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Is Your Pilot Having Problems?

Honda is a Japanese brand with nearly 60 years of experience producing reliable vehicles. The brand’s name is associated with sturdy and well-made vehicles that generally withstand the test of time.

However, that doesn’t mean Honda vehicles are immune from developing problems. Some models are more likely than others to develop serious problems. The Honda Pilot might be one of them: transmission issues, electrical issues and more have been known to pop up with this vehicle.

The sections below go over common problems you might encounter with your Honda Pilot. Car giving you problems? Consider selling to CarBrain. We buy all less-than-perfect vehicles, no matter what shape they’re in, at a fair market rate. We make the process fast, safe and easy. You can get paid for your clunker and start shopping for a replacement vehicle in under a week.

Common Pilot Problems

The sections below go over common Honda Pilot problems that may pop up across model years.

Honda Pilot Transmission Problems

The most common recurring issue with the Honda Pilot is transmission problems. This can be quite a serious complication to encounter. Transmission problems could cause your vehicle to jerk, speed up or slow down unexpectedly. It could even cause your vehicle to stop working entirely.

In some model years, the problem is limited to slippage. In others, the problem can be with the transmission fluid mixing with the radiator fluid. In others still, the transmission may fail completely, requiring a total replacement.

Unfortunately, repairing a transmission is a major job, typically totaling $2,000 or more at the shop. If you’re facing transmission issues and you’re driving an older vehicle, trying to repair it could cost you more than the vehicle is worth.

Honda Pilot Emissions System Problems

Many drivers report that their Honda Pilots develop emissions system problems. This is particularly common in more recent model vehicles including the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 models.

Drivers report that their emission systems warning light will come on while driving. Many report that the injectors need replacement — a job that can cost more than $1,500 to complete. If you’re still under warranty, you might get partial assistance from Honda in covering the expenses. If not, you might be on the hook for the full cost of repairing this issue.

Models With Higher Than Normal Complaints

Some model years accumulate more complaints than others. The sections below go over Honda Pilot problems appearing in specific model years and how much they might cost you.

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Honda Pilot 2003 Problems

The 2003 Honda Pilot has accumulated thousands of complaints over the years. A majority of complaints for this model center around transmission problems and ignition problems. However, complaints have also rolled in for everything from the electrical system to the seatbelts to the drivetrain.

Numerous drivers report that 2003 Pilots with 100,000 miles or more develop problems with the ignition switch. Drivers who enter their vehicles and put the key in find that it won’t turn on any more. Repairing it could involve replacing the entire ignition, a job that can total $500. For an older vehicle, that’s a relatively expensive repair.

However, 2003 Honda Pilots are prone to developing a more serious and costly problem: transmission failure. The 2003 Honda Pilot transmission appears prone to giving up after 100,000 miles, forcing drivers to spend upwards of $3,000 to replace it.

Given that the average 2003 Honda Pilot is worth roughly $2,500 to $3,000, trying to fix a major transmission problem could be a huge waste of cash. In such instances, it might be better to sell your damaged car rather than try to fix it.

Honda Pilot 2005 Problems

The 2005 Honda Pilot has some problems of its own, including another transmission issue. However, it also has a major brake problem that led to a recall in 2013.

People who drive a 2005 Honda Pilot have found that the brake might suddenly slam down without input from the driver, forcing the vehicle to come to a sudden halt on the road, which could lead to major accidents. At least nine injuries have been reported as a result of this issue.

Unfortunately, the recall did not necessarily encompass all vehicles that have dealt with this issue. As a result, some drivers are forced to shell out $1,000 or more to diagnose and fix the issue.

Along with brake problems, the 2005 Honda Pilot has transmission difficulties of its own. Many owners have reported transmission fluid leaking into the radiator, which can cause difficulties in both systems. The cost of repairing it can be at least $2,000.

Honda Pilot 2016 Problems

While Honda Pilot transmission problems can be expected in older vehicles, it’s worrying that transmission difficulties are showing up in 2016 models as well. Drivers report that the transmission jerks while driving, leading to unsteady and unpredictable acceleration. Others report their vehicles stalling on the road.

Because the problem is so widespread, Honda voluntarily extended the warranty for this issue to 80,000 miles. However, if your vehicle has already surpassed the mileage limit, you may be on the hook for a $400 repair job on a vehicle that should be too new to experience transmission difficulties.

Unfortunately, many 2016 model owners have also reported numerous electrical problems ranging from incorrect computer codes to malfunctioning systems. Some even report that the keyless fob feature stops working, rendering them unable to switch their cars on. Repairing these electrical problems can cost anywhere from $80 to $350, depending on the specific difficulty.

Honda Pilot 2019 Problems

Although it’s practically brand new, the Honda Pilot 2019 has already accumulated a disproportionate amount of complaints, which could spell bad news for the model.

One big issue drivers face is with the infotainment screen: for numerous 2019 model owners, it doesn’t work. Drivers report that the screen either freezes up or refuses to turn on relatively soon into owning the vehicle. Although this isn’t integral to driving the car, it can be a frustrating experience for someone who expects a new car to come with all the latest gadgets and features.

Relatively few people have been able to find an effective fix for this issue, which means you could spend hundreds trying to diagnose the problem without an answer. Unfortunately, there’s no obvious solution to infotainment problems thus far.

Others report that the brand-new transmission is already slipping and jerking, which can be a major red flag. Unfortunately, this is another problem still without a solution. If you were hoping that Honda Pilot transmission problems were a thing of the past, that may not be the case.

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