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About Rudy

The Legend of Rudy extends far beyond the reach of recorded history.

It is said that one of his esteemed ancestors were among the first to evaluate the wheel upon its invention.

When examined under a microscope, it was found that even his genetic coding contains traces of automobile evaluation processes. His capacity for dissecting and pricing vehicles remains unparalleled.

Here at CarBrain, we attempted to replicate our internal pricing mechanisms after his sublime ability – but even the most advanced deep learning models fell short of his prowess.

Today, we give you a look inside his brain.

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Q: How Does My Location Affect My Car's Market Value?

Answer: The location of the vehicle is an important factor to consider for many reasons. Look at the cars located in northern areas for an example. The snow and other rough weather conditions are the cause of many problems like undercarriage, frame, or body rust which can have a negative impact on an offer. If you were to compare the value of a car that has spent its time in a snow environment versus one that has never, odds are the one without wear and tear from the snow would be worth more. Another example of how location can affect the value of a car is with areas that have mountain ranges or steep hills. Road conditions like these can have put a heavy strain on your transmission. If you own a vehicle with an all-wheel or four-wheel drive train then its value won't be impacted as much versus one that only has two-wheel drive transmission.

Q: How Do CarBrain's Offers Differ From Other Car Purchasing Services?

Answer: CarBrain offers have a unique process behind them. It begins by running the vehicle through our state-of-the-art pricing engine that takes many factors into consideration such as the extent of damage and local market demands. For most cars we will provide a guaranteed offer in just under 90 seconds! On the high end vehicles we will provide an accurate range and request a few details to confirm an offer. Now, what really separates us from the competitors is our transparency. Once you have discussed a final offer with one of our car buying specialists it will not change when we show up to pick up the car. You will meet the driver at the vehicle’s location and you will receive payment in the full amount of our agreed offer in exchange for the keys and title, It’s that simple!

Q: Which Makes & Models Retain The Most Value Over Time?

Answer: With time every car will depreciate in value. however there’s a handful of cars out there that hold their value better than others. These are vehicles that have proven to be solid and don't experience any major mechanical issues even with high mileage. Toyota & Honda products are some of the best makes in the market today that retain the most value. Look at a 2010 Toyota Corolla with 100k miles and no issues has a wholesale value of around $4000 compare that same car to 2010 Ford Focus with 100k miles that only has a wholesale value of about $2400. These vehicles have similar sticker price when new but the ford has taken a larger loss in value.

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Q: During The Evaluation Process - What Can Affect The Value of The Car After The Initial Offer?

Answer: When making an offer, we look into all the factors of a car such as the damage, miles, year, and conditions. If any of these change throughout the process it could change the initial offer. It could change it for better or worse, if we make an offer on a car on the base that it has mechanical issues but later find out that the car has faded paint or some damage that was never mentioned it could bring down the offer. My best recommendation to get the most accurate offer would be to provide some detailed written notes when submitting a car through CarBrain.com, the more info we have on the car will allow to provide the best possible offer.

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Q: How Do Missing Parts Affect The Offer For My Car?

Answer: It really depends on what car it is and what’s missing from it. Typically on luxury vehicles, it has a much higher impact since parts are more expensive but the general rule that you can use is that is if a cosmetic part was damaged due to an accident and it’s missing like a bumper or headlight it will have a minimal to no impact on the offer. Now, if you had minimal damage but had the car torn down or disassembled for an estimate it could have a significant impact on your offer of up to 30-35% or more depending on what was taken apart. For cars that are mechanically damaged, if the engine or transmission are removed then there is not much value left in the car and we may not be able to purchase it or it could negatively influence your offer, greatly.

Q: How Does My Car Not Running Affect its Market Value?

Answer: non-running car requires mechanical attention which in some cases can be more than what the car is valued at between tow-truck bills, repair estimates, and parts and labor. Yes, it does affect the value. 

Q: Can I Sell A Car Without A Title? - How Does Not Having A Title Affect The Trade?

Answer: Not having a title does not directly affect the offer amount as it does not change the conditions of the car. However, a missing title means that we cannot transfer ownership of the vehicle. In most cases when the title is absent we cannot purchase the car. The best recommendation, in this case, is to contact your local DMV and apply for a duplicate title.

Can I Sell A Car Without A Title? - How Does Not Having A Title Affect The Trade?

Q: Will Having New Tires Increase The Value of My Car?

Answer: “New Tires” do not increase the value of a vehicle since it is expected to have four tires mounted and inflated. What will affect the value however is the conditions of the tires. As long as the tires are not worn down to the wire and free of any damages dry-rot or a bubble on the sidewall then it will not have a negative effect. Now if the tires on the car have issues or cannot hold air making it difficult to move, then yes it will hurt the value of the car.

Q: What’s The Difference Between A Clean Versus A Clear Title?

Answer: There’s a big difference between these two. A “clean” title means that there are no damaged brandings like a Salvage or Flood history. A “Clear” title means there are no financial obligations on the vehicle. This means the title is free of any lien and can be sold with no problem. A title that has a reported lien cannot be transferred unless the lien has been signed off and stamped or the owner must have a formal document from the lien holder stating that balance has been satisfied and the vehicle is able to be sold.

Conclusion: 9 Good Questions & 9 Good Answers

We hope that this gave you a little insight into the matter of getting a better offer on your car and perhaps cars in general. CarBrain would also like to thank Rudy for the time and effort he put making this article even a possibility. It’s because of people like him that CarBrain can run so smoothly. For that same reason, you can get the best offer on the car you are trying to sell. Get an offer from experts like Rudy fast and easy here on our website, today!

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