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Unfortunately, it often puts the owner into a difficult situation. Is it better to fix the car? Sell it to a private buyer? Have it stripped for parts? Trade it in for a new car? It’s time to break down how the auto wrecking process works auto wrecking, so you’re not lost in a sea of questions and concerns.

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When Is the Right Time to Junk a Car?

When Is the Right Time to Junk a Car?A car is ready to be junked when the cost of the repairs outweighs the cost of the car. However, this is not necessarily as straightforward as it sounds. For example, an insurance company usually determines this number at around 70 – 75% of the car’s total value and sometimes they may go as low as 65%. So by those definitions, a car that’s worth $10,000 may be considered ready to be junked if the repairs cost $6,500 or more. It’s ultimately up to the owner though to determine what to do with the car.

What Are the Options?

It can be difficult to determine what to do with scrap cars. You may be able to find an amateur mechanic who says they can fix the car for half of what the original estimate was. But do you really want to take chances with your safety? A private buyer or a dealer is usually not going to want to pay much for a junked car, while an auto wrecker may try to lowball you too. See what happens when you decide to take your car to an auto wrecking yard.

What Does a Junkyard Do with My Car?

What Does a Junkyard Do with My Car?If you determine that the car is ready to be junked, auto wreckers are typically happy to take your car off your hands. Sometimes called a junkyard, scrapyard, or auto wrecking yard, it’s here that the car will be dismantled into parts and separated into either recyclable materials or sellable goods. So if your brakes are still in perfect condition, they can be sold to mechanics to be used on operating vehicles. If those same brakes were in terrible condition though, they’d be sold to a metal recycler who would turn the brakes into another usable good.

Can I Turn In My Car to an Auto Wrecker?

Yes. First search for ‘wrecking yard near me’ or ‘wrecker near me’ to determine each option’s requirements. For example, some auto wreckers will give you a more substantial offer if you dismantle the car first. You may need to pay for towing fees to take your car to the facility. You will also need all of the paperwork for the car in hand (title, registration, etc.) They’ll likely ask for detailed information about the state of the car and the extent of the damaged parts. Depending on the state you live in, your DMV may have additional paperwork to prove the extent of the damage as well as the validity of ownership.

What Will the Auto Wrecker Do with My Car?

An auto wrecker will usually be able to recycle more than 90% of all of the parts in the car, including tires, hoses, filters, seats and even the rubber mats below your feet. Recycled tires turn into new roads, old glass is used to make countertops, and scrapped iron can be used for new bridges. A junkyard will first drain the various fluids from the car (e.g., oil, brake, coolant, etc.) and either filter them to be used again or safely dispose of them. Then the auto wrecker will take out and clean the transmission and the engine. Finally, when all parts are stripped, the car is crushed to the size of a golf ball to further reduce any unnecessary waste!

How Much Can I Get for My Car?

How Much Can I Get for My Car?This depends on the type of car, the condition it's in, and where you choose to take it. Car wreckers are ultimately looking for auto wrecking parts or junk car parts that are in high enough demand in terms of either sellable or recyclable parts. If you’re searching for ‘auto wreckers in my area’, you need to be ready to shop around. You may need to drive across town, (or even across a few towns) to get the best possible deal. Or you can sell as-is to a service that specializes in junk cars, such as CarBrain. We make it easy to go online to get a free evaluation, so you can get the the cash-value offer you want. With free towing in just one to two business days, we make it easy (and fast) to sell your car without the hassle!

What Else can I do With My Car Besides Junking It?

Should I Part Out My Junk Car?

Parting out a car is easier said than done! Unless your a big time junkyard with tons of empty space, a fleet of certified employees and a huge network of clients, then you may be in for one bumpy ride.

Can I Fix It or Sell It AS-IS

It’s a tough choice between fixing or selling your car but, there are some issues that are just not worth fixing as you spend more on the repairs than what your car is worth. To avoid overspending on repairs it's important to know which issues are worth fixing.

Can I Sell My Junk Car Online?

Sell your car with the click of a button! Avoid wasting your valuable time meeting with strangers or haggling with dealers and visit CarBrain. You’ll receive an FREE online evaluation for your less than perfect car in 90 seconds! We’ll even deliver the payment and tow the car for FREE!


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