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Will CarMax Buy My Car If It Doesn’t Run?

If you have a car that won’t turn on or drive, you can sell it to CarMax. CarMax makes offers on a variety of vehicles, including damaged cars.

Typically, CarMax will resell cars it purchases on its lots. However, they may not be able to resell cars that have serious damage, mechanical problems, or have otherwise broken down. In order to make a profit, they might offer you value lower than your vehicle is worth.

In other words, will CarMax buy a car with a bad transmission or other mechanical problems? Yes. Will you get the best price possible for it? Not necessarily.

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Does CarMax Buy Junk Cars?

CarMax can buy junk vehicles. In some cases, you may be required to bring your vehicle to their lot to schedule a pickup. If your vehicle must be towed, you may need to pay for towing.

To confirm whether you have to bring your vehicle in or not, you can contact your local CarMax office and ask about their policies for offering appraisals. There are currently 224 CarMax locations throughout the United States.

It’s important to confirm whether there is a CarMax location in your area when deciding whether selling to CarMax makes sense. Some states have more locations than others. For instance, there are 24 CarMax stores throughout Texas, but just one in Michigan, located in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Is It Worth Selling My Car To CarMax?

In some cases, selling to CarMax may be a good idea. For instance, if you want to get a new car immediately, trading your non-running vehicle to CarMax may be the right choice for you.

You can turn your car in and get its value as credit towards a newer vehicle. CarMax fixes up all vehicles it receives before selling them, so you are generally guaranteed to purchase a new-quality vehicle from them.

It may also be a good idea to use CarMax even if you do not plan on buying a new vehicle. CarMax will purchase vehicles from people who do not intend to buy a new one. That means there is no obligation associated with selling a car to CarMax.

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Differences in CarMax And CarBrain

Now you know that you can get a CarMax appraisal on non-running vehicles. It is important to consider all factors when determining whether it is worth selling to CarMax or not.

CarMax has multiple brick-and-mortar stores located throughout the United States for you to sell your vehicle. Generally to sell to CarMax, you should be within driving distance of a CarMax location. This is because CarMax generally buys and sells vehicles in person.

There are some states with no CarMax stores, which means selling your car to CarMax may pose a logistical challenge. There are no CarMax stores in Montana, Wyoming, Arkansas, West Virginia, Vermont, North Dakota or South Dakota.

CarBrain lets you get a guaranteed quote online. All you have to do to get a guaranteed quote is upload photos of your vehicle and provide its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Additionally, when CarBrain buys your car, our offers always include free towing. We will pick your car up wherever it is for free, with no additional charges or fees.

CarMax specializes in buying and selling used vehicles that are in good shape. While CarMax will generally make repairs and improvements on all vehicles it purchases before placing them back on the lot for resale, it does not specialize in damaged cars. The majority of their business is in their used car sales, which means they specialize in vehicles that can easily be resold.

On the other hand, CarBrain specializes in buying less-than-perfect cars. We have over a decade of experience purchasing blown engine, salvage, scrap, accident-damaged, junk and non-running vehicles. We know how to determine a fair market value for a damaged vehicle in any condition.

Both CarBrain and CarMax guarantee offers for seven days, so regardless of which company you choose, you have time to think it over.

Why You Should Sell Your Non-Running Car To CarBrain

Selling a non-running vehicle to CarBrain couldn’t be easier. It takes less than 90 seconds to get a quote. If you like our offer, you can get FREE pickup and FREE title transfer in under 48 business hours.

Our professional customer service team is available to help you get answers to your questions and sell your damaged car fast. You won’t have to bring your vehicle in or meet anyone in person to complete the sale. All you have to do is provide information, photos and your VIN for a guaranteed offer.

How To Sell Your Non-Running Car To CarBrain

To sell your non-running vehicle to CarBrain, you should:

  1. Click “get an offer”
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Get your quote!

If you like our offer, you can schedule a free vehicle pickup in under 48 hours. If you need time to think it over, you have it. Our offers are guaranteed for seven days. Once you’re ready to sell, reach out to our team members to schedule your pickup.

Selling your non-running car to CarBrain is the fast, safe and easy way to get rid of a damaged vehicle. We offer fair market prices and a no-fuss sales process for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. Why wait? Get an offer and get started today.


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Will CarMax Buy Any Car?

CarMax can make offers on a variety of vehicles, but that doesn't mean they will make an offer on your car. The best you can do is request a quote. Keep in mind that CarMax does not specialize in vehicles with problems, and it's a good idea to compare their quote with quotes from companies that do.

Does CarMax Buy Cars With Mechanical Problems?

CarMax can buy vehicles with mechanical problems, including engine problems and transmission problems. However, these are costly problems to repair, and if they cannot easily fix it and resell it to another client, they may not be interested in purchasing the vehicle, or may offer a quote below market rate.

Can CarMax Buy Wrecked Cars?

CAN CarMax buy wrecked cars? Yes, theoretically. Will they? That depends on how seriously wrecked your car is and what you're hoping to get for it. CarMax doesn't specialize in wrecked cars, and therefore they may not be able to offer the best price, if any, for your wrecked vehicle.

If your car was totaled, it may be easier to sell it with a business that specializes in buying salvage cars.

Does CarMax Buy Old Cars?

Yes, CarMax buys old cars. If your vehicle is still in relatively good condition, chances are they will make minor repairs and put it back onto the lot. However, if you have a high-mileage vehicle or a vehicle with some problems that could be costly to fix, then there's a good chance CarMax will pay you below market value for your car. This is especially true if your vehicle cannot easily be resold.

Should I Fix My Car Before Selling It To CarMax?

In most cases, it doesn't make sense to try to fix up or repair a car before selling it, whether you plan on using CarMax or any other service to sell your vehicle. Instead, look for a service that will give you the most bang for your buck for your vehicle in its current condition.

Can I Sell A Car With Body Damage To CarMax?

CarMax can indeed buy cars with body damage. However, depending on how serious the damage is, CarMax may not be able to put it back out on the lot, which means chances are they'll offer a quote significantly below market value.

Does CarMax Buy Broken Cars?

Yes, CarMax can buy broken cars. However, they specialize in selling and buying vehicles that can be easily resold, which means a broken car is likely to get a below-market-value offer. It makes more sense to look for a buyer that specializes in less-than-perfect cars in most cases.

Will CarMax Buy Junk Cars?

Possible — CarMax takes a variety of cars, including junk cars. However, you aren't necessarily going to get the best price by using a dealership like CarMax. Instead, it might make more sense to find a business that specializes in damaged cars. You should also look for benefits like free towing and guaranteed offers.