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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you buy my car with major mechanical issues like a bad transmission?

We buy cars with almost every mechanical issue including a bad transmission. If, however, the transmission or engine is completely missing then we will not purchase it. The transmission can be as spotty as night time road construction, but if it’s there, we are interested in your car.

How Do I Find The Trade in Value of Car With Bad Transmission?

The steps to getting a free quote for your vehicle almost aren’t even steps at all. Just fill out the online form after clicking “Get an Offer” and you will get a quote within 2 minutes!

CarBrain’s speed is somewhat of a legend but you’ll discover why once you get started, even as soon as today!

What Are Places That Buy Cars With Bad Transmission?

The continental United States is an area that we virtually cover from coast to coast! If you are curious to the exact areas the CarBrain serves, go ahead and check out our “Areas Served” page.

CarBrain is on a mission for cars with a bad transmission.

What to Do With Car With Bad Transmission?

The speed and accuracy that CarBrain calculates information and details about cars with bad transmission are so astounding and incredible that experts and scientists across the planet have been in awe since our inception.

CarBrain takes in facts such as the model, make mileage, vehicle accident history, the current market for the car and more!


With all of these factors, CarBrain gives you the optimal deal that includes free towing.

What costs will I be responsible for? Are there any charges for CarBrain?

You are responsible for no costs whatsoever! You can have absolutely no assets except the car you are trying to sell and STILL be able to sell your car with a bad transmission to us!

No hidden fees or anything of the like! It’s the 21st century, why hasn’t someone come up with a service like this before?