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Is My Car Totaled Calculators or Insurance Adjusters

The first thing to is ask how to determine if a car is totaled, and how to know if your car is totaled. What happens when a car is totaled usually involves your insurance totaling your car using an insurance adjuster. Typically it's when the repair cost exceeds the value of your vehicle. You can check the value of your totalled car right now online. It doesn't make sense to put more money into a car that isn't even worth the repair costs. So the car's totaled, now what? Can you trade in a totaled car?

Car Totaled Not at Fault - What to Do

If your car total loss is not at fault you may be able to get an insurance payout and keep your car to sell it at the same time. When looking at how to get rid of a totaled car, if your insurance was to keep it they would likely sell the car for scrap, which is the fastest way but lowest price you can get. If you retain ownership you can sell your totaled car online quickly.

How Much is My Totaled Car Worth?

The first thing you might ask when you try to sell a totaled car is "What is the value of my totaled car?" Most people think they can only get junk car 

Totaled Car Value Calculator

prices, but those of us who buy totaled cars for a living can tell you your totaled car is worth more than that. You can actually instantly check your 

totaled car's value by entering your zip code on this page, so you don't have to guess. Though be warned, when a car is totaled it can lose 50% of it's Kelley blue book value or more.

Totaled Car Value Calculators to Get a Realistic Price

Our totaled car value calculator uses advanced technology and takes into account many details specific to your total loss car. Usually you can get a fair offer for your vehicle in under 90 seconds, and because we're confident in our prices, it's guaranteed!

Comparing Places that Buy Totaled Cars

When you are shopping your totaled car for sale around you have to figure out how to sell a totaled car at the top price. This typically involves getting quotes from junkyards who buy totaled cars, and national car dealers like CarMax. You might be able to sell your totaled car privately if there's a local car buyer who wants your exact make, model and has free time to repair it. In all these situations though you will likely get a low offer. With CarBrain we give you an instant quote online in a matter of seconds, and it's guaranteed so we won't haggle you down at all! Selling your totaled car online is definitely the easiest way too, since the car is picked up at your home or office and all you have to do is be there to receive payment. 

Sell a Totaled Car for Cash Fast!

Selling a totaled car to CarBrain is a simple process that allows you to get the best value for your totaled vehicle. Getting cash for totaled cars is difficult, however, getting top cash value is not. Our tow driver pays you with a pre-printed check in our buying totaled cars process. Have any more questions about how you can sell a totaled car? Check our FAQs to find out more.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Will you buy my wrecked car or totaled car?

CarBrain will be happy to make a fair market offer for your damaged car. We buy cars “as-is” with no repair needed. Repairing your vehicle after an accident can be an expensive, stressful, long and complicated process. And, even after your vehicle receives the best repair, it still will likely take a big hit regarding value, to the tune of up to 30%. When it’s time to sell a car up to 55% of people won’t buy a previously damaged car. Selling your car to CarBrain may be a great alternative to repair. Submit your online request for an offer for an offer today.

How do I get a quote for my vehicle?

The process is simple. Go to any page on our website click "Get an Offer." For most cars, you’ll receive a guaranteed instant online offer. Or, we may need a few more details about your car, and you will receive a call from one of our car buyers shortly after you submit the form. They’ll give you your offer over the phone and email it to you.

Do you serve my area?

CarBrain buys and picks up your damaged vehicle from virtually everywhere in the continental United States. Click here to visit our “Areas Served” page to verify we service your ZIP Code.

How does CarBrain decide the value of my vehicle?

CarBrain takes into account a variety of factors when making you an offer for your vehicle. For example, your location, the wholesale value of your car pre-accident, the extent of damage or mechanical and electrical problems, the current market demand for your vehicle and its parts, its make, model, mileage and age all play a role of deciding the value.

For example, some cars, like a 20-year-old sedan that doesn’t start or run, won’t get the same offer as others, like a low-mileage two-year-old sports car with collision damage. Some vehicles fall in-between, like a high-mileage ten-year-old SUV with electrical problems.

There are no “book” values for damaged or salvage cars, but at CarBrain, we have over 30 years of experience in buying less-than-perfect vehicles. We strive to provide a fair offer to every customer.

What costs will I be responsible for? Are there any charges for CarBrain?

CarBrain is a free service. There are no charges for evaluations and offers. If you sell a car with CarBrain, we pay for pick up and towing. We have no hidden costs. When you sell your car to CarBrain, we pay you, not the other way around.

You are responsible for any storage fees or repair expenses incurred before selling the vehicle to CarBrain.

Does CarBrain work with my insurance?

The insurer is required to prepare a thorough estimate of the damages and will be responsible for paying the vehicle’s owner this amount. Whether you repair the vehicle is usually up to you. Once the insurance company determines how much they owe, CarBrain will then pay you the residual value of your damaged car prior to repairs.

The vehicle owner can receive two payments, one from the insurance company for the damage settlement and a second from CarBrain for the full salvage value of the vehicle. These amounts can then be combined to purchase a new vehicle. Repair isn’t always your best option.