noises then have it checked out because the driveshaft could lock up or snap while you're driving. A drive shaft can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand in just parts alone.

  • Rear frame Damage - Depending on where the side impact was you will run the risk of damaging the front, side, or rear unibody frame. If you were hit directly in the center then you most likely damaged the B-pillar and rocker panel. Damages to these panel can cause the vehicle to not drive straight, misaligned doors, and can allow water leaks into your interior. Repair cost for these damages can reach over $10,000, They can even be unrepairable in certain cases!

Rollover Collisions

Rollover CollisionsThese types of collisions typically end in a total loss. When a car rolls over, in most cases you damage almost every side the car. You could even completely cave in the roof. These accidents can cause extensive frame damage to the entire vehicle and in most cases are not repairable or the frame damage repair costs aren't worth it. These types of accidents are more common on cars that are higher off the ground like trucks and SUV’s but can still happen to any regular vehicle. Hitting medians or going off the side of the road can cause these accidents.

What damages can I expect from a rollover collision?

  • Extensive frame damage

  • Power and drivetrain damage

  • Total loss

Collision accidents can cause tons of damage and are no pleasurable experience. If you are in need selling a junk or totaled car then sell to CarBrain. We’ve transformed the long and tedious process of selling your less than perfect car into a quick, easy and interactive process that will get you an offer in as fast as 90 seconds! And we’ll tow it for free Click here and get started today.

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How bad is my collision damage?

How bad is my collision damage?Every car accident is unique and no car is damaged the same way. However, there are a few factors you can always look out for to gauge the severity of your accident. If your vehicle has met more than one of these factors then you might want to reconsider the option of repairing the car because you will run the risk of spending more money than what the car is worth and at the end of it all the vehicle will never be as safe as it was again.

Bent Frame Repair Cost & Others 

Frame Damage

Picture a can of soda. At first if you were to crush it, it would be difficult but possible just like your car. Once the can is crushed you could always stretch it back into its original shape. While you might be able to restore its shape you will notice the metal will be significantly easier to crush now.

The same logic applies to your car. Once the frame is bent or damaged the only option is to either stretch it back out with industrial machines or cut that frame and weld a new one in. Whichever the case may be, that vehicle will never be the same again. It will be weaker and not safe to be in if an accident were to ever occur again. Bent car frame repair costs can be as high as $10,000 since often it isn't possible to restore it to like-new conditions. As you can see the cost of unibody frame repair can be prohibitively expensive. Unibody frame straightening costs are high because they require a special frame machines and involves a great deal of labor.

Deployed airbags

Did the airbags deploy? If so your cost of repair just went up by a couple thousand dollars. Airbags usually deploy in front end accidents, but when do airbags deploy for rear end collisions? In most cases they won't deploy in rear end accidents. If they do deploy though, airbag replacement cost is more than just the airbags. When an airbag deploys, more than likely the plastic interior panel inside the car was torn apart. This means that your dashboard, steering wheel, or side columns will need replacement.

These plastic interior panels are very expensive to replace and require a professional. Most airbags kits with a new sensor can cost over thousand dollars plus labor for each set. Put it this way most insurance companies will typically declare a car a total loss and salvage it just because the airbags have deployed.

Leaking fluids

The Crash can affect multiple mechanical components of your car. it will damage and misalign them causing hazardous and toxic fluids to seep out.

Not only are these leaking fluids dangerous and flammable but in some cases they can cause your vehicle to act up and even cause catastrophic mechanical damage like a seized engine and transmission.

When your vehicle is leaking fluids do not attempt to start it as it could cause some pretty rough damage. Have a professional inspect the vehicle let them find the source of the leak.

Dash Warning lights

After the accident it's important that you pay attention to your vehicle's instrument cluster for any warning lights including -

  • ABS (Anti lock brake system)

  • SRS (Supplemental Restraint System, AKA airbags)

  • TCS (traction control system)

  • Oil pressure and check engine light

Any accident can cause damage to these modules that control all the safety mechanical functions of your car. If these lights are on then that means these systems are not working at 100% and need to be checked. Failure to check these systems can cause many issues like your car losing traction, Loss of engine compression, and can even cause your brakes to lock up.

