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How Can I Get My Car Fixed with No Money? Is There Free Car Repair?

You might have good credit—but who wants to run up their debt at sky-high interest rates? Even worse, you might have bad credit and you’re stuck without any viable solution. Worst of all, you’re also stuck without a ride to work. So how do you earn the cash to pay off the repairs?

When you need help with auto repairs, you might be thinking “I need my car fixed for free,” but we all know how unlikely that is. There’s just no such thing as free auto repair near me. Free help with car repairs only exists if you have a mechanic best friend, and when some one works for free they might not pay as much attention to the repair or do it as quickly. And especially with an older car, where the fix might be more involved or more costly, you’re probably not going to find some one who fixes cars that will do the work on credit.

So today, we’re going to look at a few quick car fix alternatives to the myth of free car repair and solve your problems as quickly and easily as possible. 

The “I Need a Mechanic to Fix My Car” Myth

Fix My Car for FreeFirst of all, if you’re working with limited funding we have to acknowledge the fact that fixing your car might not actually be the solution. Even the cheapest cars to fix can cost thousands in some situations.

You might have trouble with your car stalling out in traffic, for example, only to take it in to the mechanic and find out you have a bad transmission. Maybe it won’t start in the morning, so you assume you’ve got a bad battery, but instead it’s a seized engine. Some car fix solutions can be quicker and simpler, to be sure, but it’s best to expect the worst.

Where Can I Get My Car Fixed?

If things do take a turn for the worse, it’s good to get a few different estimates if possible. You don’t just want to throw your keys at the first mechanic you see and say “Here, fix my car for free!” Even if you do have the money for repairs, it may not be worth it to fix your car.

But when you don’t have the cash, it’s best to start considering the alternatives.

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Sell My Damaged Car

Should I just Sell My Damaged Car Instead?

If you don’t have any cash at the moment, but you think you’ll be able to cover a car payment on your income, or if you can find a reasonable replacement for just a few hundred dollars, you might want to consider selling your old junk car and upgrading to something else. It can be a much less stressful option over figuring out how to pay for car repairs.

For an average new car, with decent credit, the average down payment can be about $1,500. If the dealership is willing to work with you or if you can find something on the cheap, then you might be able to sell your old car for quick cash and flip that cash right into a new vehicle or down payment.

How much is your old car worth? The best way to find out is by using the online pricing tool here at CarBrain. Just answer a few quick questions and we’ll get you a guaranteed, no-obligation quote in less than two minutes for old car, pickup truck, van or SUV. There’s never any pressure to sell so you’re free to shop around. If you decide to lock in your offer; however, we can send a tow truck out to pick up your old vehicle for FREE and put payment in your hand within 24-48 hours.

Weighing My Options When I Need My Car Fixed But Have No Money

Unfortunately, there aren’t really any simple solutions to this kind of problem—but CarBrain is committed to making it as easy as possible for you. Unlike local junkyards who will give you lowball offers and haggle to no end, we give you a quick offer for the fair market value of your vehicle in less than two minutes.

The money may not be enough to buy a new car outright, but it’s often enough to cover a down payment or at least contribute towards one so you can get back on the road again. Stop worrying and start solving the problem with a free online offer from CarBrain!

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