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How Do I Go About Junking My Vehicle?

So, you’re trying to sell a car to the junkyard. Chances are that you’ve never done it before.

Let’s face it — no one wants their car to get to the point of disposal where it’s only good for scrap value. You’re probably not relishing the thought of going through the process.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard to junk your car. When you think, “I want to junk my car,” your heart doesn’t need to pound out of your chest.

Before you junk your vehicle or sell a car to a scrap yard, learn about how you can make the process easier. Follow the tips below and you’ll come out ahead.

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Getting Ready to Junk A Car

Get Your TitleWondering what to do before junking a car? We’ve got the advice. First, get all your personal stuff out of your vehicle. Your second set of sneakers, that hoodie you’ve kept in your car “just in case,” the sleeve full of CDs you haven’t opened since 2007 — they don’t need to be in your car anymore.

Whether or not you have a purpose for your personal belongings anymore, you should empty your car of anything that’s not fastened down. When you call someone who offers junk car removal, they might refuse to take it until the car is empty.

Plus, you might find something of value like a $5-dollar bill in that old pair of shorts or that Milli Vanilli cassette from high school.

Do I Need A Title To Junk My Vehicle?

If you’re trying to junk your car in your area, you legally won’t be able to with a car title. To sell a car to a junkyard, you need to transfer the title so that it’s under your name (if it already isn’t).

With any amount of luck, you don’t owe any money on your car, so there shouldn’t be a lien. If you still owe the bank on your car loan, they won’t be keen on handing you the title until you’ve cleared up that loan. Junkyards pay for cars only when it's a junk car with a title.

If you’ve lost your car title, it could take a few weeks to get a replacement. But it’s something you’ll have to do, or they won’t take your vehicle at a junk or salvage yard.

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Getting Ready to Do Away With Your Vehicle

Turn your attention to the things that ARE bolted down now. Is there anything of value you’d like to keep? Is there anything you can sell that the junkyard won’t notice is missing?

Here’s the hitch: if you’ve already accepted an offer for your car in its current condition, you shouldn’t make any changes unless they aren’t specifically detailed in your offer. If the car isn’t as described in the initial offer, it could cause some problems.

If you haven’t already, cancel your current insurance policy and vehicle registration on your car. When you sell a car to a junkyard, there’s no need to insure it any longer.

The exception is when you need to tow your car away. In that case, you might need to keep the insurance on your car until it’s at the junkyard and out of your possession. In either case, take your license plates off the car.

What Happens Next?

Make the Most of Your Final Days with Your CarYou’ve spent years together. Remember all the cool things you’ve done? Your first drive-in movie date, first speeding ticket, and that time your friend got sick in the backseat? Yeah…good times. Go for one last drive before you retire your ride, provided your car doesn’t have engine problems.

But it’s not just about memories. You might as well burn up the gas you’ve put in the tank. You won’t get any extra cash for gas in the tank, so why not use it?

Once you’ve completed these five tips, you’re ready to sell your car to a junkyard. But do you know how to scrap a car or the cost to junk your car? When you want to get cash for scrap cars, there are a couple of options. Here's how to know the salvage value of your scrap car. Lets You Know How Much You Can Get for A Junk Car

Who Picks Up Junk Cars?One option is to find out local junkyard car prices. You’ll need to visit a yard and make a deal with someone who pays cash for cars. You’ll basically get paid per ton – that is, the money you get is based on how much your car weighs. It might be up to a couple hundred dollars, but not much more.

The other option is to connect with a car buyer who will take care of everything. For example, CarBrain will walk you through the process, step by step, so you don’t have to stress out about it.

One of the biggest challenges to selling a car for scrap is towing. You need to find someone who will pick up the vehicle from wherever it is. A junkyard doesn’t usually do it for you – you’ll have to pay a tow truck for vehicle removal.

Again, CarBrain is different and, dare we say, better. When you accept an offer from CarBrain, your broken car, SUV, or van is towed away at no cost to you. You’ll have cash in hand on the spot, and we’ll haul away the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will I Get To Junk My Car?

Junkyards buy metal per ton, so larger vehicles will net you a greater payout. On average, junkyards buy vehicles for $200-$500. Consider, also, the condition of the metal in your vehicle; the less usable materials available, the less you can expect from the junkyard..

What Do I Need To Junk My Car?

When you decide to junk your car, the first thing you need to do is find the title. Any reputable and professional junkyard will not buy a car with a car title. Your next step is to shop around for junkyards in your area and compare the offers you receive. After accepting one, the final step is transport the vehicle to the junkyard.

How Do I Junk My Car?

Junking a car is a relatively simple process. First, search for local junkyards. Some will be able to give you a quote over the phone; others will require you to visit their yard with your car, in which case, it is important to ask if they provide free towing.

Once you select a junkyard, the final steps are just a matter of getting your car there, transferring the title, and collecting your cash.

Where Can I Junk My Car?

Regardless of where you live, there is likely a way to junk a car near you. Junk and scrap yards are located all over the country, a quick internet search will probably reveal several right in your local area alone.

Do You Get Money For Junking A Car?

Junkyards pay you for the car they receive. Specifically, they purchase the scrap metal that makes up your vehicle. The more usable metal on your car, the more money you can expect from them.

How Much Is It To Junk A Car?

Unfortunately, junking a car can sometimes cost money. That is ultimately a result of some yards charging for towing.

Sometimes, the junkyard is upfront about the towing cost. Other times, they are not and add the fees towards the end of your transaction. These definitely cut into the profit you could receive from selling your junk car, so it’s imperative to confirm beforehand if the yard offers free towing or not.

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