Ohio Title Transfer

How Does Car Title Transfer in Ohio Work?

How to transfer a car title in Ohio? Well, the most important thing to say is that the title must be notarized as you sign it. Notarizing a car title in Ohio involves getting the aid of a Notary Public so they can notarize your title.

How to Get Your Car Title Notarized

A Notary basically ensures you're the real person signing the document and certifies that on the document. As far as how to sign over a car title in Ohio goes, you need to make an appointment with a nearby notary, and usually they can be found at local banks or post offices. At your appointment you must provide a valid ID, and sign the title with the notary present. Then the notary will sign and stamp the title, verifying that the signature is truly yours.

Where Do I Sign an Ohio Title?

The title MUST BE NOTARIZED! Do not sign the title until you are in front of a Notary Public.

Sign on the back of the title in the upper section of the document where it is marked "Transferor’s/Seller’s Signature.”

Print your name on the back where it reads “TRANSFEROR'S / SELLER'S Printed Name.”

Can I Sell a Car in Ohio Without a Title?

Ohio requires a title to sell a vehicle. If your title is lost, a duplicate title can be obtained from the Ohio BMV Title Bureau. Once you've retrieved a duplicate title you can follow the notarizing steps of how to sell a car in Ohio.







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