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Trying to find the best solution to sell your damaged Ford F-350? CarBrain.com is the answer. We specialize in purchasing all kinds of damaged vehicles quickly and without the hassle.

CarBrain provides instant quotes, FREE car removal & transfer of ownership, and fast check delivery for your vehicle in any sort of condition. We operate nationwide thanks to a network of licensed and experienced buyers of scrap cars, so we can haul your vehicle away and get you paid in 24 to 48 hours!

CarBrain has developed the technology and know-how to figure out exactly your vehicle's value — after all, we have been in the market for less-than-perfect-cars for over ten years. We take a comprehensive examination of your vehicle, from its make and model to its proximity to export markets, current state, odometer reading, and more to figure out the current cash value of your car.

Steps For Disposing Of Your Beat-Up Ford F-350 With CarBrain


What's Wrong With Your Ford F-350?

The first step in getting an offer is telling us about your vehicle. Our online form for getting an offer will walk you through the process to obtain your estimate and receive a quote. It takes just a couple of seconds!


Check Out And Agree To Our Offer

Once you look at and accept our offer, it's time to arrange your pick-up time. Locate the keys to your car and verified copy of the title for your Ford to wrap up the deal.


Final Step: Get Paid Cash!

The final step is to wait for the service provider to show up! We always provide FREE removal with all our quotes. Hand over your keys and your Ford's title, and you'll get your money right then and there!

We have numerous excellent reviews all around the internet from many happy clients that we've served across the nation. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, being a reflection of our focus to world-class customer assistance. We'd be delighted to answer any questions or concerns, you can get in touch with our professional customer service agents for help.

Your car isn't getting any younger. Get an instant estimate and junk your Ford with a broken engine today.

Claim Your Estimate For Your Broken Ford F-350

All it takes from you is to simply write down some basic info about your F-350 and your offer will be ready in just a couple of seconds. Your F-350 will be picked up in one to two business days. Towing is FREE. Our team has been in business for over ten years and help thousands just like you month after month.

Reasons CarBrain Has Thousands Of Happy Clients Nationwide

CarBrain.com is the most hassle-free solution for junking a scrap car due to our lightning-fast removal and straightforward process. Our countless five-star reviews and professional customer care nationwide are a testament to that!

  • Thousands Of Positive Reviews.
  • Flexible And Ultra-fast Pick-Up Times.
  • There Is No Haggling!
  • Our Offers Are FINAL And Secure!

Does CarBrain Buy Cars With Electrical Problems?

If you're wondering whether CarBrain.com will pay for your Ford F-350 with a faulty engine or any other problems — YES. We probably will. We've been purchasing mechanically-defective cars for more than ten years. This is what we do. Here's a list of cars we've purchased recently:

  • Damaged cars
  • Cars with collision damage
  • Aging cars
  • Cars that don't start
  • Vehicles with faulty engines
  • Totaled vehicles

If you have a non-working Ford, our company can help you discard it fast. Request an estimate for your vehicle now!

How Much Is My Crashed F-350 Worth With CarBrain?

There are various components that can impact the current cash value of a car. Among them are year, make and model. Other relevant factors include a car's body damage, mileage history, and general wear and tear. The location of the vehicle can also influence its market value. Even its mechanical problems can affect the car's market value.

What Paperwork Do I Need To Trade In My F-350?

Once you agree to our offer, you can prepare for pickup. Remember to clear out possessions from your F-350 and sign over the title. You can get instructions for how to complete a title transfer in each state at our title guide. When the towing partner arrives, hand over the keys and title. That's it — you'll get your check right then and there.

CarBrain is unique in how we calculate the salvage value of my totaled car of your car, whether it has a broken engine or if it's just a scrap car. We always offer fair and competitive estimates that include FREE pick-up and transfer of ownership. We recycle cars in 24 to 48 business hours and have accumulated thousands of superb reviews in over a decade of business.

Ford Models CarBrain Can Make An Offer For

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Where Can I Take My Scrap F-350 For Cash?

There's an easy process for recycling your F-350 with physical damage or engine problems — sell it to CarBrain.com!

We pay for all non-working cars, including Ford F-350s. All you need to do to receive an estimate is answer our online form for getting an offer.

In less than 2 minutes, you'll get a quote for your vehicle! If you are satisfied with our offer, our customer service representatives can assist you plan pick-up for the vehicle. Then, the tow truck driver will show up with a payment on the spot. You get paid right then and there, and you've finished! It's that easy.

How Much Can I Get For Junking My F-350?

You can still get cash for a salvage F-350 that's no longer practically useful.

Many junk yards close-by can dependably recycle your car to recycle or extract, melt down and reuse the pieces inside. The amount you can get for your car by scrapping it depends on its dimensions and weight. Other factors include where the car is at the moment and the present current market value of the metal in your car, including various metals and more.

The best option to find out your car's scrap value is to get a quote with CarBrain.

Will I Get Charged Fees For Anything?

There is no cost whatsoever for having your car towed. FREE towing is included in all CarBrain quotes. Transfer of ownership is on us. There is nothing you need to worry about.

However, if your totaled car is in a location where you may be charged fees for storage, speak to your associate buyer so that we may try our best to accomodate you. While CarBrain does not cover any fees your vehicle may have accumulated, we can try to speed up the pickup process to minimize your charges.

What Are Ford F-350 Offers Based On? Is There Anything I Can Do To Improve It?

Offers from CarBrain are based on more than the year, make and model. We also take into consideration the mileage, location of your car and more.

Get the most accurate offer possible by sending us photos and the vehicle identification number. All CarBrain's offers are based on fluctuating market values. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your offer will increase or decrease if you wait for it to expire before requesting a new quote. There's also no guarantee that you'll get an offer high enough after repairing your car to make the repairs profitable for you.

Do You Buy Ford F-350 With Bad Transmissions?

With CarBrain.com, you can get a bid for vehicles with all sorts of problems.

We specialize in damaged vehicles! That includes: vehicles with engine problems, vehicles with transmission problems, cars with body or frame damage, non-running cars, aging cars, total loss vehicles, salvage cars, rebuilt cars and more.

It takes just 90 seconds to see what your car is worth!

However, keep in mind that we can't buy vehicles missing their motors, cars missing their transmissions or vehicles with less than two tires. We also don't make quotes on individual vehicle parts.

In Just A Couple Of Seconds, Receive A FREE Estimate And FREE Removal In A Split-Second!