20 Most Common Car Complaints & Car Problems

Owning a car may make life more convenient, but it comes with a price — And we're not just talking about how much it cost to buy. Sometimes it seems like anything can go wrong with today's cars, and all too frequently you'll find you need so...


Why Is My Car Overheating?

The temperature gauge spikes to the red zone on your dash. The information display on your cluster lights up, telling you the engine is too hot. Just a few moments of driving your car like this results in your car overheating, if it hasn’t a...


What Would Cause My ECM to Go Bad? Repair Costs & More

In a modern car, electronic functions are king. Electrical switches, buttons and knobs control virtually every part of your car’s operation in some way. From power windows and door locks to HVAC controls, from immobilizer systems to engine i...


What is That Engine Knocking Sound?

You’re driving your truck on the freeway when you hear a rattle increasing in pitch and a bad vibration form, then your own wheel rolls past you. Your engine’s constant drone suddenly gives way to a loud roar and the Check Engine light...


Engine Rod Knocking - Everything You Need to Know

Your car is idling and you’re impatiently waiting, listening to engine noise. You have places to be and time is running out. It sounds like someone keeps banging on your oil pan with a hammer, rhythmically rap-rap-rapping. If your car's has ...


Oil Leaks and Other Car Leak Diagnosis

When your car is new and covered by warranty, you don’t really pay much attention to the little issues that creep up. You might notice a funny smell or a strange-colored drip on your driveway. But the next time you go for an oil change, they...


My Hybrid Battery Died - Repair vs. Replacement Cost

You’ve purchased a hybrid car because it’s environmentally friendly and a great way to save money on car-related expenses. Cars like the Toyota Prius use electric power to supplement the gas engine. They recoup energy through regenerat...


What is the Cost of Airbag Replacement?

Nobody wants to be involved in an accident but, Unfortunately, we have no control over this. Luckily, all cars today come equipped with Supplemental Restraint System known as airbags. Read more to learn how deployed airbags can affect your vehicl...

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