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Nothing lasts forever, and it’s especially true for cars. In just a few years, a new car starts to show its age, wearing scratches and dents like a badge of honor and needing an occasional repair. But it doesn’t take much longer until it’s just an old non-moving car.

You take pride in the car you drive, don’t you? It’s well past time to get rid of it, but it’s not always easy to sell an old car. Whether you have a broken down car, a little more wear than someone would expect, or you’re selling a car with high mileage, you should prepare for a challenge.

Don’t worry too much, though. We have a few suggestions for how to sell an old car.

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How to Get The Most Cash for Old Cars Near Me

Sell Your Old Car in The Newspaper

Sell an Old Car in the NewspaperYou can sell an old car the traditional way – put an ad in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Complete with a single black and white photo, you can sum up your car’s features in 40 words, maximum. Maybe you’ll find a private buyer who will buy your old car near you.

You still have the option to take out an ad in the paper, but it’s certainly not as effective as it used to be when the time comes to sell a car. Who even buys the newspaper anymore?

List Your Old Car Online

For better exposure, you can post full-color pics and as much detail as you’d like to put in the listing. Then choose an online listing site. Craigslist or AutoTrader.com offer good opportunities for a private sale.

But there are still annoying issues. You have to respond to car shoppers, meet them somewhere, haggle with them, and make sure their payment is legit. You don’t have time for that, do you?

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Park It With a For Sale Sign

Park It with a For Sale SignIf you live on a street with high traffic volume, park your old car at the end of your driveway with a ‘for sale’ sign on the windshield. It’s a good way to attract attention, especially if you’re selling a car as-is. It’s not easy to meet someone when your car is old and not working quite right, so let them come to you.

But if you park it with a for sale sign on the window, you need to put your contact information on it and be available for prospective buyers to look at it. That’s a challenge when even the best Sharpie markers or printer ink fade within a few days – not to mention the sign will start crumbling!

How to Sell An Old Car for Cash

Sell an Old Car to a Junk YardIf there’s no way for anyone to be able to drive your old car again, perhaps you could sell it for parts! It’s a good option if the engine still runs and the transmission still shifts. You’ll be able to get the value out of selling an old car for parts that way.

Keep in mind that selling an old car for parts in that way takes a long time – like, really long. You’ll have a safety hazard parked on your driveway for months or years until all the good stuff is sold.

Even after you sell everything, the leftover shell needs to disappear. It’ll cost you to have it hauled away to the scrap yard. You might have to consider if selling an old car for parts is worth it.

Alternatively, if you think, “I’ll never sell my old car for cash on my own,” then junk car removal to a junkyard could be better. Old car junk yards will give you a bit of cash for your old car and haul it away. It’s quick and easy, but you shouldn’t count on getting rich selling old cars for cash to a junkyard.

They don’t care if your car has leather seats, a sunroof, or a fancy stereo system. All they care about is how much your car weighs – you’ll be paid based on its weight. Whether they strip it down for parts or sell it for car scrap value, old car junk yards are an easy way to sell an old car if you don’t care about the payday. At the end of the day, you have to wonder "who will give me the most money for my car?"

Buying & Selling: Things To Think About

When selling a car privately, money is often the only thing we think about. While profits taken home at the end of the day are a critical part of a private sale, there is so much surrounding the sale of your car that might impact the profits taken home that it’s worth taking note of:

  1. Transportation - That old, broken-down car that’s been sitting in your driveway for so long it’s started growing roots? Whether you want to sell it whole or part it out, it’s going to require a tow from your driveway to its final resting place.
  2. Paperwork - Unfortunately, everything regarding selling your car requires some paperwork done in order to make sure it's legally transferred from your possession: Title transfers, bill of sale, etc. These necessary papers come at a cost and that bites into profits.
  3. Validity - Finding a junkyard that will take your car off your hands is already a hassle in and of itself. Ensuring that the junkyard won’t try to get over on you is another beast completely.

Selling an old car has its pitfalls that aren’t really thought about by the average person. To avoid these traps, use CarBrain.com to get that old car off your hands!

In Short - Here's How to Sell Your Old Car

Sell It to CarBrain

The Best Way to Sell an Old CarSelling old cars for cash is so much easier with CarBrain. We show you exactly how to get money for an old car. In fact, we give it to you! It’s the best of both worlds – getting rid of your old or junk car while getting paid a fair value for it. It’s super easy to do!

All you have to do is request a guaranteed offer for your car. You’ll be asked to fill in as many details as possible along with pictures of its condition.

One of our partners in your area will schedule a pick-up. That old car growing roots in your driveway could be off your hands within 24-48 hours of you accepting the quote.

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How Much Can I Get For An Old Car?

That all depends on the car itself. If you go to a junkyard, you can expect to get between $200-$500 dollars for your old car. You might have to call around to multiple yards to get a satisfactory amount.

Who Will Pay Cash For My Old Car?

You can do a Google search for terms like “where can I sell my old car near me” or “sell my old car for cash today,” and you will find plenty of people looking to purchase a car like yours off of Craigslist and various motor websites.

You want to ensure you are getting a fair price for your vehicle. Unfortunately, many of these services will try to haggle you down so they can maximize their own profits, so you may spend unnecessary time haggling..

How Do I Sell An Old Car Online?

Contact an online service in order to sell your old car online. You will likely get a quote quickly, but you want to ensure that the stated quote won’t change at the time of pick up. Also, make sure that towing is included, otherwise the tow fees will eat into whatever payout you’re expecting.

How Much Do Junkyards Pay For Old Cars?

All Junkyards will buy your car based on the car’s weight and their pricing structure. Unfortunately, you cannot guarantee how much money you will make when selling to a junkyard because they have to do an in-person evaluation of it first. And if you don’t accept their offer, you will most likely have to pay for the hauling fee when they return it.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell An Old Car?

In regards to who in your area can purchase your old car, you will have to Google around with terms like “where to sell old vehicles” and “ my old car near me”.You will get a bunch of Junkyards and mechanic shops that can break your car down for parts, but they won’t be interested in paying fair market value for your vehicle. You may even have to spend some time haggling to get a satisfactory price.