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Looking to sell your junk car in Sacramento? You’re in luck — CarBrain can help you sell your car for cash no matter what condition it’s in. We specialize in buying damaged cars, used cars, old cars and other cars with problems.

What makes us different? A convenient, online process that allows you to sell your salvage car near you no matter where you are nationwide, along with top quality customer service and a dedication to making your experience as seamless and hassle-free as it can possibly be.

With our years of experience, we’re one of the most reputable junk car buyers in the industry. Find out what we can pay you for your less-than-perfect car today — it takes just 90 seconds to get an offer.

Where is The Best Place to Sell a Damaged Car in Sacramento?

Understanding what is meant by a "damaged car," which in Sacramento usually refers to a vehicle with serious structural, mechanical, or aesthetic problems, is necessary before you can sell a damaged car. Next, evaluate the extent of the damage and calculate the market value by taking the year, make, and model into account. Investigating your options for repair could be helpful, depending on how bad the damage is. Choosing CarBrain gives you a practical way to sell your wrecked car and fits in with Sacramento's vibrant culture, so it's a good option for people living in the state capital of California.

Why Sell to CarBrain?

What does CarBrain do differently from other junkyards in Sacramento that you could choose? Here’s a short, non-comprehensive list:

  • We’ll generate a custom quote for your vehicle in as little as 90 seconds.

  • We guarantee our offers are valid for seven days, so you have time to compare quotes.

  • We assign a dedicated file manager to your vehicle to walk you through the entire process.

  • CarBrain always includes free towing with all of our offers — and zero hidden fees.

  • We can pick your car up in as little as 24 hours after you accept our quote.

  • We will pay you on the spot for your vehicle when we come to pick it up.

Want to know more? Our agents are standing by to talk to you, answer your questions and help you understand why you should sell your wrecked car for cash with CarBrain.


Our expert evaluators can help you get an accurate estimate for your car's value, FAST!

What Kind of Cars Do You Buy?

CarBrain buys all kinds of cars in all kinds of conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Accident-damaged cars

  • Total loss vehicles

  • Vehicles with salvage brandings

  • Used vehicles

  • Old vehicles

  • High mileage cars

  • Wrecked vehicles

  • Clunkers and junkers

  • Cars for parts

  • Scrap metal cars

  • Vehicles with blown engines

  • Cars that need work done

  • Cars with body damage

If you want cash for clunkers in Sacramento, CarBrain can hook you up with a fair market offer, free towing and fast payment.

You don’t need to keep calling different junk yards that buy cars in Sacramento — we put in the work for you to help you find out who gives the most cash for junk cars in your neighborhood.

Explore Some Of The Cars We've Recently Bought In Sacramento

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Mileage: 172,000Location: Sacramento, CA
2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
2012 Chevrolet Camaro

2012 Chevrolet Camaro

Mileage: 55,928Location: Sacramento, CA
2014 Toyota Camry

2014 Toyota Camry

Mileage: 113,000Location: Sacramento, CA

How Do I Get Cash For Junk Cars Near Me?

Will a junkyard buy your car? If you use CarBrain, all you have to do to get that answer is complete our ultra easy, three step process to sell your car for cash in Sacramento:

  1. Get a quote! Once you fill out our custom form, we’ll generate a custom quote for your car, finding out what Sacramento junk yards in your area pay the best rates for your vehicle.

  2. Schedule the pickup. If you like the offer we get for you, we can schedule your free pickup in as little as 24 hours. No fees!

  3. Get paid! The final step is to wait for the driver to arrive and collect your payment on the spot! The driver will take your car, you’ll take your money. Sale complete!

Are you still wondering who buys wrecked cars near you? The answer is CarBrain. Call us today or get an offer online to get the process started.

How Much Can I Get When I Sell My Car in Sacramento?

If you plan on selling your car to a Sacramento junkyard, be prepared to sell your car for “buy-the-pound” scrap metal prices. On the other hand, when you go online to CarBrain.com, we will consider:

  • The make and model of your vehicle

  • The year of your car

  • What premium options your car may have

We have made over 1 million offers to buy cars online with hundreds of thousands of those offers being accepted.

We have a solid reputation and our customers give us high ratings. We only work with environmentally responsible partners and we are an active member of the Automotive Recycling Association and the United Recycling Group.

Find Out Right Now How Much Your Car Is Worth!

