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When it comes to scrapping a damaged Traverse, there are lots of options on the table. But the best one for you is CarBrain. We know how to correctly assess the value your damaged vehicle, and we can help you trade it in fast.

CarBrain provides fast offers, FREE pickup and title transfer, and fast payment for your vehicle in any sort of condition. We operate all around the country thanks to a network of properly licensed and knowledgeable buyers of junk vehicles, so we can haul your vehicle away and provide you with payment in 24-48 hours!

With CarBrain, you get a team of specialized car appraisers that have been a part of the industry of purchasing broken cars for more than a decade. We have the expertise required to take an extensive look at your vehicle and determine what it's actually worth. No low-ball offers. All of our estimates are based on the current market value of your car as-is.

How Getting Rid Of Your Chevrolet Traverse With CarBrain.com Online Works


Tell Us What's Wrong With Your Chevrolet Traverse

Step one: letting us know what condition your car is in. Let us know its shape, the car's present location and more. The more info you offer, the more accurate our offer will be. It takes just 90 seconds to complete the get an offer form!


Claim Your Quote

Next, schedule your pick up. You will have to hand over the keys to your car and the verified copy of the title for your Chevrolet when they show up.


Get Paid For Your Chevrolet!

Then, wait for the driver to show up. We offer FREE pick-up in one to two business days for all our quotes. You'll get your money on the spot for your Chevrolet!

With our expert team of associate buyers available to be of service to you and answer any questions, we're confident we can serve you with world-class customer support. Look us up — CarBrain has achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and thousands of five-star reviews online.

Get a no-obligation quote for your Chevrolet with issues and get your car towed in 24 to 48 business hours.

Get An Offer Within 90 Seconds For Your Chevrolet Traverse

It couldn't be smoother to receive a quote with CarBrain.com — just answer our form! It takes 90 seconds. We always come to you anywhere nationwide. We have countless exceptional reviews all over the web. Learn what the fuss is about.

Reasons CarBrain Has Thousands Of Happy Clients Throughout The Country

Scrapping your vehicle with CarBrain.com does not require much effort from start to finish. CarBrain's service is by far the most painless way to scrap a car with a blown motor. We buy vehicles throughout the country and offer free pick-up to every single one of our clients.

  • 1000s of Happy Clients.
  • There Is No Haggling!
  • Contact Free Transaction!
  • Flexible Pick-Up Times. Fast And Simple.

Can I Get Rid Of A Vehicle That Has Been Parked For 10 Years?

We pay cash for Chevrolet Traverses across the country in all conditions. Does your car have a locked engine? That is no problem. We pay for salvage vehicles in bad condition. And we offer complimentary pick-up. We'll buy:

  • Less-than-perfect cars
  • Damaged vehicles
  • Crashed cars
  • Aging cars
  • Vehicles with mechanical issues
  • Vehicles with faulty engines
  • Cars declared total losses

Get complimentary pick-up and fair market prices for your old Traverse today with CarBrain.com.

What Will I Get For My Damaged Traverse With CarBrain.com?

Your car's appraisal is determined by a number of things that you might not have thought of before. Some of these are immediately obvious. But not all are.

One big factor is the electrical problems or the frame damage of the vehicle. For instance, is it still good for daily use or is it a old car that is simply too old to drive regularly? These are all important considerations that generally affect the fair market value of the vehicle.

Less-Than-Perfect Chevrolet Traverses We Can Buy

2010 Chevrolet Traverse

2010 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 130,000Location: Alpharetta, GA
2010 Chevrolet Traverse

2010 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 170,000Location: Raleigh, NC
2015 Chevrolet Traverse

2015 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 87,000Location: Omaha, NE
2013 Chevrolet Traverse

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 50,000Location: San Diego, CA
2011 Chevrolet Traverse
2009 Chevrolet Traverse

2009 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 95,000Location: El Paso, TX
2009 Chevrolet Traverse

2009 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 91,000Location: San Diego, CA
2010 Chevrolet Traverse

2010 Chevrolet Traverse

Mileage: 132,000Location: Lexington, KY

What Documentation Is Needed To Trade In My Chevrolet Traverse?

The first step is to accept our quote. Next, it's time to prepare your Chevrolet. Remove all things before the service provider arrives.

Sign over the title of your car properly (you can get tips on how to do so at our title page). Then, wait for the towing company driver to arrive, hand over the keys and title, and accept your payment. You're done!

CarBrain.com differentiates itself from other nearby junk yards by being on the cusp of innovation when it comes to the evaluation of junkers. Our exact process allows us to make quotes that others can't. We also process cars in one to two business days while granting FREE pick-up. In fact, our service does NOT cost anything. Ever.

Salvage Chevrolet Models CarBrain Can Buy

In Case You're Wondering

Who Will Purchase My Junk Traverse With Issues?

Junking your car is straightforward with CarBrain. Our FREE value estimation tool can give you a fair and competitive estimate in less than 2 minutes — just answer our online form for requesting an offer!

If you like our offer, our associate buyers will help you arrange your FREE pick-up and title transfer.

The towing company driver will arrive at the scheduled time with a payment in hand. You get paid right then and there. It's that easy!

What Is The Worth Of My Salvage Traverse?

Even if your junk Traverse is at the end of its useful life, you can still get some money for it.

If you have an aging car, many buyers can dependably recycle and reprocess the components inside. The greater portion of the money you will get for your car comes from the scrap metal that recyclers can get from it. The heavier your car is, the more money you can get for recycling it.

Steel mills across the nation will price out metals differently based on local market values. Depending on your car's size and where the car is currently located, you can get around $500 for junking it.

The most hassle-free way to learn what your salvage Chevrolet Traverse is worth is to get an offer with CarBrain.com.

What Are DamagedCarss Hours Of Operation?

You can get a quote from CarBrain at any time. Customer service representatives can answer your questions about sales or pickups from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Saturdays.

Any emails, texts, or messages that you send in through our platforms will be promptly answered by your account representative. CarBrain works in the cloud so we are always by you.

Does CarBrain Cover Fees My Chevrolet Traverse Is Accumulating?

CarBrain does not cover fees you are accumulating due to your vehicle's location, however, let your associate buyer know if you are getting charged. We can try to find a towing company driver available to pick your car up faster if that is the case. 

Our company will never charge you for towing your car. We include cost-free towing in all estimates from CarBrain. We always come to you — anywhere throughout the country.

You do not need to worry about costs for transfer of ownership either. All you have to do is show up at the car's location and get paid. Our partners are carefully selected to make sure the entire process is as smooth as possible.

How Do You Calculate An Estimate For An Unfavorable Chevrolet Traverse?

Estimates from CarBrain are based on more than just the year, make, and model — we consider mileage, vehicle accident history, location and more.

You can improve the accuracy of your quote by including images and the vehicle identification number.

Things that won't necessarily improve your offer: waiting to get another offer later, driving your car to the service partner or repairing your vehicle. We include free towing in all offers, base our quotes on current market rates and specialize in damaged vehicles.