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When you drive a nice car, it seems there’s always someone offering you good money to buy it. But if you drive junk cars, that’s not usually a problem you come across often. Though you can get an instant offer online for your junk car at any time. Read on to compare your options.

Best Places That Buy Junk Cars Near Me for Top Dollar

There aren’t many people who buy junk cars for personal use, and there are few places that buy junk cars.

But just because something is a little tougher than you thought doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Whether you want to get rid of it fast or have a bit of time to sell it, there are junk car buyers out there. Finding places that buy junk cars for top dollar, on the other hand, is going to make your search even more difficult.

Nevertheless, we’ve got your back. Here are a handful of places that buy cars. Any which way you go, you’ll be able to get money for salvage cars.

Where Can I Find Auto JunkYards Near Me?

Local Junkyards

If you’re looking for a fast way to get rid of vehicle or get money for junk cars, local junkyards is probably it. You’ll need to put some work into getting quote from several junkyards near me, then choose the one that pays the best. Keep in mind you’ll have to pay for a tow truck to get your scrap heap to the junkyard, and that can cut into the offer quite a bit.

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Car Dealerships

Places that Buy Junk Cars - Car DealershipsSome dealerships offer to pay cash for damaged cars, even if they won’t ever hit the streets again. It’s an easy route to take if you’re buying another car from them – it turns into a simple car trade-in process. But if you just want money for junk cars, you could be hard-pressed to find car dealerships willing to take your totaled car and give you a check. And if you do, it’s not going to be worth much to them.

Parts Recyclers

Newer models especially are popular for parts recyclers. These are like junkyards but they dismantle the cars they buy and sell the good used parts out of them. If your car still runs and drives, and it’s newer than 15 years old, there’s a chance that parts recyclers will give you an offer for your car.

Sell My Car to A Junk Yard Near Me - Get FREE Junk Car Removal in My Area

Cash for Clunkers Program

If you live in certain parts of the country, your jurisdiction might have a Cash for Clunkers program in effect. Some states such as California have renewed the Cash for Clunkers program to help offset the purchase of a more environmentally friendly transportation method. It’s also one of the places that buy junk cars for top dollar in the country – better than a junkyard, that’s for sure.

Find Junkyards Near Me - How to Locate Car Junk Yards Around Me That Buy Junk Vehicles

Maybe your car is old but still works alright. If that’s your situation, there could be a better way to sell junk cars or old cars.

Schools or Colleges

Education facilities like community colleges and high schools love getting old cars for students to work on. It’s easier to understand the mechanics of an old car, which is why schools like to use them. Who knows…the students might even fix it so it’s roadworthy once again.


If you’ve got a special type of old car, check out car museums. Some museums will pay for collector cars to put on display. But take note – there isn’t a lot of extra money kicking around museums these days. Don’t expect to get rich off your old car.

People Who Buy Junk Cars

Someone who buys damaged cars isn’t going to be your typical buyer. They aren’t going to come kick the tires, ask for all the specs, check over the maintenance records, or even pull the oil dipstick. Junk car buyers know it’s not going to be rust-free, dent-free, or problem-free. And it’s probably a bonus if the car actually runs.

A person who buys totaled cars for cash is looking for a good deal, whether or not the car ever returns to the road. That buyer isn’t going to take a risk, thinking they’ll come out on top. No, they’re going to play it safe, probably buying cars for 500 dollars or less. If nothing else, they’ll make their money back with junk car prices at the junkyard.

Regardless, there are a couple types of people who buy cars with blown engines and such.

Who Buys Junk Cars Near Me? - How to Find Auto Junkyards in My Area

People Who Buy Junk CarsPeople Who Fix Them

If you list your junk car for sale on Craigslist, you’ll come across junk car buyers who want to fix it up. Usually, their intention is to fix it and sell it for a profit. So, if you don’t mind selling your car really cheap, it’s one avenue you can pursue.


If your old car is a limited edition, a classic, or a bit of an oddball, you might scare up a collector to buy it from you. A collector is where you’ll get the most cash for cars, but it has to be special enough to warrant it. Your chances of selling your car to a collector are probably 1 in 10,000 or so, so don’t count on it.

CarBrain Buys Junk Cars

Looking for the people who are the highest paying for junk cars? It’s not likely you’ll find an individual who is going to give you a fair price. We buy cars for cash! CarBrain is a leader in junk car prices. We have a network of buyers across the nation looking for cars like yours, no matter what condition it’s in. You don’t have to have the diamond-in-the-rough that collectors are searching for, and you don’t have to sell it super cheap to someone who’s going to fix it up.

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What Are The Ways to Sell A Junk Car?

There are ways to get cash for cars, even junk cars. But it’s not always as smooth sailing as you’d hope. Here are a couple things to store in your memory bank if you’re looking for places that buy junk cars.

Selling Privately

If you’re trying to get top dollar for your junk car, it could take months or years to sell. If you’re looking for the one-in-a-million buyer who’s going to write a big check for a clunker, it’s going to be a minute or two before one appears. How much is it worth to you to keep that rusty pile of bolts kicking around?

Selling to Junkyards

Towing expenses aren’t cheap. You can’t slip a twenty to a tow driver anymore and expect that’s enough. When you find places that buy old cars and junk cars, you’ll need to account for the cost of a tow truck also. It could be $100 or more, depending on how far the tow truck needs to drive. Make sure the offer you accept either includes the tow or at least covers the expense, and then some.

How Can CarBrain Help Me Junk My Car?

If it sounds like a pain in the rear trying to find places that buy junk cars for top dollar, it’s because it usually is. But the best way to get a great price for junk cars without going gray is CarBrain.

You see, CarBrain makes very aggressive offers for cars of all kinds. Junk cars, scrap cars, salvage cars and trucks, cars in good shape – you name it, CarBrain will buy it. Just request a guaranteed offer from CarBrain. If you accept it, you’ll get paid fast at time of pick-up, often within 48 hours. Your car will be picked up from wherever it is, and at no extra charge to you!

How Will My Junk Vehicle Be Evaluated?

A scrap car's going rate depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to its location, current condition, mileage, and more. Key elements include its size and weight as well as current scrap metal prices in your city.

Experienced buyers of scrap cars will remove the scrap metal from your vehicle for use in other businesses, and the amount they'll give you for your car is based on how much they think they'll get for it.

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