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How You Determine End of Life Vehicles

No matter what car make you drive – Cadillac, Chevrolet, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai, or any other brand – it’s going to break down at some point. Let’s face it, vehicle don’t last forever. But when you make the decision not to fix a car anymore, what do you do with it? How do you get rid of an end of life car?

What exactly determines when a car has driven its last mile? What one person deems as a non-driving car might just be a project for a handyman. But sometimes there’s just no two ways about it – it’s time for end of life vehicle disposal.

Too Costly to Repair

Imagine bringing your car to the repair shop for a simple fix, a diagnosis, or a state inspection. The mechanic takes a good look at your car and tells you that you’re lucky to be alive. A lengthy checklist of problems along with the hefty cost to fix each one tallies up to more than your car is worth – maybe even double!

If vehicle repairs are even close to your car’s resale value – as in 70 percent or more – it’s an end of life car.How to Dispose of a Car

Total Loss

After a car accident, your vehicle might still run and drive. But there are problems with it. The electrical system glitches out, your power windows might not work all the time, your hood is tied shut with twine, and you’ve only got half a hubcap left. The insurance company has already settled the claim with you, deemed the car a total loss, and paid you for it. But this car isn’t safe to drive, and no one will buy the car with a branded title. If it’s a total loss, it’s destined for the scrap heap.

Too Rusty

Yours is the Toyota that’s still on the road after twenty years, just like the old commercial said. But you’ve swapped a functioning air conditioning system for ‘vent holes’ in the body that keep the car cool inside. The carpet sags where the floor used to be, and there are jagged brown edges around the doors, trunk lid, and wheel wells.

It’s not going to pass a state inspection anymore and there’s no way you’ll ever be able to fix it up again. This kind of rust bucket should be sent to the car graveyard before it becomes a real road hazard.

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How to Scrap Your Car for Cash

You don’t typically have a funeral for cars, and they don’t get buried in the ground when they’ve reached the end of their useful life. When you have a car you need to get rid of in this kind of shape, you aren’t able to sell it to someone to drive anymore. You need to pick one of the few end of life vehicle disposal options available.

Sell a Car for Scrap

The first, and most common option is to sell a car for scrap. And where can you scrap a car? End of life vehicles often get towed to junkyards and scrapyards nearby – there are facilities like these all across the nation! When you take a car to the junkyard for scrap, you’ll actually come away with a bit of cash in your pocket.

Common Scrap Prices for Common Models
Honda Accord Between $450 & $577
Honda Civic Between $420 & $511
Toyota Corolla Between $435 & $520
Toyota Camry Between $495 & $595
Ford F-Series Between $600 & $825
RAM Pickup Between $675 & $858
Toyota RAV4 Between $495 & $602.25
Honda CR-V Between $495 & $585.75
Nissan Rogue Between $495 & $594

Wondering how to scrap a car? When it arrives, the junkyard weighs your car and pays you in cash according to the current price per ton of scrap steel.

Selling a Car for ScrapTake into consideration that you’ll be responsible to pay for the tow truck that brings your clunker to the junkyard. While you’ll be rid of your end of life car, it can negate a good portion of the money you’ll get for it.

Breaking Vehicles Down for Parts

If you’re adventurous, you can participate in a different type of end of life vehicle recycling. It’s possible to sell used car parts from your junk car and make more money than selling it for scrap. It requires a wide array of tools, a wealth of knowledge, a deep drawer of bandaids, and a very full curse jar to get the job done.

It can take months or longer to sell all the parts from your vehicle. In the end, you’ll still have a shell that needs to be hauled away. You need to have extra time on your hands to make breaking vehicles worthwhile too.

Selling Scrap Cars With CarBrain.com

If none of this sounds like a good idea to you, there’s an alternate way to deal with end of life vehicles. CarBrain will buy your car from you in as-is condition for cash. It doesn’t matter how rough the body is, if it has a clean title or branded title, or if it’s running or not. CarBrain pays cash for cars in any condition.

Request an offer online from CarBrain. Fill in your vehicle information in as much detail as possible. You’ll receive a guaranteed, no-obligation offer from CarBrain for your vehicle – all you need is the title in hand. If you accept the offer, we’ll put money in your hand typically within 24 to 48 hours. Then, we’ll pick your car up from your home, office, the repair shop, or wherever it sits, and at no charge to you.

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