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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CarBrain Buy Cars with Water Damage?

Water damage is one of the most devastating problems that can occur to a car. Once a car has been in a flood or high water, it is the beginning of a deteriorating process that could impact tubing, brake lines, brakes, exhaust systems and wiring. Engines may be negatively impacted and moldy interiors can result. Repairs are often so costly as to make water damaged vehicles useless and unwanted. So - what should I do with my water damaged vehicle?

How Much is My Car with Flood Damage Worth?

Private buyers will have little to no interest in a water-damaged car and car dealers will not want to resell them on their lot. You could “part-out” the vehicle, but too many of those parts may be damaged or rusting. Parting out a car is also very time-consuming. That leaves a junkyard. A junkyard, however, will likely only pay scrap metal prices, giving you little value for your damaged car. We present a way to get more for your damaged vehicle. More than you'd get through a yard or online posting.

How Does CarBrain Value Vehicles that Have Been Damaged by Water

We are the modern, innovative and convenient way to sell damaged, less than perfect, non-running cars from your own home. It is simple, safe, and fast. Perhaps, best of all, is an expert at evaluating damaged vehicles, taking into consideration make, model, year and even its features and options. Get an accurate fair-market cash value offer from our Price Engine in just 90 seconds.

How Does Selling A Car with CarBrain Work?

On our website, fill out our online quote request form.

  • Tell us about your car and its issues.

  • Let us know about any features and options.

  • Submit your online form.

  • In minutes, you will get a guaranteed offer.

  • Accept our offer.

We will make immediate plans to pick up and pay for your vehicle, often with two days. We'll even cover the costs of towing your vehicle. Just remove your tags, personal items and give us the keys and title. You will get a check for your damaged vehicle, putting extra cash in your pocket! Discover why more and more people with damaged, non-running and less-than-perfect cars are selling through CarBrain.

We Are Highly Rated Damaged Car Buyers

We have processed and made millions of offers on non-running and less than perfect cars across the country. We buy compact cars, SUVs, trucks, sedans and vans, any year, just about any make or model. We buy cars that have been in accidents, have blown engines and transmissions and even cars that have been submerged! We are highly rated and reviewed by our customers. We are active members of the Automotive Recycling Association and United Recycling Group. We work with environmentally responsible partners to efficiently recycle vehicles. We can take your problem vehicle and turn it into extra money in your pocket. If it could be easier, we would do it!

Get started today by receiving your offer. Get a quote within minutes and sell your flood damaged vehicle in as little as a day or two. Enjoy the convenience and ease of selling your car the CarBrain way!

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