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Can I Trade In A Car With Mechanical Problems?

a worried man scratching his head with his forearm leaning over the car engine with the hood openIf you have a car with mechanical problems, chances are you already know that trying to repair it will cost you a pretty penny. Depending on the severity of the issue, you might need to fork over thousands of dollars to get it back in shape.

Given that fixing mechanical issues in a car can break the bank, your second thought is probably to figure out how you can make money off of it and get into a car that doesn’t have problems. For instance, can you trade in a car with mechanical problems at a dealership?

The answer depends on a variety of factors. It’s not a hard no, but it’s not a hard yes either. Some dealerships may be willing to take in your vehicle with problems and give you credit towards a new car. This can help offset the cost of a new vehicle, allowing you to trade in the keys to your damaged car and drive away with a better one.

However, there are some caveats. If the problem is serious — for instance, you need an entirely new engine — you might receive little more than the scrap metal value of the vehicle in credit. In some cases, the dealership may outright refuse the vehicle if they don’t have processes in place to repair or sell damaged cars.

So, trading in a car with mechanical problems might be too complicated. What are your other options?

Options For Selling A Car With Mechanical Problems

discarded cars stacked on top of each otherIf you want to sell your car with mechanical problems, there are a few options available for you, depending on your circumstances. For instance, you can:

  • Sell your car privately

  • Sell your car to a junkyard or scrap yard

  • Sell your car online — to CarBrain!

The right choice for you depends on your technical knowledge, the severity of the mechanical damage to your car, your location and more.

For instance, selling a car privately may provide you with more control over the process. However, you will have to haggle with individual buyers who know your car requires expensive repairs. Additionally, you will have to schedule times for potential buyers to come view the car. Finally, you and the buyer will have to negotiate who will tow the vehicle away if it is not running.

You can also sell your car to a junkyard or scrap yard. However, there’s a good chance you’ll only get paid for the scrap metal value of your car. Additionally, you will have to spend time contacting different yards in your area to get a quote. You may be hit with fees and charges if you aren’t careful, and not all yards that you call will pick up from your area.

Downsides To Parting Out A Car With Mechanical Problems

all parts of the car stacked side by sideAnother option you have? Parting out your car. That requires disassembling your vehicle and then selling parts of sets of parts to individual customers. The upside of this option is you can potentially make more money because each individual part, added up, can be worth more than the car as a whole.

However, there are a couple of downsides to this option as well. The first is that you need the know-how to disassemble your vehicle properly. It takes time and effort to disassemble your vehicle and then sell each piece individually.

The second is that depending on your mechanical issue, you may not be able to sell the most highly-valued parts of a car for a particularly good price. As a result, you may not actually earn more than selling it as a whole, even with all the extra work required to part it out and sell it piece by piece.


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How To Sell A Car With Mechanical Problems Online

man works at the computerPerhaps the best way to sell a car with mechanical problems quickly and for a fair price is to sell it online. Selling it online allows you to get quotes more easily and figure out who’s operating in your area with less fuss. You might also have access to better quotes if you sell it online.

Not all online car buyers will purchase a car with mechanical issues. However, there are many - like CarBrain - that will, and for a fair price.

Why Should You Sell Your Damaged Car To CarBrain?

Selling to CarBrain is the fastest and easiest option available on the market. With over a decade of experience buying less-than-perfect cars, we know how to offer a fair market value for your car with mechanical problems. Additionally, we’ve streamlined the process of selling your car, making it as simple as possible for you. You don’t even need to leave your home.

When you sell with CarBrain, you get a fair price with no additional charges or hidden fees. Our offers are guaranteed, and you get paid on the spot when your vehicle is picked up. We can help you handle the entire process by phone, text or email. We even offer 24-48 business hour pickup if you’re in a rush.

Selling A Car With Mechanical Problems To CarBrain

hand sets stars on a closed laptopTo sell your car with mechanical problems to CarBrain, all you have to do is start by getting a quote. Fill out our form with information about your vehicle. It takes less than 90 seconds. To get a guaranteed quote, include pictures and a VIN for the car.

Once you receive our no-obligation quote, you can decide whether or not you want to sell. If you like the price we offer, you can schedule your pickup time and have your car towed away in under 48 business hours. Need more time to think it over? Our offers are guaranteed for seven days, so there’s no rush.

All CarBrain offers include FREE pickup and FREE title transfer. You won’t get charged or pay any fees for using our service. There’s no bait-and-switch on the offer. When the tow truck driver arrives, he or she will hand you a check on the spot. You turn over the keys and sign the title over. It’s that simple. Why wait? Click “get an offer” and get started today.

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