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Selling your car for parts with CarBrain couldn’t be easier — it takes just a few steps.

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Enter Your Vehicle Information

Describe your vehicle as best as you can. We will need accurate information about the condition, location and mileage of your car. Most vehicles receive an instant offer in less than 90 seconds.

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Accept Your Junk Cash Offer

As the vehicle owner, you will need to provide keys, a signed title and access to the car. If your title is held by a lien holder, we can help you get the title released.

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Get Paid & Schedule Pick Up! works with a nationwide network of partners to pick up your vehicle. On average, we can have your vehicle picked up 24 to 48 hours after you accept our offer.


We know you don’t want to spend weeks negotiating with your local junkyards, and with our service, you don’t have to. Get your quote from CarBrain today to get started!

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Looking For A Junkyard To Sell Your Car?

Confused - Looking For A Junkyard To Sell Your Car?

When it’s time to retire your vehicle for any reason — it’s too old, it’s too damaged, it was in a wreck — your instinct may be to go to a junkyard, and that makes sense. Junkyards specialize in damaged and junk cars, so they will almost certainly accept your vehicle.

However, the real challenge isn’t finding someone willing to take your vehicle off your hands. It’s finding someone willing to pay you a fair market offer for it.

Even when your vehicle is in poor condition, it’s still valuable. Between the usable parts that can be recycled to the metals found in even the broken pieces of your car, a smart recycler can extract a lot of value out of your vehicle.

That means you can frequently get at least a couple hundred dollars for the car in even the worst condition.

At CarBrain, we’re happy to connect you with reliable junkyards in your area paying fair market prices for vehicles like yours. Read the sections below to learn more about what to look for in junkyards, how to find them, and where the best place to sell your vehicle will be.


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

How Much Does A Junkyard Pay For A Car?

How To Find A Junkyard Near You

You can find a junkyard by turning to Google, but then you’re left with the task of sifting through your options and figuring out who the reliable yards near you are. You can always ask your friends for recommendations, but that’s also time consuming and inefficient.

It can take a long time to find a yard you feel comfortable with, and that’s not even mentioning the actual process of requesting a quote from yards in your area to figure out who will pay the best price for it.

If you’re looking for speedy service, you have to make sure you pick someone reliable and convenient.

CarBrain works with a nationwide network of vetted partners, including partners in your area, who can purchase your vehicle without the fuss. Since we cut out the fat, when you get an offer from us, you know you’re getting a reliable offer with no hidden fees or costs.

How Do I Sell My Car To A Junkyard?

What To Know About Selling To A Junkyard

When you request quotes from local yards for your vehicle, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  1. How much will they pay for your vehicle as-is?
  2. Is the offer guaranteed?
  3. Is towing included in the offer?
  4. Are there any fees that will affect how much you get?
  5. When will you be paid?
  6. How long will it take to complete the sale?

A good yard can help you sell your vehicle quickly, legally, and for a fair market price. At CarBrain, we can help you find a junkyard that will do just that.

Junk My Car Near Me With CarBrain

Keep or sell car

CarBrain specializes in taking less-than-perfect cars off your hands…junk cars included! Our top-tier representatives break the process down and walk you through each step of the way.

  1. Get A Quote! Enter your vehicle’s basic information on our website and get a free and guaranteed quote within 90 seconds.
  2. Schedule your pickup within 24-48 hours! If you’re satisfied with your quote, then schedule a pick-up. Our local partners are trusted to come to you at a time that’s most convenient. Towing and title transfers are a complimentary service.
  3. Complete your sale! A quick inspection and title transfer later and your junk car is off your hands and a check for the total quoted amount is in them.

Ready to give it a try? Get an offer with CarBrain today and skip the junkyard hunt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will A Junkyard Pay For My Car?

The amount a junkyard is willing to pay for a car depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The year, make and model of the vehicle

  • The condition of the vehicle

  • The vehicle weight

And more. It can be difficult to predict what offers junkyards will make for your vehicle before actually requesting a quote.

Additionally, depending on the yard, sometimes there can be a wide disparity between the quotes you get. It can be anywhere from less than $200 to more than $1,000.

At CarBrain, we automatically present you with the highest offer we can find from our partners in your area, ensuring you get the most money for your junk car. Additionally, all our offers always include free towing and title transfer, so you won’t have to pay anything to use our service.

Can I Sell My Car To A Junkyard?

If your car is damaged or broken in some way and you hold the title, you will be able to find junkyards that give cash for cars. However, if you want convenience and profitability, some research is required.

Avoid yards that will charge you for towing, since that can eat heavily into your profits. Additionally, it’s typically a good idea to get more than one quote for your vehicle to ensure that you get a fair market price for your car.

Where Can I Find A Junkyard Near Me?

You can easily find a junkyard near you that will pay cash for your car by using CarBrain. With our nationwide network of partners, it takes just 90 seconds for us to see what buyers are in your area and generate a fair market offer for your vehicle based on the details you provide.

Our quotes include free towing, free title transfer and a seven-day guarantee. We can come to you in 24-48 business hours. No haggling, no fuss and no fees.

Do Junkyards Pick Up Cars for Free?

Sometimes. It depends on the region and/or the junkyard itself. Sometimes transfer fees and the potentiality for towing fees may be a deal breaker for people. Sometimes yards do offer free junk car removal.

On the other hand, CarBrain can (and does) offer you free towing of your clunker regardless of location and/or condition of the vehicle. There’s nothing to be done by you other than showing up and receiving payment.

We will generally arrive at your home, office, or location of the vehicle in 24-48 hours for the exchange and removal of the junk car! That’s really all there is to it.

Do I Need My Title to Sell My Car at a Junkyard?

With reputable buyers, you will always need a title for a lawful transfer of ownership. Not having a title can lead to you being vulnerable and/or liable for whatever happens to or with the car afterwards.

You don’t want to be legally liable for a car that’s no longer under your control, and in order for this to happen, you need to have a title under your name ready to be signed over to whomever you’re selling the vehicle to.

Do Junkyards Buy Cars for Parts?

Junkyards generally buy cars whole but they themselves do sell individual car parts.

Generally, if you want to part out a car and maximize the earnings of getting rid of your vehicle — you’re going to have to deal with local private buyers. While not ideal, this is usually the best way of maximizing your gain from the sale of the most profitable parts of your car.

Some people do have this kind of time to look for individual buyers, others don’t. But since you want to get the best possible deal — what do you do? offers you the fair-market price for your vehicle.

We also offer you quick and stress-free payment with free removal of your junk car regardless of location or condition.

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