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Recently Purchased 2011 Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 in Cottage Grove, MN

Bought for $2,400.00!
Body:4WD | Extended Cab
We Bought a car in Cottage Grove

The Condition

  • Mechanical Damage:Engine
  • Collision Damage:Front
  • It starts, but it is NOT good for daily use.
  • Mileage:135,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • No missing parts.

We Make Getting Paid For Your Non-Working Chevrolet Simple, Ultra-Fast And Safe

CarBrain is a big believer in reliability. When we give you a final quote, it is guaranteed for seven days. We don't negotiate, and we don't pressure you to accept low-ball offers. We are a trusted and reliable company. We think junking your car with us should be an ultra-fast, simple and pain-free experience.

We generate fair market quotes rapidly with our smart FREE evaluation tool to put the power of selling a vehicle through the web directly in your hands. Don't wait on the phone for hours or bring your car to local vehicle dealers to get a bid. Instead, complete the process from the comfort of your home. After getting a quote with our instant price engine tool, our customer service agents will walk you through the steps to claim your free removal and title transfer. Finally, we'll send a towing partner from our curated network of licensed junk car buyers in Cottage Grove to pick up your vehicle and pay you on the spot.

I'm Ready! How Do I Sell You My Chevrolet Silverado | 1500?

Give Us Some Details About Your Car With Issues

You can get the best possible quote on your car by describing it to us through our instant offer form in detail. Tell us about the Chevrolet Silverado | 1500's damage, where the car is at the moment, title status and more. Don't forget to include photos and the vehicle identification number!

Get And Accept Your Offer On Your Chevrolet

After you submit your info, CarBrain will generate a bid on your Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 in seconds! Review our quote and decide if you like it. If you do, arrange your free pick-up with your customer service representative!

When The Towing Company Driver Arrives, You Get Paid Cash!

The last step: receiving your money! Wait for the towing company driver to arrive at the designated address in Cottage Grove and hand over the keys to your car and title. You'll get paid right then and there.

There's no better time to trade in your broken Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 than now! Buyers of scrap cars are looking for more inventory in Cottage Grove. We can link you with the most renowned junk vehicle dealers close to you today. Get an estimate!

Get Cash For Your Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 In Cottage Grove With Any Of The Following Issues:

  • Scrap Chevrolet Silverado | 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado | 1500s with blown engines
  • Crashed Chevrolet Silverado | 1500s
  • Chevrolet Silverado | 1500s with bad transmissions
  • Chevrolets with collision damage
  • Non-driveable Chevrolet Silverado | 1500s

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Further Details About Getting Paid For A Broken Vehicle With CarBrain

Can I Receive An Offer For My Junk Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 In Cottage Grove, Minnesota?

When it comes to junking a clunker, getting the highest bid possible relies on many details. For one, nearby market demands in Cottage Grove will play a big role. The year, mechanical status, and extent of damage on the vehicle will also influence our final offer. CarBrain.com strives to not only provide you with the highest offer for your junk Chevrolet, but world-class customer service as well.

What Would I Get To Scrap My Chevrolet Silverado | 1500?

How much you can get for recycling your Chevrolet Silverado | 1500 depends on several factors including where it's currently located, the parts left in your car and local, national and international market fluctuations for scrap metal. Licensed and knowledgeable scrap car buyers can legally recycle and extract metals and parts from your vehicle to reuse them in other products. The best way to find out what your scrap vehicle is worth in Cottage Grove today is to receive an offer from CarBrain.com!

Is CarBrain.com Safe To Use?

CarBrain.com has thousands of stellar reviews online with Google, Facebook, TrustPilot.com, BBB.org and more. Feel free to look us up! We're a safe and reliable buyer of salvage vehicles throughout the country.

Am I Required To Be There When The Towing Company Driver Picks Up My Vehicle?

You don't have to be present when someone picks up the vehicle. Anyone 18 years of age or older can transfer the car on your behalf. Let your customer service agent know ahead of time and we'll arrange to mail the payment to you instead. Additionally, you can leave the signed vehicle title and your car's keys in the car at the location and receive your check by mail later on. However, keep in mind that CarBrain is not liable for your car's safety if it is left unattended and unlocked.

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