Damaged suspension

Although the suspension is designed to sustain the weight and force of your car it's not designed to sustain the impact of an accident. It's a very complex system consisting of control arms, Connecting rods, shocks, and bushings that all work together as one system.

If just one of these components is damaged, then it can affect how the rest of them work. This can cause your wheel to be completely out of place and prohibit you from driving. The suspension system of a car is very expensive to fix and it can take a team of professionals to get it back to factory standards. The cost for these repairs may vary but they can very well cost you thousands of dollars to fix.

Car accidents are serious, stressful, and unpredictable. If you or someone you know owns a vehicle that is subject to one or more of these damages, then think twice before repairing your car as you could spend more than what the car is worth and it might never return back its original conditions.

Get a Check For Your Wreck

When My Car is Wrecked, Is it Better to Sell a Wrecked Car?

It can cost thousands to fix up a wrecked car, and it may never be the same. It may not even be safe anymore. Is it better to sell wrecked cars than to bring them back to life? In many cases, the answer is yes.

There are a few factors:

Who Buys Wrecked Cars
  • Time. Can you wait the weeks or month for your car to be fixed in the collision repair shop? You need a vehicle to drive to work, buy groceries, and take the kids to swim lessons. Being without a vehicle for a day is a stretch, never mind weeks.
  • Money. Car repairs cost more today than they ever have. The initial estimate could be just within your budget, but what happens when the shop calls you to let you know it’s going to be an extra $1,000 or more? You might not be able to afford your repairs, so you may want to sell crashed cars instead of fixing.
  • Love. Is it your first car, or the dream car you’ve always wanted and finally have? It makes a difference whether you’ll pony up the cash to fix your car of sell it. But when it’s been wrecked, do you really think it’s going to be the same afterward? Probably not. Unless you have extra time, lots of cash to burn, or an undying love for your car, it’s probably best just to sell wrecked cars.

Who Buys Wrecked Cars

It’s smashed, broken, undrivable, uncertified. Who’s going to buy my wreck? There are a few places that buy wrecked cars.

An auto parts recycler may want to buy a wrecked car if there’s something special about it. If it’s a unique model, a common car people buy parts for, or a low-mileage car with great options, a junk yard could buy it and sell it for parts.

A scrap yard could also be in the bidding for your wrecked car. They buy cars purely based on their value as scrap materials. The sheet metal, battery, engine block – anything that can be recycled. But they only pay based on a price per pound. No matter what you drive, it won’t be more than a few hundred dollars.

Sell My Wrecked Car for Parts

I Want to Sell My Wrecked Car for Parts

Think you can break down your car and sell it for parts? If you have tons of space and time, you can do it. For some funny reason, it’s worth more as used parts than as a complete car. But selling a wrecked car for parts will take months. And months. But there’s more.

What You Need to Know When You Sell Crashed Car Parts

If you plan to sell crashed car parts, there are other risks. Is the crashed car a hazard on your yard? If someone gets hurt on it, you could be liable for their hospital bills.

Does your landlord allow broken-down cars on his property? If not, it could be towed away and you’ll be left with nothing at all. Are you prepared to haggle with people over every single part? Do you have the knowledge and tools to disassemble your car?

These are all things to consider when you’re selling a wrecked car for parts.

Where Can I Sell a Wrecked Car?

You have a select few choices to sell wrecked cars. You can call around for estimates from the local junkyards and scrap yards, asking each one for the best price on your car. That’s not a lot of fun, and it’s time consuming. Or, you can advertise your car online with Craigslist and hope to sell it to some unsuspecting schmoe. Better yet, you can sell it to CarBrain.

Sell your car to CarBrain, We’re proud to be the home to the smart way of selling your car. We’ll make offers on most makes and models in just 90 seconds! Like the offer? Then we got you covered we’ll save you the money of towing the car and go straight to you and deliver the payment when we get there. All this is done in just 24 to 48 hours! Get started today and click here to get your offer!

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