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Sell a Broken Car With Problems - How Can I Best Trade in A Car With Mechanical Problems?

It’s the most complex system in your vehicle. Combining hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical operations, it’s a miracle that a transmission can function at all. Just one small flaw in your car’s gearbox can lead to transmission issues.

Usually, you don’t have to worry about manual transmissions. On the other hand, automatic transmission problems and solutions are costly. Even the slightest issue can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct. And typically, once you experience the first symptoms of transmission problems, the damage is already done.

If you're looking to sell your bad transmission though, you can calculate the value online pretty quickly. Otherwise, read on to see your options. You might be worried that your car is unsellable but it is possible to get cash for broken cars.

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How to Sell A Car With Transmission Problems

Do you know the signs of a transmission problem? They can vary depending on what’s happening with your car. Here are several common transmission problems you could have:

  • Shift flaring. It feels like a sudden and unexpected engine rev-up when your transmission changes gears. This is often caused by worn clutches or fluid pressure problems.
  • Burnt transmission fluid smell. When clutches burn out or there are internal friction issues in the transmission, the fluid emits a pungent charred scent.
  • Slipping gears. As you drive, your engine RPMs are going up quickly but your speed is barely increasing. Or, you might inexplicably start slowing down.
  • Clunking, rattling, or whistling noise underneath. Something’s loose in the tranny – it could be anything.
  • Delayed gear engagement. You shift into drive and hit the gas, but nothing happens for a few seconds. It finally slams into gear. It’s usually a fluid pressure problem inside or low transmission fluid.

Signs of Transmission Failure 

Most transmission problems can be repaired, despite the high costs of transmission repair and replacement. Even transmission cooler hoses or a transmission pan gasket can be several hundred dollars to fix up. More involved repairs could easily be $1,500 or more, like replacing a faulty valve body, and we’re not even talking about a transmission rebuild!

Signs of Transmission Failure

Sometimes, you know the transmission has packed it in. That’s when repair costs grow exponentially. These are a few signs of transmission failure:

  • No gear engagement. Whether it’s drive, reverse, or both, your car won’t go into gear.
  • Huge puddle underneath. We’re talking a gallon of fluid. There could be a hole in the transmission case.
  • Knocking noise that varies by speed. There may be a part inside the transmission that is loose.

For these signs of transmission failure, you’ll probably need either your transmission rebuilt or replaced. That’s going to come with a hefty price tag – expect $2,500 to $6,500, and it could be more.

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Trade in A Car With Engine Problems for Cash

Selling a Car with Bad TransmissionWhat could cause your transmission problems? Often it comes down to three things, all of which are preventable. These include:

  • Lack of proper maintenance. This is the leading cause of transmission problems. Simply following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule will prevent most transmission issues from ever happening.
  • Abuse. Driving a car very hard could cause internal damage in a transmission. The best way to prevent it? Drive responsibly.
  • Fluid leaks. This is an easily-addressed concern. If you see red fluid leaking from the front of your car, get it fixed to avoid some of the most expensive repairs you can imagine.

What to Do With a Car With A Bad Transmission

Now you have transmission issues, and you want to know how to deal with them.

Can’t afford to fix it, or don’t think your car is worth it? Maybe you should sell your car instead. But you can’t expect that your car is going to maintain its value very well at all. The trade in value of a non-running car isn't very high, since dealers don't want to deal with a car that doesn't work.

Logic might say that your car’s value has dropped about as much as the transmission repair will cost. But that’s not the case – it’s worse.

See, most car buyers want to test drive the car they buy, and with a broken-down vehicle, they can’t. That also means they can’t tell how well the car performs otherwise. Since they don’t know what else is wrong, their offer will be even less.

Trade in Value of a Car with Bad Transmission

Here’s a rough idea for you: if your car is worth $10,000 before your transmission troubles and transmission repairs are around $2,000, expect to lose about double the cost of the repairs – your car is probably worth around $5,000 to $6,000.

Selling a Car with a Transmission Issues

In addition to the hit your car’s value will take is the trouble you’ll have selling it. Disposing of a broken old car is difficult because it isn’t operable. Thus, there aren’t many people willing to buy it. They’d rather spend a little extra for a car that’s roadworthy right now.

Even if your car is newer, trading in a car with problems is not the best choice, particularly when you have transmission issues. While a dealership has the resources to get it fixed up, it’s usually not worth their time or effort unless they get a really good deal.

That means your trade-in value will probably make you cry, and not tears of joy.

How Does Trading in A Faulty Car Work?

There’s a better option if you decide to sell your car without fixing the transmission problems. CarBrain deals with all kinds of cars – cars with mechanical issues, junk cars, damaged cars, cars with transmission issues, and cars for scrap, just to name a few. It’s as easy as can be.

Simply request an online quote for your vehicle. You’ll receive a guaranteed offer for your car in as-is condition. Like the offer? Accept it and get paid in just 24 to 48 hours. We’ll even pick up your car from wherever it is at no cost to you.


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Who Buys Cars With Bad Transmissions?

Many dealers and private buyers are looking for damaged cars to purchase. Whether it’s a Ford, Audi, or BMW, there is someone out there looking to buy it, even if it has a broken transmission. There’s a market for cars in every condition.

How Much Is A Car Worth With A Bad Transmission?

It is difficult to accurately determine the value of a car with a damaged transmission. Numerous factors play into the total value of a car including the make, model, year, and mileage. You can utilize websites like KBB.com to obtain an approximate estimate for your car with mechanical problems.

The cost to repair a transmission is not one anybody wants to pay. It is one of the most expensive parts to fix and, unfortunately, you will not make back the money spent on transmission repair when selling your car. On the bright side, you can still sell your vehicle without repairing its transmission.

Can I Trade In A Car With a Bad Transmission?

Trading in a car with transmission problems is completely possible. Dealerships accept a variety of cars and let drivers trade them in. These are just some of the types of vehicles that can be traded in:

  • Jeep Patriot
  • Chevrolet Impala
  •  Honda Odyssey
  •  Toyota Corolla
  •  Honda Civic
  • Chevy Silverado

While you can trade in a car with a bad transmission, you must keep in mind that it will likely be valued less than the car you are trading it for. As a result, you will have to put more money into the new car because your trade-in wasn’t in drivable condition.

Is It Worth Replacing A Transmission?

You might be searching for cheap transmission repair near you but keep finding the price way too high.It is a crucial component of a vehicle and does not come cheap. A new transmission can cost thousands of dollars.

In addition to the part itself, you have to factor in the transmission replacement labor cost. This price can vary from $500 to $1,500. So, replacing a transmission might not be worth it if the value of your vehicle is less than the total cost of replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Transmission?

How much to fix a transmission in your area will vary depending on a few factors. The primary factor will be what is actually wrong with it. Minor issues will cost less to fix than major ones. The time that the mechanic has to spend on the repair will also impact the cost.