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Common Toyota Highlander Problems In Different Years

The Toyota Highland is a midsize crossover that makes room for family and goods alike. Since the first model in 2001, the vehicle has enjoyed high popularity in the United States due to its functionality.

However, there are some recurring issues that show up across model years of the Highlander. Many car owners find themselves returning to the mechanic’s shop again and again. They may need to shell out for expensive repairs in some cases.

Find out what problems you’re most likely to see in the Toyota Highlander in the sections below.

2008 Toyota Highlander Problems

draining oil from the oil panOne recurring problem with the 2008 highlander is an unexpected oil leak in the engine. Drivers might suddenly notice smoke pouring from their engine while they’re driving. Or they might return to the car and notice a pool of oil underneath it.

Either way, it poses a serious mechanical risk. Driving without oil can destroy the engine.

Luckily, the problem is in the oil cooler hose, which can be replaced for under $250. In some cases, drivers reported that Toyota covered the cost.

However, there appears to be a more serious problem with the vehicle’s speed control. Highlander owners have reported that the vehicle surges and slows down without warning. This occurs both when driving normally and when using cruise control.

At least 19 crashes, two fires, 15 injuries and one death have been attributed to this problem in this model. That makes this problem a major hazard for owners of the 2008 Highlander.

One recall was issued in 2010 for over one million vehicles, including 2008-2010 Highlanders, for pedal entrapment. However, this hasn’t solved all of the alleged issues. Some drivers had problems speeding up or experienced difficulties even on cruise control, which pedal entrapment wouldn’t affect.

2011 Toyota Highlander Problems

the mechanic works on the steering wheelThe 2011 Highlander was the first model since 2008 not included in the pedal entrapment recall. However, a few reports of unexplained acceleration have still trickled in for this model.

It looks like unexplained acceleration, though frightening, appears rare in the 2011 model. However, another problem is not. Many 2011 drivers have complained of difficulties with the power steering. They said the steering wheel would lock up unexpectedly, or make odd clunking noises.

There’s no apparent fix for this issue, which means drivers have to deal with the noise and sudden turning difficulties while driving independently.

Another minor complaint in the 2011 model involves the driver’s seat visor, which will stop functioning at the hinges, permanently swinging down.

This problem can obstruct the driver’s view and be a mild hazard on the road. However, it’s more of an inconvenience than anything. Some drivers will tape the visor back onto the roof. This fix works, although it can be unsightly.

2015 Toyota Highlander Problems

disc brake in the carThere appears to be a serious problem with the brakes in the 2015 Highlander. Highlander owners have reported that the brakes shudder when used, causing alarms. A few have reported the brakes failing entirely, leading to minor accidents on the road.

Unreliable brakes are a major safety hazard. Unfortunately, Toyota has not addressed this problem, leaving drivers on the hook for the cost of inspection and repairs.

There also appear to be a handful of problems with the electrical system in the car, ranging from inconvenient to hazardous.

For instance, some drivers have complained that the radio and nav systems will randomly shut off while driving. Others have reported that the power locks on the doors and the rear hatch will stop working, making it difficult or impossible to close the door.

Perhaps the most serious electrical problem appears to be related to steering. Like the 2011 model, many owners have complained that the power steering will randomly go out while driving, leaving them to rely on brute force to navigate the car.

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2019 Toyota Highlander Problems

mechanic is working on engineThe 2019 Highlander is still too new to have accumulated many complaints. However, there are signs that the vehicle has premature engine problems that could be costly and annoying to fix.

Drivers have reported that the engine will stall unexpectedly while driving, or shut down completely. A few individuals have narrowed the problem down to the fuel pump, which is not working effectively.

In January 2020, a fuel pump recall was issued for 2019 Highlanders. However, it was limited in scope. Some drivers have complained that they are experiencing the same problem and were not included in the recall.

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