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We Buy Less-Than Perfect Cars

We Buy Less-Than Perfect Cars

You’ll get the most money for your vehicle if you part it out first, and sell the rest for scrap metal. Selling the parts can easily double or even triple your profit, but dismantling your car also means more work for you.

While you might make less money scrapping your whole car, parting it out is time-consuming and labor intensive. Time is money too, so selling your old car online can still earn you a pretty penny without the hassle.

At CarBrain, we buy vehicles in all conditions and always work hard towards getting our clients the best possible deal.


How To Scrap A Car And Get The Most Money For It

The process of scrapping your car is actually pretty straight-forward:

  1. Get a quote from different buyers

  2. Compare pricing

  3. Schedule pickup

  4. Prepare the paperwork

  5. Trade the paperwork for the cash!

What Car Parts Are Worth Money?

Selling a Car for Scrap

While there are some valuable parts to sell, not every component of your car will net the same amount of money. For example, some car parts have precious metals that increase their value more than others.

Some of the most valuable parts on a car to scrap are:

  • Catalytic converter

  • Transmission

  • Engine

  • GPS system

  • Fenders

  • Doors, mirrors and windows

  • Bumpers

  • Airbags

  • Car battery

  • Electrical parts

  • Wheels, tires and rims

  • Car seats

It can take months or longer to sell all the parts from your vehicle. In the end, you’ll still have a shell that needs to be hauled away. You need to have extra time on your hands to make breaking vehicles worthwhile too.

If you know you’ve got working parts in your vehicle, you can always try to negotiate a better price with the buyer. That said, a scrap yard won’t really care if you’re selling a car without a converter because they determine value by weight. A platform like CarBrain, though, will factor in the presence of a working catalytic converter and increase the amount the vehicle is worth overall.

How To Scrap A Car Without A Title

As long as you prove you’re the owner of the vehicle, you can scrap a car anywhere. In many states, if you don’t have the title, you’ll be asked to present the vehicle registration and your driver’s license. Keep in mind, not having the vehicle title will have an impact on the overall value of the vehicle when you try to scrap it.

Things that will NOT count as proof of ownership are:

  • A bill of sale because they can be forged easily.

  • Proof of insurance because it’s within possibility to insure a vehicle that is not your own.

  • Cash and bribery because the scrap yard is required to report every car that comes into their possession.


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When Is It A Good Idea To Scrap Your Car?

man standing in front of damaged car for scrap

Whether you drive a luxury vehicle or a standard make and model, every car eventually reaches its “end of the line.” Once your car is no longer road worthy or you’re just looking to get rid of an old clunker, explore the option of scrapping your old faithful and getting some quick cash in return!

Every car will give you signs that it’s coming to the end of the road. In order to make the most money for scrapping your car you’ll want to pay attention to some of these signs in order to make it worth your while.

  • When the repairs are higher than what the car is worth - If your car is in and out of the shop every month for repairs, it might be time to consider scrapping or selling it. Consider the cost of replacing a catalytic converter, which can run as high as $2,475. As your car ages, a couple hundred dollars here and there will eventually add up and you could be looking at constant repair bills that significantly outweigh the value of your car.

  • When the fuel isn’t lasting you as much as it used to - As your car ages, its fuel system wears down, lowering your car’s fuel efficiency and causing it to burn through gas faster than usual. If you notice gas and even other fluids (oil, coolant, etc.) require refills more often than before, then that’s a clear indication that it may be time to part ways with your vehicle.

  • When your vehicle is way too rusty - When your vehicle is afflicted by rust, not only is its paint and frame being eaten away at, but it's also a potential safety hazard for you and anyone else driving in it. Severely rusted vehicles can also be extremely expensive to repair and it might be in your best interest to just scrap the car altogether.

  • When your insurance company has labeled it a total loss - After a collision, there may be enough damage done to your vehicle that your insurance company declares it a “total loss”. While you may disagree, the repair costs for systems like airbags or the motion sensors may outweigh the value of your car. At that point, it’s time to scrap it.

Is It Worth Scrapping A Car?

The first, and most common option is to sell a car for scrap. And where can you scrap a car? End of life vehicles often get towed to junkyards and scrap yards nearby. Typically, the average price of scrapping a car is about $100 for a small vehicle and about $200 for a mid-size one.

If you’re an expert, it’s more worth your while to part your car out than it is to sell it wholesale. If you’ve got spare time, patience, and storage space, then scrapping your car’s components will be worth it as they tend to net a higher profit when sold individually.

If you’re just looking for convenience, then selling your car for scrap can be worthwhile for you. Most scrap yards will pick up the car quickly and hand you the cash immediately. But why settle for less when you can get more money and still get your car picked up quickly for FREE?

How can I get a quote for my junk car instantly?

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Check out some of the scrap prices for common makes and models:

Common Scrap Prices for Common Models
Honda Accord Between $450 & $577
Honda Civic Between $420 & $511
Toyota Corolla Between $435 & $520
Toyota Camry Between $495 & $595
Ford F-Series Between $600 & $825
RAM Pickup Between $675 & $858
Toyota RAV4 Between $495 & $602
Honda CR-V Between $495 & $585
Nissan Rogue Between $495 & $594

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Frequently Asked Questions

What car parts have precious metals?

The most significant amounts of precious metals, such as platinum and palladium, can be found in catalytic converters, while good amounts of silver and gold are found in the electronic circuit boards.

What part of a car has the most gold?

The catalytic converter is the most well-known source of precious metals in a car.

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