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Georgia Title Transfer Process

Georgia Car Title Transfer Requirements

You must transfer your Georgia car title whenever you're selling a car in Georgia. The Georgie DMV title makes it simple, all you have to do is sign your title and print your name in the correct areas. However, be careful when you sign your Georgia title, you have to place your signature in exactly the right spot or you could void your title.

Where Do I Sign a Georgia Title?

The seller signature location is on the back of the title in the upper section. The signature location is marked "Transferor’s (Seller) Signature".

Print your name where it states “Transferor’s (Seller) Printed Name.”

Check out our example GA titles to get a better idea of where to sign your title. 

Can I Sell a Car in Georgia Without a Title?

The Georgia DMV requires a title to sell a vehicle. If your title is lost, duplicate titles / replacement titles can be obtained from the DMV through a Georgia title application. You may also need a replacement GA title if you sign in the wrong area, or void your title in some other way, so you'd have to visit the Georgia title office to get that sorted out.


Last Updated 4/23/2019

GA Title Tax / Georgia Tag Fees

The tag and title fees in Georgia are $18 for a title transfer and the duplicate title fee is $8. If you're out of state and have a late application of more than 30 days late, you will also have a $10 penalty to pay. However, when you sell your car to CarBrain we pay the title transfer fee for you, and handle all the paperwork so you don't have to visit the DMV, or sit on hold with an operator for hours. Convenient, huh? If you still need to get started with your offer just click the button below.


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