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Recently Purchased 2013 Fiat 500 in Panama City, FL

Bought for $770.00!
Body:2WD | 2 Door (Coupe)
We Bought a car in Panama City

The Condition

  • Mechanical Damage:Other
  • It does NOT start.
  • Mileage:80,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • No missing parts.

CarBrain Is Here! We Make Selling Your Damaged Fiat Effortless!

At CarBrain.com, we believe getting paid for non-working Fiat 500s should be easy, not difficult. We're here to make a difference in a difficult industry. Our mission is to disrupt the old ways of doing things to provide more value to our clients. Equipped with high-tech and top notch customer care, CarBrain makes the process of selling a vehicle with a malfunctioning engine quick and pain-free.

CarBrain makes junking your car fast, straightforward and safe with our system. Our smart FREE evaluation tool connects our curated network of licensed junk car buyers to our customers so you can get a secured quote in just 90 seconds. With extremely quick removal and payment, there's never been a more painless way to sell your Fiat 500, get free pick-up and get paid. There are no fees, no fuss and no problems.

Ready To Get Cash For Your Damaged Fiat 500? Here Is How!

Tell Us About The Condition Of Your Fiat 500

It takes no more than 2 minutes to get an offer. We will ask you about your car make, model, year, and condition in our instant offer form. The more thoroughly you describe the vehicle, the more precise our quote can be.

Accept Your Estimate

After you submit the form, we'll start designing a custom estimate based on the details you provided on your Fiat 500, and then send it to you so you can look it over. Review it and decide if you like it. If you do, we'll help you schedule your free towing!

When The Driver Arrives, You Get Money!

The third and final step: receiving your money! Wait for the tow truck driver to arrive at the designated location in Panama City and hand over your keys and title. You'll get paid on the spot.

Our current valuations are FREE, and you have no obligation to sell your car. Every single month we help a great number of troubled car owners just like you. We have network of approved and licensed junk car buyers in Panama City, FL so try us out. Getting paid for your Fiat 500 doesn't have to be demanding. Get Started Now!

Does Your Fiat In Panama City Have A Seized Motor? We Pick Up Vehicles With Any Of The Following Issues:

  • Fiat 500s with high mileage
  • Non-operational Fiat 500s
  • Fiat 500s that have been totaled
  • Fiats with collision damage
  • Fiat 500s with seized engines
  • Fiat 500s with mechanical damage

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Here Are A Few Commonly Asked Questions To Help You Get Cash For Your Damaged Vehicle

What Do I Have To Do For Recycling A Fiat 500?

To get the best estimate for your junk Fiat in Panama City, FL, look no further than CarBrain.com! We work with a network of licensed and vetted junk car buyers in Panama City. You can get a assured offer from the buyers of junk cars in Panama City, FL in 90 seconds.

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What Can I Get For My Scrap Fiat 500 With Issues In Panama City?

Location, location, location. That's one of the most critical elements in determining how much your scrap Fiat is worth. However, it isn't the only factor.

The condition of the parts in your vehicle and the metal left inside will also affect the quote. The best way to find out what a junk car buyer will pay for your scrap Fiat 500s is to receive an estimate from CarBrain — we have a network of approved junk car buyers in Panama City that can provide the highest offer for your vehicle.

Is CarBrain.com A Scam?

CarBrain.com has numerous excellent reviews on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot.com, the Better Business Bureau and more. Feel free to read reviews in order to learn more about us and our reputation! We've been in business for over 13 years.

Can I Sell You My Vehicle If There's A Lien On The Title?

Whether we can buy a vehicle with a lien on it depends on how much the lien is worth. CarBrain will only pay cash for a car with a lien if our offer is worth more than the remaining lien amount. We do not currently pay for vehicles that are "upside down" (i.e. you owe more on the vehicle than it is worth).

If you believe that our evaluation of your car is incorrect, consider describing in more detail the extent of the problems your vehicle has.

What’s your totaled car worth?