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Car Repair Estimates and Auto Repair Costs 

The car repair cost for auto parts can sometimes exceed the value of the car. What do you do then? You need to be informed about what parts of your car are "deal-breakers" when deciding whether the value of your car justifies repairing your car or selling it as-is. Here are the 15 of the Most expensive auto parts that can be damaged or worn out on your car. If your trusted mechanic says one of these is on it's last leg, it may be time to consider other options. You'll be shocked by the cost of number 1.

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15. Fuel Injectors Price

Average cost: $500
The injectors provide the specified amount of fuel to your combustible engine. If they aren't working right, fuel is leaking, being over supplied and burning up, creating nasty exhaust. Depending on the size of your engine, you probably have 4, 6 or 8. Fortunately for you, they rarely go out all at once. But you can expect 2-3 at a time, which will cost around $500.

14. Replacing an Air Conditioning Compressor

Average Cost: $500
If you live in the South, West and many place between, you know the summers can be brutal. Being without an air conditioner is not an option. The AC Compressor is responsible for separating high and low pressure air so that the freon can cool your car. If it gives out, it can set you back $500.

13. Timing Belt Cost

Average cost: $500
The timing belt is responsible helping your engine keep its rhythm. Without it, the moving parts would collide with each other, dent, break and become an even more costly car repair.

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12. Fuel Pump Repair Cost

Average cost $700 - $2000
The fuel pump supplies the fuel to the injector at the correct pressure. It can be easily damaged through poor driving and maintenance habits and you'll pay the price.

11. Brake Line Repair Cost

Average Cost: $1000
We've all seen those mystery or action movies where someone has their brake line cut. It results inevitably in a not so happy ending. Because you cannot stop your car without a properly functioning brake line, your mechanic is likely to push you to replace rather than repair for your own safety. Because of this, rather than facing a brake line repair cost, you'll pay for a brake line replacement.

10. Catalytic Converter Price

Average cost: $1500
This auto part is responsible for converting harmful byproducts that your car produces into harmless ones through a chemical reaction. If yours isn't working properly, you probably will not pass an emissions test if one is required to update your registration. Catalytic converter replacement costs are pretty high up there.

9. Head Gasket Repair

Average Cost: $2000
When your car "blows a gasket" it spews smoke, oil and coolant into the air. You definitely cannot drive on a blown one -- if you like to be able to see in front of you. The part itself is not that expensive, but it's very hard to replace so the labor more than makes up for it. Unless you are adventurous and want to do it yourself (not recommended), you are looking at about $2000.

8. Camshaft Price

Average Cost: $1500 - $3000
If you don't change your oil regularly and have it cleaned periodically it fills with dirt and debris and can no longer effectively draw outside air into the engine so that it can function. This car part is right at the heart of everything. Replacing could be related to getting a lung transplant. It's very labor intensive, so again the labor is what will eat away at your wallet.

7. Engine Control Unit

Average: $3000
You have undoubtedly heard car service techs lament that cars are so hard to repair now, because of so many computer components. This is one of those auto parts. And when it goes "kaput", there isn't much you can do but replace it.

6. Suspension

Average cost: $2500 - $3500
It's one of those auto parts that you don't appreciate until it's gone. Without the suspension, driving your car would be like driving a go-cart on gravel road. You would feel everything. And not unlike bumper cars at the county fair, you would be slung around constantly. Please wear your safety belt. And take your seat before we tell you that it'll cost you up to $3500 if you need a new one.

5. Air Bags

Average cost: $2500 - $4000
Most people are shocked when they've been in a minor collision in which the airbag discharged, to find out how much it costs to have it reinstalled. You'll often wish your car was totaled when you see the cost of airbag replacement.

4. Diesel Particulate Filter

Average Cost: $2000 - $4000
You didn't think we would let those of you who have a diesel engine get off easy, did you? Most diesel engines have a DPF to help reduce pollution. But you'll need to shell out to save the environment at around $4000.

3. Transmission

Average cost: $4000-$5000
The transmission is a very complex system without which your car cannot turn. So unless you only ever drive in a straight line to work, grocery, the golf course, and you really don't care about whether you can turn around to drive home, you really will need to get it checked out. Sometimes it can be repaired for less so you can get a few more miles out of it, but a replacement or major repair are going to hurt -- a lot.

2. Hybrid Car Battery

Average Cost: $6000
When you bought your new hybrid, the last thing you were thinking about was having to shovel out for a new hybrid battery replacement in 10-15 years. But this is what it will cost you to continue to work toward a cleaner environment. Please have your battery properly disposed of, which will also cost you.

1. Engine and Cylinders

Average Cost: $7000 - $10000 !!!
"Your engine is blown" -- even if you know nothing about cars, you know this is serious. Until you get it fixed, you own the heaviest paper weight

imaginable. It is rarely worth your while to replace or rebuild an engine when you can get a decent "new" car for about the same price. Even if you go used, it will be much better than the one you have. In this case, selling a car with a blown engine is preferable.

Car Repair Cost Vs Value of Your Car

Before making a major auto repair, you should always evaluate the value of your car. Once major auto parts like those listed above start to go out, it is only a matter of time before the domino effect begins and you end up investing more in car repair than you would have spent on a new car. In the case you have a car that was declared a total loss by insurance, it's probably best to sell your totaled car.

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