You can learn your vehicle's actual cash value in 90 seconds with our straightforward form! CarBrain offers always include FREE towing and title transfer throughout the country. We will come to you in less than 48 business hours!

Cash for Cars in Sacramento

When you sell your car to CarBrain.com, you can get an offer without leaving your home. You are presented with a guaranteed offer within two minutes and we will pay and pick up your car within two business days.

We will even pay for the costs of towing. We turn the problem of owning a less than perfect car into opportunity!

How do I get rid of junk cars in Sacramento?

There are various ways to get rid of junk cars in Sacramento. You can look into nearby scrap yards or junk yards that might be willing to buy your junk car for its metal components. Furthermore, some auto salvage yards might be eager to buy junk cars for their parts. Still, CarBrain is a potentially more profitable and hassle-free option. CarBrain is a service that specializes in buying automobiles in different states, including junk cars. It provides a simple online platform. CarBrain is in line with Sacramento's vibrant and varied culture, which is well-known for its lengthy history, numerous cultural landmarks, including Old Sacramento, and its close proximity to the picturesque Sacramento River. Choosing CarBrain not only guarantees a workable way to get rid of your junk car but also enhances the vibrant atmosphere of the California capital, making it a fitting choice for residents of the City of Trees.

Another feature of selling your car online to CarBrain.com is that we buy cars from throughout the Sacramento area.

We buy junk cars in Rio Linda, Carmichael, Webster, Clarksburg, Florin, Vineyard, Antelope and more. In fact, we buy cars throughout the state of California — and nationwide! We make selling your less than perfect car as easy as possible.

Discover why more and more of your Sacramento friends and neighbors are selling their damaged cars through CarBrain.com. You don’t have to ask yourself who buys damaged cars near you anymore — the answer is CarBrain does!

Vehicle Pick-up is FREE Nationwide. No Haggle. No Fees. We are A+ rated business at BBB.

Do I Have To Find Someone To Take Away My Car?

Our company will tow any car after creating a quote. FREE removal is included in all CarBrain quotes. We'll schedule and complete the pickup for you.

Our towing partner will be right at your vehicle's location in one to two business days. There's not much to do from your part other than handing over the car keys and receiving the check for your car. That's why CarBrain.com is the go-to choice for disposing of a vehicle in poor condition online.

Before you schedule the pickup, keep the following in mind: our drivers cannot pick up cars in low-access garages not accessible by tow trucks, or vehicles on the side of the road.

I Want To Know How Much I Can Get For My Vehicle In Sacramento.

Getting paid for your scrap car can be surprisingly profitable. Even when your vehicle cannot drive, it still has value. For instance, there are a lot of metals that specialized car evaluators can responsibly recycle and extract from the car, including aluminum, steel, platinum and more to melt down and reuse.

How much money you can get for your car depends on a few factors. One is its size — larger cars, trucks and vans have more metal than smaller cars. Another relevant factor is where the car is currently located — different steel mills rely on local market rates to determine the value of metals found in recycled vehicle parts.

Your vehicle in Sacramento could be worth different prices across the country. The smoothest way to discover your car's value is to receive an estimate from CarBrain.com.

My Car Has A Lien On Its Title. Will You Still Buy It?

Whether we can buy a car with a lien on it depends on how much the lien is worth. CarBrain will only purchase a car with a lien if our estimate is equal to or exceeds the value of the lien.

We do not currently purchase cars that are "upside down" (i.e. you owe more on the car than it is worth). If you believe that our evaluation of your car is incorrect, consider describing in more detail the extent of the problems your car has.

My Car Won't Turn On. Will You Still Buy It?

CarBrain can buy cars with seized, blown or non-working engines. We can also buy vehicles with bad transmissions, vehicles missing parts, cars with mechanical problems, cars with physical damage, aging cars and non-running cars. We specialize in buying crashed and junk cars!

However, there are some limits. Unfortunately, we can't currently make offers on cars with less than two tires, vehicles missing engines, cars missing their transmissions or individual car pieces.

Will You Buy My Junk Car In Sacramento, California?

CarBrain loves junk vehicles, and we'll create an offer on yours! For getting rid of a vehicle in poor condition in Sacramento, all you need is a certified copy of your title for the car. We will come to you, so you don't have to worry about bringing your car anywhere.

We work with network of approved and licensed junk car buyers that can go to you in one to two business days. The sole thing you have to do is show up and get paid!