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What does that have to do with you and your vehicle? Well… EVERYTHING!

All the exhaust that leaves your car’s tailpipe carries with it harmful pollutants. Carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, and other gases can cause health issues especially for vulnerable people, not to mention a drastic effect on the environment.

The state of California’s air quality is heavily dependent on lowering emissions in every industry, and that includes removing old and inefficient vehicles from the road.

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Why Offer Cash for Clunkers?

If you’re in California, you’ve likely heard about California’s Vehicle Retirement Program. Unofficially known as Cash for Clunkers, the state’s Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) administers the program to give you an incentive to retire your old, unwanted, or junk car.

Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to give away their car for nothing or take a bath by selling their old car to the scrapyard. The Vehicle Retirement Program will pay you up to $1,500 to retire your ride.

Can You Qualify for the Vehicle Retirement Program?

Don’t celebrate just yet – you’ll need to meet the requirements to get cash for your clunker. While $1,500 is the maximum amount you can receive for your vehicle under the program, you might only be eligible to cash in on $1,000.

Income Requirements

Low-income earners are eligible to receive the highest amount from the Vehicle Retirement Program - $1,500. To get it, you’ll need to prove that your income is equal to or less than 225% of the federal poverty level. For a family of three, that’s around $48,000 annually.

If your income is higher than the limit, you’re still entitled to use the program. Your clunker will net you $1,000.

There’s an exception to income limits, though. If your vehicle has failed a Smog Check within the past 180 days, you can qualify for $1,500 even if you make more than the above figure.

Vehicle Requirements

Not just any vehicle qualifies, either. First, your vehicle must’ve been registered in California for at least two consecutive years and with no more than 120 days in that time frame without valid registration. But there’s more:

  • It can’t be registered to a business, fleet, or non-profit organization.

  • It has to be a light-duty vehicle – under 10,000 pounds.

  • Your car must be currently registered with the DMV or be paid up with less than 120 days since lapsed.

  • You can’t be selling a dismantled or total loss vehicle that hasn’t been re-registered with the DMV.

And if you qualify for all of those things, you MAY be eligible for up to $1,500 by bringing your vehicle to one of the dismantlers under contract with the BAR. What that means is your car needs to be complete and operational. It has to have all doors, hood, dashboard, and the windshield in place. At least one side window, the driver’s seat, one bumper, the exhaust system, and all quarter panels on the car. And you must have at least one headlight, a taillight, and a brake light on the car.

Your car has to be driven under its own power to the dismantler and the engine has to start without any aids. The pedals have to work and the car has to be drivable. For at least 10 yards under its own power.

That’s limiting, isn’t it? For many junk car owners, their car may not be complete or in working order. And if it is, wouldn’t it be worth more than $1,000 or $1,500?

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