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Recently Purchased 2010 Ford Mustang in Dallas, TX

Bought for $1,350.00!
Body:2WD | 2 Door (Coupe)
We Bought a car in Dallas

The Condition

  • Collision Damage:Front
  • It starts, but it is NOT good for daily use.
  • Mileage:140,000
  • Tires are attached and intact.
  • The glass and lights are intact.
  • Airbags are attached and intact.
  • No missing parts.

Welcome To The New Age Of Trading In Your Non-Running Mustang

CarBrain.com understands the importance of protecting the environment. We believe that junking your car protects the world around us by cleaning up the streets while keeping vehicle pieces out of landfills. We want to provide our clients with industry-leading customer care while enabling you to do what's right.

At CarBrain, we've revolutionized the damaged vehicle industry by streamlining the process and making it as easy as possible to sell your junk Mustang for the highest bid possible. Our pinstant market value estimation tool can make fair prices in less than 2 minutes, saving you time and effort. Our licensed, ensured and experienced network of buyers of junk cars can pick up your Ford Mustang for free in Dallas in less than 48 business hours. We cover all towing and title transfer costs, so you don't have to. And our customer service agents will be your guide through the entire process and answer any questions you have.

How Can I Sell My Non-Running Ford Mustang Located in Dallas Online?

Tell Us About The Condition Of Your Ford Mustang.

Fill out our online form with as much detail as possible about your model. Include photos and the vehicle identification number as well as where the car is currently located and title status. Since we do not inspect cars in person, we rely on descriptions and vehicle history reports to appraise cars.

Get And Accept Your Offer On Your Mustang.

Step two is to accept your estimate! You have seven days to think it over and say yes. Once you're ready to sell, just reach out to your customer service agent and let them know! You can contact us by phone, text or email.

Trade Your Mustang For Payment On The Spot.

You're almost done! All you have to do is wait for the towing partner to arrive with your check. Hand over the car keys and your title, and you can collect your payment on the spot. It couldn't be easier.

Ready to trade in your crashed Mustang? CarBrain.com buys all junk, total loss and non-running cars in Dallas. Get a no-obligation offer for your Ford Mustang today and receive cash in less than 48 business hours. It's that easy. Get My Offer Now!

We Pay Top Dollar For Cars, Including Mustangs in Dallas With:

  • Ford Mustangs with body damage
  • Totaled Ford Mustangs
  • Ford Mustangs with bad engine
  • Ford Mustangs that don't start
  • Ford Mustangs with electrical problems
  • Unwanted Ford Mustangs

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Further Information About Getting Money For A Non-Working With CarBrain

Can I Junk My Ford Mustang In Dallas, Texas For Free?

You found the right place for junking your Ford Mustang! Here at CarBrain.com, we make scrapping your vehicle. There are no fees whatsoever for using our service, and we can give you an offer on your vehicle in just a couple of seconds with our online form. Find out what your Mustang might be worth in Dallas, Texas. We include towing at no cost and title transfer with all evaluations. We come to you in one to two business days and pay you on the spot when we get your vehicle.

Can I Get $500 For My Junk Ford Mustang?

How much is your scrap Mustang worth? Well, it's all about what a junk car buyer can get out of your car. Scrap cars are recycled and harvested for parts and metal. You can get anywhere from $100 to $600 on average for a scrap Mustang depending on local market rates, the condition of the parts in your car and the value of the metal used to construct it. Experienced buyers who offer cash for cars can extract steel, aluminum and even platinum from your vehicle and reuse it for other purposes. However, location affects the current market rates of different metals, so there's no one fixed price for scrapping your Model. You can find out what your Model is currently worth in Dallas, Texas by getting an offer form CarBrain with our smart price engine.

Where Does CarBrain.com Operate?

Our company has been in business for 13 years buying less-than-perfect cars. We're based out of sunny Miami Lakes, Florida. Feel free to look us up and read positive reviews to learn more about us! Over our time in this business, our instant market value estimation tool has created over a million offers on cars with damage. We are a trusted and respectable company that has stellar reviews all over the web because we are consistent with our message. Obtain your no obligation estimate today to see what all the fuss is about.

My Car Has A Rebuilt Title. Will You Buy It?

At CarBrain, we specialize in less-than-perfect cars. Chances are we can create a quote on yours too! We'll buy vehicles with motor damage, transmission damage, body damage, missing pieces, non-running cars, aging cars, salvage cars, rebuilt cars and more! If you have a wrecked or junk car, we can probably give you a quote in 90 seconds! Keep in mind that we can't buy the following: vehicles missing engines, cars missing transmissions, cars with less than two tires or individual car components.

How Does Pick-Up Work?

We come to you when we create an offer on your vehicle. All CarBrain offers include FREE towing, which means we can haul away non-running or non-driving cars. Our towing partner will drive to your car's location in less than 48 business hours after accepting our FREE offer. There's nothing else you need to do to receive cash for your truck with body damage than showing up and receiving your check. That's it. That's how easy it is to get cash for a faulty vehicle with CarBrain.com. (Keep in mind that our towing company drivers cannot tow cars in a location not accessible by tow truck or on the side of the road.)

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